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Intro to warzone 2 gameplay feedback

Intro to warzone 2 gameplay feedback

That's right, we're going to talk about Warzone 2 today. It's been about a week now since I was playing the game in COD Next and there's been a lot of discussion online people talking about the new map, how the weapons might fit in, looting, the pacing, all the different mechanics, and we're going to get into a lot of that because I think, as the game stands right now.

Warzone 2 could be in a bit of trouble when it launches in November. I've gone back and watched my own footage for about two hours to kind of pick out the elements that I want to discuss, and I think there are a few changes that could be made to sort of smooth off some rougher edges, but there are perhaps some fundamental decisions that have been made that could make Warzone 2 harder to live with than the original Warzone first, Put up the new map of Almasra.

Warzone 2 new map gameplay al mazrah

cod mw2

I only got to experience a very small portion of it, but I liked what I played. As I said, I only played for two hours. That only gives you so much time to move around certain locations, but you've got those classic Modern Warfare 2 areas like Terminal High-rise and plenty of others. They're your familiar drop locations, and that follows on from war zones for now.

That included some other popular locations. As well, the new map is a fair bit larger than either the Dansk or Caldera, so pacing is very different. It's quite a bit slower at the moment, and I think over time, as we get our hands on the map in November at the launch of the game, we're going to learn if this is a map that's up there with the Dansk or not.

I can't really say one way or another if the map is good, bad, brilliant, or terrible because I just simply didn't see enough of it. But what I can say is that no map is ever going to be 100% perfect. Almazara is surely going to have some fun locations to fight on, but there will be some painful points as well, but with all the current nostalgia trips that people are having for the dance, how many times did we all complain about roof campers, and there was only one ladder that you could get up on the roof for, and how many times do we complain about all the dark interiors, where Rose skins would just camp out It's going to be those Source Felts on Almaza as well, and there's no doubt that you will have a lot of fun experiences.

There will be interesting locations that people can explore. They're going to come across good and bad points when this map launches, but from what I played, I had a good time in those locations .

Warzone 2 gulag

Warzone 2 gulag

The first part that I didn't really care for too much was the new Gulag. It's not 1 vs 1. On a small, intricate map anymore, it's now 2v2, where you team up with would-be enemies who've also been sent to the gulag against another duo and you fight to win, or, if you fight and kill the AI in the gulag, you can grab the jail key and just get out without even having to fight.

The tension just wasn't there anymore. The nature of a 1v1 was that it was all or nothing in the gulag. You either live or you die. Now, you've kind of got this get out of jail free mechanic where you could just try and find the AI for an easy win, or you can fight the players that are in there, but because you're having to play with someone else, maybe you have to communicate with them.

It's someone that you don't really know, so you might be using in-game comms and maybe they don't even speak your language, so is that going to be as much fun as a 1v1 where it's just you versus the other person? The key thing is that you can open the door and let yourself out. That's kind of going to lead to some campy gameplay if you kill the AI and then camp the key.

You could get an easy kill on somebody coming over to try and pick up the key, or you could even let them take the key, thinking that they're going to get away and then shoot them at the last minute as they try to extract it. Maybe you could say that there's some choice in the gameplay there now, but the tension is almost completely gone.

I don't really think we needed this change. To be honest, it feels like a change for the sake of a change. The Gulag was already an innovation in Battle Royale, and it set Warzone apart from the rest. Part of me wonders if the developers saw how popular the 2v2 gunfight game mode was in Modern Warfare 2019 and thought they'd try and put it into the BR, but I'm not really sure if it was needed.

Warzone 2 movement changes

Warzone 2 movement changes

Then, I want to talk about the movement in War Zone 2. It mimics the movement in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

So that means no more crouch sliding, no more insanely fast Rose skins, just skating across the floor to hipfire you covering 100 meters in three seconds. That's not going to happen this time. The pacing overall in War Zone 2 feels a lot slower, and it feels like Infinity Ward has taken movement back to March.

When Warzone 1 first launched, your character felt a lot more grounded and a lot weightier compared to the current Warzone on Caldera, or Fortune's Keep, and personally, I'm a really big fan of that. There's certainly been enough feedback over the last couple of years to get rid of Sly Cancelling.

cod warzone 2

I know some people will say it's a skill gap for players to utilize, but to be honest, it was extremely powerful and the feedback coming at the devs was always about getting rid of it, so they've done exactly that. I know right now there is a way to sort of get Crouch to work, like working in multiplayer.

It's kind of like an exploit or a glitch, but Infinity Ward is going to patch that out, so it won't be around for long. However, the movement feels exactly the same as in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. It still feels very fast and fluid, which is great. It feels at odds with the overall match pacing, however.

It would sometimes take five minutes, and, as I got into circles three and four, where the circle is much smaller, things started taking less time to happen. We were still waiting for, like, three minutes for the circle to collapse. There was a lot of waiting around not really doing anything, so you've got a more grounded, more balanced movement system that is admittedly still quite fast-paced, which is what you'd expect from Call of Duty, but then the game mode itself felt incredibly slow, and that's something that I think the devs will need to fine-tune.

cod warzone 2 gameplay

No doubt we're going to see changes to that effect in the first couple of patches for Warzone Two. That happened back in the early Warzone. One days when they were always changing stuff, and I'll quickly mention here that the Circle Split is a thing where part way through a match, the circle will just split into three different circles and go three different ways, creating different zones, each with their own set of players stuck in them depending on which way the players decided to go.

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