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So in today's article, I'm going to be featuring Pro Player Hydra's best rival 9 class that up in Modern Warfare 3. I'm not going to say it has no recoil; it definitely has very manageable recoil, but really, what's going to put this thing over the top is the overall mobility of the weapon and being able to absolutely fly around the map.

It's going to be very good at close range, has very good potential at medium range, just going to have a little bit of fall off at long range due to that recoil, but a banger nonetheless.

Pro class

So we're starting our build here with a stock with the MTZ Marage stock, which gives you gun kick control, aiming autos, and fire aiming stability.

Personally. I wouldn't run this on my build, but I'm not going to argue with the Pros choice of attachments; they're choosing it for a reason, and it's going to be that gun kick control over the rest; it's going to give you 10% of the gun kick control. 3.1% for the horizontal recoil control and 6.2% for the vertical recoil control.

best rival 9 class

Like I said, maybe not the attachment that I would choose, but I can't argue with him; these are his attachments. This is his setup now for a rear grip. He has the Rival Vice Assault grip, an attachment I would choose because, with no sacrifice to aim down sight speed, we get gun kick control, fire aiming stability, and recoil control.

Here we're 10% towards the gun kick control. 7.9%, toward the horizontal recoil control, and 8.8%, toward the vertical recoil control for an underbarrel, we have the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop that's going to control some recoil and give you some movement increases in forms of aim walking speed and base movement speed.

I've seen a couple of different builds from him; one of them did have the Phantom hand stop, and the other one did have the MSP 98. Hand stop I think it really depends on the map he's playing, but when I was watching the pro matches. I definitely saw him using this hand stop more than the Phantom, so this is going to give you an increase of 5.6% in gun kick control.

best rival 9 class mw3

65% to the vertical recoil control, along with some various increases to the overall movement. Now we're using a muzzle here in the T51R. Bued break now here's the thing. Pro players cannot use the Modern Warfare 2 attachments; it's just a gentleman agreement that they well agreed upon; they banned all of the Modern Warfare 2 attachments, and personally, one thing that the Modern Warfare 2 attachments did well is the muzzles.

The muzzles are very good for controlling recoil. For example, they have a negative effect on your horizontal recoil, bullet velocity, and range. So, you may be thinking that seems like a horrible tradeoff. What I would recommend is going with the Breu pendulum here because you're sacrificing aim-down sight speed; you're not sacrificing any damage range or anything like that, and you're going to see the large increases here of 21.9% for the gun kick control, 12.9% for the horizontal recoil control, and 22.7% for the vertical recoil control.

best rival 9 class setup

I'm going to quickly cover the statistics here for the built-in break; it's 15.9%, towards the vertical, which sure is his attachments, like I said, unfortunately. Probably not the choice I would use, but he chose it for a reason, and the last attachment is the Rival SE clear shot. Barrel is the best barrel choice by far, giving you bullet velocity damage range, recoil control, and aiming Idol sway.

Obviously, the damage range is going to be the big one there. Even though it's not a lot, you still need to increase the damage range on the thing, so looking at it here, 12.5% increase to the damage range, bringing it up to 10.9 M, and then 15% towards the bullet velocity along with a little bit of recoil control.

5% towards the gun kick control (NE 6.8%), 6.8% towards the horizontal recoil, and then 6% towards the vertical recoil. If you guys want, I can definitely make my own build and put exactly what I would be running on it, because it's not going to be the same as this. I can tell you that it does a very good job in pro play.

You got to remember they are playing 4v4, so that's probably why he's making the choices with some of these attachments that he actually is when you're playing in public matches where it's 6v6, sometimes 10v10, even 12v12. The attachments will definitely change, so keep that in mind. Here was the rest of my load out if you guys wanted to copy it down, but we're heading over to Skidrow.

It's a good gameplay, 100% features this weapon very well, and it's a competitive map, so I got an idea of why he chose the attachments. He definitely watched that one through, and you can see exactly how the weapon performs. As always, let's get into it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Skidrow gameplay

Skidrow gameplay

Let's go swarm hunting. We have the Pro Rival 9 in hand. Now the thing with the Pro setups is that they run 30 round mags because they play 4v4, which means plenty of bullets. It becomes difficult to actually get those kills. I am one shot away. We're going to sit right behind me. I'm dead that's a good play.

I'm a little upset about it, but it's a good play. I can't complain. The Rival Knight is clearly the top meta. Of close range, this has a better damage range with the fast for it, which makes it more viable. In my opinion, there's our Hilo. Now the problem is that, just like any map, when you have hills like this, it's very difficult for me to push over there when there's long-range sight lines.

best rival 9 class setup mw3

I don't know what I can do. UAV Here's the question: Is this guy going to push me into taking fire? I'm reloading you're not going to push me. I'm going to push you, simple. We got to focus on some object, so we got the swarm in hand, Hile. He's right, there. Okay, I'm taking advantage of this advanced UAV while I have it, but I got to push the hill, getting out of hand.

I don't care about the nuke at this point; I care about the wind, so let's jump up. Here, this guy's down low; actually, is he going to hit? Try to hit a flank on me. Now, on to. 23 yeah, I do. Okay, you know what? I keep talking about how I'm going to play OBJ, and then I don't do it, so it's time to swarm in the air.

Let's get to the hill we got to. We got to get a full 60. Here, these guys are objective demons. My teammates have zero seconds, and I have four of our six seconds. That's wild i didn't think you would find a scenario where I'm the objective player and I have 4 seconds, so let's get this: Plan, don't say I never gave you reloading you going to turn around; Tony Chopper got him.

hydra rival 9

No worries, all right. While we're in here, we can hit the swarm, so let's do that. We're on a comeback, right? sure they got a trophy. I mean, I'm disappointed. That's two nuke chokes. That's two nuke chokes. That guy's shooting my body, but he hit me with that auto-drop shot, and I was in danger.

Hydra's PRO RIVAL 9 SETUP is GODLY in MW3! Best Rival 9 Class Setup -Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer.
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