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Intro/problem with create a class system

Intro/problem with create a class system

Today we're talking about war zone loadouts, and this is one of the things I was kind of holding off on. When you go to a buy station in Warzone, pull it up, and the individual weapons that you can purchase for 2500, currently because the price was reduced from 5,000. Are in order based on your loadout since you can't really build the 10 loadouts any way you want, you kind of have to build them for the fact that if you want to go to a buy station and you want to grab a sniper, you might want that build particularly ready, at least until they give us another tab where we can make our individual loadouts that we're able to get from the buy stations that are different than the ones that we can actually get from a loadout marker or a stronghold.


So first off, we are going to be covering the tactical, lethal, and perks packages because this is a little bit of a nuanced thing when we go over here to the smoke grenade, which is probably the best item that you can have, a stun grenade. You can stack up on those, especially if you're on a team and you kind of pair those out.

Real chargers are one of the most broken tools in the game because they allow you to kind of spot check where people are. It'll go off, and you'll either hear your movement or you're going to get a hit marker, so those are very useful semtex. Are good A lot of people are going with throwing knives because they're fast, so instead of having to use that ammo to finish someone off and completely kill them, you can just use a throwing knife, and then it allows you to keep your ammo in there to be able to challenge another player if they're going to push you or whatever the scenario is.

Perk packages

Perk packages

So that's kind of how you're going to balance those things out, perk. Packages are a little bit different because there is only one with Overkill if I go through all of these, so if you want an Overkill loadout, since they're not allowing us to modify these in any way, this is the one you essentially end up with.

I'm not sure what causes this bug, but for a lot of players, when you get your loadout, these are not the perks you're going to be given regardless of what you select. Most of the time, you get a quick fix. Even though this says "survivor," you actually get a quick fix in a lot of cases. I'm not sure exactly how that part works.

I know it's broken, which might be because you own the game or you don't, or because you own the elite dish. I don't know whatever it is, but it's broken, and hopefully they fix it sooner rather than later, but I'm expecting it by season.

5 kastov 762 and chimera best class setups

So down with two, we're going to start with number five, which is the 762 in the Chimera.

3rd person mw2

The great part about this particular one is that they're both in the assault rifle category, so you know that you can go ahead and stack up on a couple of those and then you're going to be good in terms of ammo. You don't have to worry about carrying different types of ammo; you're going to be all in the 762, which is a little bit harder to use, which is why it's at number five on the list versus, say, number two, even though it packs a punch and is great for solos, duos, and even trios if you're a skilled player, and then the Chimera is great for close quarters.

It's a little bit more versatile, which kind of helps in there if you get caught reloading with the 762, because you can go ahead and hit a couple shots even at further range with the Chimera. And for this side, we're going to have this particular build, and this one is pretty much a lot of people ask me, "Why do I have my optics so close to my face, and is that an error?" No, it's not an error.

best modern warfare graphic settings

This is the kind of viewpoint I've gotten used to when we had the vlk in all of War Zone 1. This just allows you to kind of have that feel; you can put the optic wherever you want; it doesn't change the character model that you're shooting at; it's 100 percent preference. So if you want it close, put it close.

If you want it further, go ahead and put it further, but this is my preference because it feels exactly like a VLK when I do this, but it's not like the VLK in this game, which has glint. I don't want glint, so I'm not going to have glint. The chimera is 100 pounds, more for close range. This one, as you can see, is more built; it has a little bit more snappy aim down sight, and that is a plus here.

We're going to go ahead and have a pretty decent recoil. The problem with this gun is that you really don't have a bigger magazine, so it doesn't really seem like something you're going to build for long range. You could go with an integrated suppressor, but then you lose some bullet velocity, and you end up with an extra attachment. You could put an opt-out; I mean, you've got a couple different options, though this is all built for more aim-down sight speed in terms of being able to hear shots.

4 tac v and vaznev 9k best class setups

4 tac v and vaznev 9k best class setups

Strife and speed are not the greatest because it is a rifle, but overall, these are pretty solid moves, putting us in the fourth category, which is the attack being the Vasna.

These aren't the best metal weapons because there are really only a couple of those in the game, but overall, they still allow you to compete if you get bored with those. I find a lot of people are using just the RPK and the Fennec; if you get bored with those, these are other options right now. tech Visa is still a little bit harder to use, which is why it's number four on the list.

You could alternate numbers four and five; they're both solid choices, and then as we get closer to the top, you'll see that those are really the standouts that people are leaning towards. Jack. V, is built for range in the Vasnab; it's one of those that has good versatility, but the other guns just do it slightly better when it comes to the Lockman sub and the Fennec, but it's such a minuscule difference that it really will come down to preference in the build for the attack.

V is pretty much as follows: we go in there, and, as you can see, it has a little bit of a slower fire rate, but recoil is not the craziest. You kind of just get into the rhythm of estimating how far the target is going to be and shooting it there, and then you're pretty much good to go. It does have a little bit bigger mag at 50, so you can kind of work with that v-nose.

This one's a lot of fun. I kind of use similar builds for my SMGs; you could put an optic on it. I've done optic builds in the past just because I like to give a little bit of variety and kind of see how this one works. You've got pretty good recoil control. Even at further ranges, the problem is that the bullet velocity is not great on SMGs, as it shouldn't be, so you're able to hit targets right around 30 to 40 meters, but that's kind of the end of that.

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