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The best players from around the world competing in one war zone Lobby for $100,000. And the optic gaming winner takes off, and today I competed in this tournament using the number one meta loadout with the results that will shock you, and so for a primary weapon, we use the MTZ inceptor with these exact attachments.

Now this is a three- to four-shot weapon, but if you are able to land one bullet onto the enemy's head, this turns into a two-shot gun, something you have to try, and you can also play around with the sights and use anything else here that you might prefer, but for a secondary, we're using the WSP.

Swarm. Now there's one attachment you can change depending on the type of player you are. I was using the Slate reflector site because this adds a little bit more of a sniper support or Marksman support weapon; however, if you want to remove that sight, you can actually put a rear grip on for faster ad time, and it'll still hit and have a high damage profile.


Yeah, we'll win this one 100%, no doubt about it. Blood Out Drop: A lot of people will be going for those; that's good. I sayage you think so I would have said methods but Stone Mountain it so I don't know at this point could, change the flip of a coin we get a bad P see I'm tell you I full he hasn't one yet he has not one left yet that's true but he doesn't lose he's over Yeah.

Su needed to hit those shots, and Page will capitalize. Still pretty Central; it could be better, but it ain't bad, and there's so many ratty spots over here that people can play on until the upload is. Complete, actually. Cho not to go with that temper, but over to Sally. This is what you expect from mid-map, right?

Everyone forced to rotate trying toid those engagements does still look to be happy with that secondary shotgun, which is interesting. The Lockwood is obviously very popular in War Zone 2. I don't know how popular the Lockwood is in War Zone 3. I wish I had smoke, so that's the only thing that should have been CL right.

Longto, the but not theer unfortunately nower for everyone out there shots are missed maybe elimin not coming through the end of day it's all about being last alive do not get for picking up elim you can pick up 20 elim if you don't pick up the last one it was all for so. All Yeah, it's really laggy chat, but it's okay.

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One to the other, Ria, trying to play the gatekeeper, which I have some players funneling in Jared FPS, by the way, has died, which is quite sad to see. I haven't seen a lot of Jared FPS just yet. Yet, on the edge of the zone, if it pulls really far away from you, now you're going to have to battle against everybody else who's already set up ahead of you, so Ria could find themselves in a bit of danger page back on your screen fresh out of the go Lo with the nice victory, and page at this point in time does have a sniper, so things could get fun, and the wsp, that thing shreds up close, yes, it certainly does, and Pam, you got to be careful, right?

You don't have that to rely on anymore; there is a big game bounty on none other than the winner of Map 2. Tommy, the safe zone relocated; that changed. I believe that's AJ. I'm not entirely sure, but you're still there. The answer is very clearly yes. Che left doesn't connect with anything bullet fly, but it's not formal, and bullet away doesn't get it done.


I can't believe we're already getting to Map 4. I know I questioned myself for a second if I had counted correctly, but here's Raiders again. They've not left this spot; they're just swimming around. You know, a fish in the sea. I'm not sure about hanging out, though. why, why not the production set?

It's going to be a raisin soon. I was pointing that out, Earli. I was like, Dud, this guy, as can be, you called him a fish UAV. Theo whatty though, nice shot on Syph, though shot will take down dirty Syph is going to be back, with 55 players still up. Katie lot of players remaining but I have a feeling we about that, the there people going to be people are going to be everywhere.


Forever, and that's going to be a blessing, has something to say as well. We started with this perspective landed pop power, and he's now back in pop power where it is going to be. I'm honestly surprised that he's staying on this roof as long as he has because, again, there's not a lot of coverage; it only takes a matter of seconds to get a body, or at least one, but can he get another?

I swear to you, I just heard a parachute go off, somebody land just below, I don't know, but keep his head on a swivel, nobody sneaking up just yet. He's been all right, but staying on this rooftop, I'm starting to get a little bit worried. I am worried as well, but that one snipe up to the player in the crane with a beautiful shot to connect does keep checking for that player up on the over pass, but here we go to TC Tech.

One elimination, to speak of that. And you take down FIFA. Take a look as both of these perspectives bring up FIFA ready and waiting in that window. Neither player is willing to give the other one even a hint of a shot, but now he takes a look up top and doesn't see anyone just yet. Gas is closing in to get to the new safe zone.


FIFA kill spots—at least that right there has to be—aive up top, but it's lucky with the initial shot on. God lucky takes out PE. That was a great way to go on the roof. That was a great way to go on the roof. Yes, lucky let's go, Lucky. Come on, Lucky; let's go, buddy. How toxic was Lucky?

Mo Bak, an extraordinaire, got it done. Winner of Map Three: lucky congratulations You just won $220,000. I'm heartbroken for FIFA, but I'm ecstatic for Lucky, an incredible guy who has been grinding this game for some time and is so excited for War Zone 3 to come out now that it's here. He had a chance to play in the Optic War Zone 200k kickoff, and he made the most of it by winning game number three solo YOLO and taking home $20, 000.

Katie We have both worked with this man personally, and for me and I know for you to see lucky as the last one standing, it hits home, and there you go, you go whipping the glasses off. You know, look, he's going to put on a show if he wins; St. Playing C, it's too easy. You can't say that to the winner of 100K Solo, and Lucky says my cop is too easy.

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Congratulations, Lucky I love to see that for him. Not only is he an amazing person, he puts on amazing events, but when he comes to an event like this, he plays, he has the heart, he has the passion, and he's got the guny too. I am so happy for, like, honestly, no joke, Lucky Call. I mean, he's got to call my mom.

the 100,000 Warzone Meta loadout. Lucky chamu uses the WSP Swarm SMG and the NEW 2 SHOT MTZ Inceptor to win 100,000 against the best players in the world.
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