News - Perks Finally Fixed Warzone 2. Ranking The Best Perk Packages After Update



perks are finally in the conversation because Raven's software went ahead and actually fixed them for Battle Royale.

Perks overview

and this is important because it's actually going to change the way the game is played. That means really up until this point unless you're grabbing the default loadout and then buying both of your guns from the buy station.

The perks were essentially not working, so now that people can grab ghosts and it'll actually work high alert and will actually work in Cold Blood, and it'll encounter high alert, you got all these different variables, changing how people are going to play the game, and that could speed it up or slow it down.

3rd person mw2

We'll kind of have to see how that plays out. Some people will say they have customizable perks that work, but keep in mind that is a bug, not intentional, and that access will be removed. It was stated to us directly by the devs that they do not want you to be able to customize these individual ones, so whatever you have here that I'm going to cover, these are the eight perk packages that they want you to have access to so they can balance them, they can build them, and you're not going to be able to create the ultimate overpowered.

Build the perks that you want, and for newer players, these perks are obtained from your loadout, and you can either get that from a buy station; you could buy the loadout marker; or you can get the one that spawns later in the map, and you can go ahead and grab those from anywhere on the map, and then you can also do it from the strongholds.

Or the black sites, and then that is how you're going to be able to get the perks if, somehow, you manage to die while you have your perks, you will lose those perks, even if you're bought back; those perks are gone, and then you're not allowed to stack up or double up on perks, so if you bind a perk package with Vanguard and then you go over here and buy a specter one, it's not like you're going to get double time bomb squad resupply, high alert tracker. Spotter and go, so that's not how it works if you go ahead and grab Specter as your second loadout; these are the four perks you have, and it doesn't work exactly like multiplayer; when you grab the loadout, you're going to get access to all four of these perks right away.



So we'll go ahead and start off with Vanguard, and Vanguard's good because it gives you double time, which isn't amazing, but it's good considering that you're not able to reset your Tech Sprint with a slide cancel.

The bomb squad is always useful. Resupply is pretty good, especially since it's going to recharge your equipment every 30 seconds. The downside where resupply doesn't have nearly as much value as it used to is that you can get munition and you can stack up on munition so you can fill up your entire bag with munition or go ahead and stow the equipment using.

The downside with this is that it does have a fixed range, which I think is like 100 meters or something like that. We haven't been able to do hardcore hand testing in Battle Royale because they don't have private matches, but that's kind of the number that we would go off of, and then beyond that, it's only real cold-blooded counters, which we'll see as we go through these. That's not really a super desirable option given the option, so this one I would rate as an This is definitely one you should include in one of your perk packages because of its versatility and how you're going to build it out.



Commando is pretty solidly close. It obviously has a scavenger, which isn't really an issue, and its strong arm is kind of useless.

Fast hands If you guys remember. Amp was probably the most used perk in all of War Zone One for the entire life cycle, all three years of it, and was pretty much fast hands because of the versatility and weapon swapping and how that impacts your ability to get into a gunfight and engage if you get caught off guard, you're able to swap to the SMG.

a little bit faster, which is huge, and throw equipment, and all that stuff is better, so that one is a huge advantage, so overall I think this one is only a B, for the fact that it doesn't really have a solid base perk comparison.


But, baz hands and high alert are very powerful, which brings us to the specter, which you still have double-time trackers for, okay, but you end up looking at the ground quite often.

Spotter, I think, has very limited uses where it's going to be useful in general. I would not put that high on the list, and then there's the undetectable ghost. With U of E's portable radars and heartbeat sensors, and this also applies to the little pulse that comes off the strongholds and the black sights, it also counters bird's eye.

Hopefully, they fix it the way it was at the end of the war zone, so it does require at least a little bit more movement, but we'll see how that goes. I'm expecting a lot of people to use this. I did run a poll on my community tab to see what people were going to be using. Ghost is heavily favored even though the UAV spam in this game isn't the best because each buy station is capped on what you can get, so this one I put at a B because it brings us to scout and doesn't have much going for it.

I'd probably put this on hold because the supporting perks are even worse. a certain extent of what you get and then you still get go, so I would definitely be choosing Specter over Scout, so I would have to give that like a C or a D, or very bad. Ghost is really the only thing going.



for it Then we got Sentinel, which is a little bit different, and we got Battle-Hardened Bomb Squad, which are both great perks. Even though Battle-Hardened isn't amazing, it's still better than having Scavenger. And then we got cold-blooded in general, which I don't really find that useful, especially since you'll still be visible within thermal optics.

You won't be highlighted quite as brightly, but you're definitely going to be visible, and then Quick Fix is kind of what we've been rocking for a while. Quick Fix doesn't work unless you do not have plates, meaning that if you get into a gunfight and you still have a half-plate, Quick Fix is useless because your health bar is already full.

Keep in mind that the only time this will be useful is when you're not going to have plates. When you get into the gunfight, you could have been one shot, but now you're two shots because you've gone up to 100 health, so I don't think Quick Fix is all that great.

Weapon specialist

Weapon specialist

Again, not that useful in Survivor, not going to be all that great, so overall. I don't really see a reason to give it a D or an F, not even almost, and the only scenario, like I said, is if you want two primary weapons, but they're so affordable at the buy stations, only 2500, so unless that price point changes.

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