News - 5 Best Rifles Warzone 3. 0 After Update (fastest Killing No Recoil Rifles Warzone 2)

Every single battle rifle that's fully automatic. And also is going to include all the lmgs as well so this is basically every single long range rifle in the game that's basically full auto or burst now if it's semi-automatic we will make a separate article on that but like I said this is the full auto guns in the game, and this is what we're going to cover so we've got all the ranges in terms of the ttks now when we're looking at which is the best long range rifle we want to have the least damage drop offs possible so we're actually looking at guns that don't have a third and fourth damage drop off now these guns will be probably the best guns in the game so as you can see here if we organize that you can then see these are the guns down at the bottom that don't have, those extra damage drop offs so they've only got two damage drop offs we've got the bass B the Brun, the dg58.

H, which is the lmg version, the dg58, which is the burst fire assault rifle version, the Hoger 26 and the Hoger 556. And then the pool miot, or basically the PKM, that's currently inside the game, so we've got quite a few of these options, and obviously these are the guns we'll be mainly focusing on because they don't have that third and fourth damage range, but when we do look at these guns with the third and fourth damage range, we're then looking at guns like these here, so we've got the attack V Sidewinder and the MTZ 762, and all of them have the exact same ttk values.

And without a fourth damage range, these guns are pretty solid as well. And then lastly, what I also want to focus on really quickly is, obviously, the guns. We are going to have a couple of damage ranges but also have low recoil but also perform really, really well in general, so these kinds of guns are going to be like the Ram 7, for example, because, as you can see here, ptks across the board are actually pretty solid.

It doesn't matter how you organize this list; the ram 7 appears somewhere in the top 10 pretty much all the time, and the same also goes for the M13. B as well, so the M13 b is another gun that is very, very similar. Also, the SVA shows up quite a lot as well, so there's a couple of different weapons there that do show up again and again even if you organize for the different damage ranges.

Before we jump into the main list, I want to go over our two arable mentions. There's so many guns to pick from, and there's some really good options in here as well. Now this has the same, Ttk. The TAC V and the side winder, which is the MTZ 762 battle rifles, are definitely solid choices, and the reason I picked this one over those two guns is because the recoil is a bit easier to manage, and also, in general, it has a faster fire rate than those two guns as well, so it's going to be a bit more forgiving now.

The only issue is that the M capacity lets it down, and so that is something you do need to take into consideration. We also have the attack eradicator lmg as well. Again, it's not the easiest to control; it's not super difficult by any means, but definitely it is a solid choice. A lot of people are using this right now, but there are way better options than the Tack Eradicator at the moment.

We're starting off with the best gun on this entire list right now, and that's the Brun MK9. If you're not using this, you're basically not playing the game, right? Because this is definitely the best gun in the game. Now, it is a bit slow because it's an LMG, so that's the only thing that lets it down, but other than that, it's the best ttk, and it's also got super easy to manage recoil, and we'll show you this in the firing range because of how ridiculous this gun actually is, and especially with that 60-round mag, you do get a decent amount of movement back.

So that is something you do want to consider using now. Obviously, you could just use the base mag as well, and maybe put a laser sight on here that will also help with the recoil a bit more, but that's going to come down to personal preference. There are a couple of different ways you can build this gun, of course, but next up we've got the new Ram 7 assault rifle, which is an absolutely solid choice right now.

It's got some insanely good ttks, and it actually works really well as a sniper support as well, so you can pretty much use this for a couple of different ways, but this build in particular is for, obviously, a long-range assault rifle build that you pair with an SMG. Now, something you need to learn with this gun is that the first couple of bullets do kind of deviate quite far, but after you learn to manage it, it's pretty easy to land the subsequent shots after that, so as you can see here, the first bit of recoil is a bit crazy, then it kind of cams down and goes back to the center, and if you use the build that I've shown you just two seconds ago, you will manage to be able to learn how to control this recoil very easily.

And you're going to be able to fry enemies with this gun, and the good thing about it is that it gets 60 rounds of Magna, which is different from what we had in Modern Warfare 2019. Next up, we've got a gun that you've probably leveled up by now, which is the bass B. Now, even though it got nerfed with the patch notes and everything like that, it's still one of the best long-range guns in the game, and you've seen that with the spreadsheet because that is with the updated numbers.

And as you can see, it's still going to do really well. I'm pretty sure we've all had a chance to use this gun by now, and as you can see, the recoil control on this gun is very easy. I'm not really doing it justice right now, but it is a super easy gun to control. And also, you can take out multiple opponents with that 45-round mag, even though it's still a small mag.

The fire rate is relatively slow, so you can still take out at least two enemies with it. Next up, we've got the Hoger 26, which is the LMG version of the gun. This is very similar to the DG58 and LSW, which is the lmg version of the DG58, so they're both very similar in terms of ttk, but I do think the Hoger 26 when it comes to recoil control is a little bit easier to manage, and in terms of ttk numbers, you're pretty much getting the exact same gun anyway, so in the fighting range, as you can see here, you pretty much don't miss shots with this gun, especially with the build that we have on here; it's going to be the perfect build to make sure you land every single shot, and like I said, it is a little bit easier to manage than that d 58, so I think this is definitely the solid choice.

This is my favorite rifle in the game at the moment. By far, I've been using the Hoger LMG version for a while, and it's definitely a really solid choice. Next up, we've got the M13 B, which is from Modern Warfare 2 probably one of the only Moder Warfare 2 guns that make this list, really, let's be honest.

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