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fastest mw3 weapon xp

Let's jump straight into it right now. Okay guys, so just quickly before we get into it. I want to say a quick Merry Christmas to everyone, and I'm assuming a lot of you guys would have just got Modern Warfare 3 or a new console to play War Zone on for Christmas, and you might want to know the fast way to get your guns up, so I'm going to show you that exactly right now.

I'm not going to load into games because my game has honestly crashed about 12 times trying to record this article in the last 10 minutes. I don't know what's going on, and it probably will do it again, but what you want to do is brew. I'm going to have it in my hand. That's going to be the gun I level up with.

Let's say, for example, that I'm trying to level up brewing. I'm going to have it in my hand. That's going to be the gun I level up with. And the reason we want to play Plunder is because we spawn with the gun right away. And if we die, we get back in with the gun as well, so you're always going to have that gun in hand.

fastest weapon xp in mw3

Obviously, you want to carry on playing as you normally would run around trying to get kills, try and get assists, and all that sort of stuff, but the main thing with plunder is running around a complete contract by scavengers. And different things like that you don't even have to do contracts where you have to kill people so you can avoid bounties, you can avoid Most Wanted but just try and complete a bunch of contracts where you can run around and actually get a whole bunch of XP, and the main thing you want to make sure you're doing is when you can when you finish a contract like if it's the last scavenger box that you've got to open, make sure you have got for my example right now I've make sure I've got my Brewin in my hand as I opened that last box because that's the gun the XP is going to go to if I have the wsp Swarm on my back the XP isn't going to go towards that it's going to go to the breu which is the gun in my hand so when you're finishing those contracts.

level guns fast on mw3

Make sure the gun you're trying to level up is the one that's out and it's in your hand so then you can actually get the XP, go towards that and that is the easiest way of doing it in plunder and in war zone in general because like I said you're going to spawn in with your gun you can get kills with the guns you're trying to level up straight away off the rip you can use it but then like I said doing those contracts is going to make it so much faster, you can quite easily run around have a card to get from contract to contract and if you've got a full Squad trying to do this it's going to be very easy especially like I said if you're avoiding the ones that are like bounties are most wanted, you can do a lot of the contracts in game where you don't have to fight anyone you can just fly around the map in a vehicle fourman, deep you can just run around and complete these nice and easily like I said the one thing you want to make sure you're doing is having that gun that you are trying to level up in your hand at the time of finishing a contract.

level guns in mw3

Now let's move on to multiplayer. I'm going to try and keep this article nice and short so you guys don't have to waste a lot of time on your boxing day or in your Christmas period to watch this article, so next move on to zombies. Again, zombies are very similar to plunder; we're going to be able to spawn in, obviously, with the gun we're trying to level up because we can select it.

You're going to come to your loadout, and you're going to come to your loadout and select your insured slot as the weapon you are trying to level up. You're going to go into a game, and then you don't need anything else in particular. It's going to load into a game, and once again, what you're going to want to do is go ahead and try and complete some of your axes because the XP you're going to get from your axes is also going to go toward your weapon.

So if you've only just got the game and you're still on Act 1, you can fly through these pretty easily. Again, if you've got a full squad, it's going to become even easier to do that, but completing a lot of these AXS is going to give you a big boost of XP for completing them, which is also going to give you some weapon XP as well, so again, if you've got that gun in your hand that you're trying to level up by completing an axe, you are going to get some weapon XP for it.

level weapons fast on mw3

Obviously, killing zombies is going to be great, but the main thing once again is completing contracts. If you stay in the tier one zone, you get this gun pack-a-punch, which is going to do plenty of damage in the tier one zone. It should be nice and easy to do. Just run around completing contracts because every time you complete contracts, just like we do in plunder, we're going to get a bunch of XP going towards that gun as well.

modern warfare 3 glitches

And of course, at the moment, it's a triple weapon XP or triple XP weekend, so you've got double XP active. Obviously, if you don't have double XP active at the time of watching this, just click on it and go and put some double XP tokens on because, obviously, it's going to speed up the process. Yeah, in Zombies, it's very simple, like I said, to complete the axe and also complete a bunch of contracts, and the other thing you can do is do the xville glitch at the end of the game so you can go to the xville zone, let a whole bunch of zombies spawn in Kill Them All, then wait for the xville chopper to fly off call in another xville stand there and just keep getting a whole bunch of zombies to respawn, but the best way for actually leveling up guns in my opinion.

Is by doing contracts because you're going to get a big boost of XP every time you do complete a contract, and once again, make sure you've got that gun in your hand as you are completing them, and then finally, guys, for multiplayer, what you're going to want to do is come down and find some of the game modes, so you've got a couple of different options here.

Of course, at the moment. I think shipment 24/7 is out, so shipment is great for it just because there's a lot of action going on all the time, but one thing you definitely want to make sure you're doing if you're playing shipment is playing for the objective, so if, for example, you get kill confirmed Hardo domination, it doesn't matter what game mode you get; you want to be playing objective because you're going to get XP for collecting tags and killing confirmed.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp glitch

You're going to get XP for capturing the hard point and then capturing flags in dominance. So whatever game mode you are playing on shipment, you want to make sure you are actually playing for the objective as well, because this is going to go towards your weapon. XP, but Shipman's also great right because you're going to get a lot of kills and a lot of assists, and one big thing you definitely want to make sure you're doing guys is come here.

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