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9mm daemon

Here is how to unlock the brand new challenges inside of Modern Warfare 3 super fast and super easy. Now these challenges will unlock you the pickaxe, some 30 minute XP 9mm diamond pistol, 30 minutes of more XP, and lastly, the Lachmann Shroud submachine gun. The challenges for this are quite easy, but in today's article, I just want to point you in the right direction.

The first thing is that you do need to have these two e-sectors. Complete so that's E1 and E2 for the e0 sector to be completed, or unlocked you could have also completed some of the events previously like the task force one for one to have that unlocked as you can see also on top of that quickly to mention these items will be carrying over to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Modern Warfare 3 so that is pretty cool and you definitely would want to unlock three weapons in one challenge one, of them being a melee weapon so the first thing is you need to get 15 operator kills with a male weapon to unlock the pickaxe, now for this challenge I would recommend for you to hop into a of course you might guess it shipment is going to be basically your best friend for most of these challenges and, run around with any kind of melee weapon The melee weapon that I decided to jump into was Noir Blades, which, for some odd reason right now, are showing as not Noir Blades.

9mm daemon the pickaxe fast in mw2 warzone

Now, if you didn't know the dual kadachis, you also do have the tonfa or the combat knife; it's up to you, the duo kadachi's. I hope I can pronounce that correctly. I'm really fast and really fun to use, so I definitely would recommend that you use them. This should be a relatively easy challenge, to make it a bit easier.

I would recommend also running around with a throwing knife, a smoke grenade, and maybe some perks like a tracker scavenger. And other things, since you will be playing shipment, it will be really fast, so you probably would be better off not using those moving. On to the next challenge, which is going to reward you with 30 minutes of double XP.


It's to get three operator kills without dying 20 times now; this one is very self-explanatory. You just need to get three kills without dying, so for this one, you will basically complete it by doing the next challenge that I'll be going over, but if you really are struggling with it, you can just camp anywhere on a shipment hardcore, and you should be able to get this relatively easily.

Fast and super easy, you might even get it with the 15 kills with a male weapon, but then again, since you will be running around with a male weapon, you probably won't be able to get up on a kill streak, so let's move on to the next challenge, which will unlock you the brand new pistol. For this one, you need to just get 15 operator headshots with a pistol of any kind.


For this, I opted to use the dual-wield x13. Autos, it doesn't really depend on what you want to use. You could use a scope on a weapon, but if you're running on my attachments, they were. It was really fun to use this weapon and really quick and easy to complete this kind of a challenge all, you have to do is just aim above their heads now once again I will just simply recommend for you to play shipment hardcore it is going to be the best option for you to complete that challenge and with this you might get those three kills without dying it's a very simple challenge back To back three challenges super easy, and on top of that, you essentially just get to unlock three weapons.

You could even potentially unlock the same weapons and all three challenges in one game, depending on what your hardcore shipment matches. Now the next challenge is a tiny bit more difficult, but first things first, it is to get 30 minutes of more double XP, and it is to kill 20 operators with long shots.

Now for this, you have quite a few options, but I think the best bet that you have is simply hopping into a multiplayer match that is specifically hardcore, but we do also have invasion and ground war, which I guess you could try to get long shots with. Now, it doesn't specify with what you'd have to be using your weapon; you could be simply using a sniper rifle marksman.

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Rifles, but for that, I would definitely recommend running around with something like an assault rifle or, as I mentioned, Marksman rifles and hopping into maybe just a hardcore playlist. It doesn't matter what you play; go to the back of the map or maybe a deployable cover, and you should be able to complete this relatively fast.

Also, putting on some really good shoes will make your life so much easier. I've made plenty of articles in the past online, if you want. I guess specifically. You know the best long shots. Maps doesn't include most of the DLC maps that are out right now, but if you just stick to the back and try to anticipate players coming up, especially since it's hardcore, people will most likely be in locations that are for long shots already, so you could just sneak up on them and get those kills, so the long shots one shouldn't be too difficult to complete, and lastly, once you have all four of those complete, you are now on to the Lachman Shroud submachine, gun, which is.


I'm guessing the main thing you wanted to unlock, and what you need to do is get 30 operator kills by using a hip-fire SMG, so just hit firing with your SMG, never aiming down personally. I decided to use the MP5. Espionage pro version of the submachine gun it was really fast and easy to use it and of course I did it on Hardcore shipment so that was you know the best alternative to do it and it's just getting 30 kills hip firing especially on shipment running around hip firing enemies is so much more convenient instead of running round and aiming downside I found myself getting way more kills aiming, downside on the players than aiming, which was really nice and really fast, and that's going to be for the article.

I know these challenges were super easy and you could have completed them yourself, but if you did find yourself here, hopefully, my guide towards completing them, this a bit faster didn't help you unlock it, so if you are brand new here, please subscribe. Run around hitting 50 000 subscribers; we're also not too close, but we're also not too far away, and alike would be very much appreciated on the article, as that does help out.

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