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This is going to be a really quick article comparing two of the fastest-moving and fastest-ttk. SMGs in War Zone 3 right now, these two guns are the WSP Swarm and the ISO 9 mm SMG. Now both of these two guns have insane ttks and insane movement speeds, and that is why I wanted to compare these two guns for this article.

As we move on into the handling stats here. I do want to make sure that you understand that these are movement-based builds, not V coil control builds, although you can still hit your shots with both of these guns now. ISO 9mm on the left, and WSP Swarm on the right. Here we're looking at the handling stats of both guns; the reload time is slightly faster on the WSP SWB.

I do want to mention that when it comes to overall reload times for both of these guns, they're not the fastest. So you do need to make sure that once you get out of a gun fight, you find some good cover and reload. The M capacity on both of these guns is 50 rounds, and that is because we are using the 50-round mags on both guns.

The WSP Swarm does have a 100-round mag capacity. Option; however. I don't really recommend it because it does slow down your movement quite a bit with this weapon, especially for trying to get in and out of these Close Quarters gunfights. Bullet velocity is better on the iso, which is about 100 mm/s.

Here, so that is something you do want to consider, but for super close range, this is not something that we need to really factor in too much, and then the rate of fire on both of these guns is quite close, to be fair, and they're over 1, 000 rounds per minute, which is ideal for a close range. Fight because if you do miss some shots, this is going to be way more forgiving than some other weapons.

Next, we're taking a look into some of my favorite stats, which are the movement-based stats. Now, this is going to include everything that's important when it comes to movement on both of these two weapons here, so ad times are significantly better on the WSP Swarm, which is about 60 milliseconds quicker, which is a huge advantage, especially in a 1b1 gunfight, so that is something you do need to factor in here rather than sprint times in general.

So if we just sprint around the map, you will get a slightly faster sprint with the WSP Swarm, but it's not that noticeable of a difference. Let's be perfectly honest here. Tax Sprints, however, are significantly faster on the WSPS Swarm once again, so again, you will be moving around a little bit quicker with the Swarm in your hands.

Then, when it comes to sprinting to fire time again, the WSPS Swarm is a lot quicker. Now, both of these guns do have really good sprint to fire time, so you won't really notice it too much, but in general, the Swarm is a faster weapon to fire. Again, the swarm comes out on top, but not by much this time.

And then, when it comes to the ad's movement speed, this is when the ad's moving forward. You are going to get slightly quicker speeds once again with the Swarm, so overall, when it comes to movement stats, the Swarm is a lot better than the ISO 9 mm, but the ISO 9mm in general, compared to a lot of the other weapons in the game, is a really fast-moving gun, so it looks like the Swarm is coming out on top in every single scenario here.

However, if you look at ttks, which is obviously a really important stat, then we do see that the ISO 9 mm is a slightly better weapon. And it's not by a significant amount unless you look at the damage drop-offs, and that is why I've added these side charts here, so these are going to be the head shot ttks and the neck shot ttks, then the chest shot ttks, and then we're going down by limbs as well as we go down the list on the side.

However, the reason why I added that in is because you get to see the damage drop off, so for the ISO 9 mm, it drops off at 9.4 M, which is roughly about 10 m. For the Swarm, it drops off at 6.3 M for its best ttk. So when it comes to that, ttks. The ISO 9 mm up until 9.4 M gives you 600 milliseconds of a ttk, which is still faster than the WSP Swarm at its best ttk.

I mean, it's only by 5 milliseconds, but I suppose it's something that we don't need to look at, and then after that 6.3. M with the Swarm, you get a 660. MC ttk, which is obviously a significant amount slower than the 9 mm ISO. So obviously if you're trying to get the best ttk out to the farthest range, then the iso 9 mm is actually a slightly better weapon when it comes to ttks in general and that is probably why I would recommend it a little bit more than the Swarm, the next thing I want to show you both of these guns is the recoil charts at about 5 m because let's say that's a close range gunfight distance, and as you can see here the iso 9 mm on the left wsp swarm on the right and the iso 9mm again has the better recoil control so you will be landing way more shots with the 9 millimet ISO and keep in mind these are both movement based builds we've not trying to control recoil with these guns we're trying to get good movement and good ttks.

And we're forgetting about everything else because most of these gun fights should be around 5–10 and no more than 15 M, so first let's take a look at the iron sights of both of these guns. For the ISO, you can see the iron sight's quite cluttered. In general, now it's not super difficult to land your shots for this, but most people would be using optics on this gun.

I personally wouldn't recommend it on any SMG just because you are pretty much using it as a point blank range and you don't really need the super clearest iron sights available. Then, if we switch over to the Swarm here, you can see he's a little bit cleaner, so you will be landing a bit more shots in general.

Now, when it comes to hit-fire accuracy at this 10 m mark, as you can see here, the ISO is not too bad; it's not amazing; it's not the best gun in the game. I do think the veil is probably the best for hit-and-miss in the entire game, but we compare this to. The Swarm and both of these guns kind of have similar hit-and-fly accuracy, in my opinion.

So it's not super difficult to land your shots with this build, but I would say the Swarm is probably just a little bit better when it comes to HTI fire accuracy as well, and that is just something that you'll need to kind of factor in when you're comparing both of these guns and which one you prefer to use.

5 BEST SMG IN WZ3 SEASON 1 AND BEST CLASS SET UP. WHAT ARE THE BEST TKK AND MOVEMENT SMG WARZONE 3. 0 This video compares the ISO 9MM smg to the WSP SWARM to find which has the best stats.
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