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I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, with Modern Warfare 3 literally right around the corner, I thought today would be a great day to go ahead and do our final review of Modern Warfare 2. You know, we had a full year with this game, and I think now I can give it, you know, a really good critique.

And again, I'm not going to go ahead and discuss campaigns, specs, or raids. Any of that stuff, my bread and butter is multiplayer, so you know, if you don't care about multiplayer, then you know maybe this isn't the review or final review for you, but you know for anybody who was interested in the multiplayer, or anybody who's curious about my opinion since honestly.

I probably had the hottest take. In the whole community, when it came to Modern Warfare 2, then by all means this is the article for you, but before we go ahead and dive deep. I think I'm going to just fast forward to the World at War campaign because, I think, Modern Warfare 3. You know, full releases in a couple, maybe a few days, so I want to try to get through that World at War campaign as fast as possible.

is modern warfare 2 fun

Those streams usually go live around 12:30 to 1 p.m. M.E time is all right, so like I just said. I really do believe that, to this current date. I have probably some of the hottest takes when it comes to Modern Warfare 2, and I'm not trying to be, you know. That guy, but I really did enjoy this game a lot more than others out there, you know, if I had to put it in the ranking, for you know these recent four games.

Now that's not me defending them because, again, you know. I have a lot of things wrong with this game, which obviously killed the overall experience and made me not want to, you know, give them any credit whatsoever because of the ego of these horrifying, you know, not the developers but the management of Infinity War; honestly, they just need to be removed completely.

The things that they do are just insane. You know, the fact that you can't slide cancel, the fact that you can't spam, the fact that you can't do any of that stuff was a massive, you know, downgrade to a lot of people, but at the same time, they were the same people that were begging for more classic movement.

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I personally thought it was pretty good; it was a nice in-between of something like Model Warfare 2019 where it was very fast cracked and something you know that's more OG, like, you know, your classic games like Call of Duty 4 through Black Ops 2 where you know you can run and gun, but it's not like you're slide canceling every 5 seconds, be hopping 50 times in a row, or anything of that sort.

No, in Modern Warfare 2222, you could sprint, you could ta sprint, you could slide cancel, and you could also dolphin dive. You see, the OG movements have a more traditional style to them; you see, the movement was the movement, was the speed. That was where it really ruined the overall experience, and again, like I said, it's one of the main reasons why this game still exists.

I can't give it any props; I can't give Infinity Ward any props, but I still rank it a little bit higher because of the classic feel. But that is really why, as you know, this game was horrifying when it came to movement. It was strictly because of ad speeds, you know, strafe movement speeds, attachments weighing down your weapons, and you felt like a slug.

modern warfare 2

It wasn't the core movement because, again. OG. I don't know what games people were playing back in the day, but in OG cods. I wasn't slide canceling everywhere. I wasn't be hopping everywhere; I could choose between, you know, be hopping one, and you have to think about it as strategic because once you be hop, you lose all momentum.

You know, you could barely even move after that fact, so you had to really strategically choose when he wanted to hop and you could drop shot. You know, you couldn't do anything that you could do in mod Warfare 2222. Honestly, what you see right here is faster than what we had back in the day, but the biggest issue was the fact that you couldn't move, you couldn't engage.

modern warfare 2 2022

Yes the movement might have been more classic, but it could never compare to a classic OG Cod because back in the day even though the movement was slower than what we have here in Moder Warfare 2 2022 I can still engage with the enemies easily I can ads fast I can strafe fast and if I wanted to strafe faster even mod Warfare 3 that had a perk called stalker which allowed you to strafe extra fast it was always ways for you to navigate and even though Infinity Ward had a more slow style than Treyarch, you know Infinity Ward still back in the day made it so you could enjoy it if you were a rusher if you wanted to actually do something besides sitting in the corner all game long add more variety in gameplay you know something for everybody.

And that is what really killed the movement with Modern Warfare 2 in 2022. Not the fact that they remove slide canceling and you can't hop a trillion times, but the fact that you couldn't strafe, you couldn't ads, you couldn't engage, it encouraged you to go up to a head glitch and hold it; that's what they wanted you to do, and that was the main problem, my biggest problem with a lot of these Infinity War titles nowadays.

modern warfare 2 final review

Guess i don't know if a chicken turd is better than a horse turd. I don't know, because they're all crap. But still, I will say that once again, the map selection in this game was pretty darn good, in my opinion. I know this is a very hot take as always because people nowadays really hate map selection when it comes to Modern Warfare 2019 up to the current date Cod, but I thought they weren't that shabby.

They mentioned that one of their biggest focuses was making sure the map design was better for the 6v6 community, and I definitely noticed it. You know, model War for 2019 maps were horrendous, everything down to the DLC. Even though a hand-selected few of the DLC maps weren't that bad, I would say the mass majority of those maps were really rough to play.

I didn't really enjoy it that much. Modern Warfare 2 2022 had a good collection. There might be three to four maps that stood out in a bad negative way, but the mass majority of them I actually enjoyed, and the biggest complaint with these maps is that they're too big; there's too many safe spaces, and time and time and time again.

modern warfare 2 final review 2024

I went ahead and did comparisons, both on stream and I made articles of this as well. You know, running through the map, showcasing that you know they're not that big; they're around about the same size as anything we had back in the day with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2 Black Ops 2 Modern Warfare 3 Black Ops 1, if not some of the other maps and the OG games were bigger than what we have in Modern Warfare 2 2022.

Infinity Ward Management Must Resign | My Final Modern Warfare 2 2022 Review.
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