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I'm going to show you the best way to get unlimited Essence right now with the Tombstone glitch in Modern Warfare 3. The main reason why I forgot is because I've been so busy recently behind YouTube, and I've just had so much going on because, as you already might know, some of you will. I've got a little girl on the way off of that topic, though we have a zombie drop giveaway currently going on right now where you can go ahead and win tons of schematics.

All you have to do is subscribe below, like the article, and don't forget to join the Discord server in the description to confirm your entry to make this glitch the fastest way possible to get yourself unlimited essence. You will need players to help you, so you'll need two players to help you make this the fastest way possible, so three of you all together.

It's also useful if you bring in an etherium crystal, the scorcher, and a legendary tool. You don't have to do that, but bring that into the game with you, as it makes it 10 times quicker, and you want to go through and get yourself contracts to collect essence points throughout this whole game. So this one first game is going to be dedicated to you and your friends, just getting as much essence as possible and collecting it all up.

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The items that you bring in with you, such as the scorcher and everything else, make it 10 times quicker to go through Bounty contracts and travel across the map to activate a bunch of different contracts, and you can save up a lot of essence points very quickly. If you can't be bothered doing all of this glitch stuff and one zombie thing instantly, then go to Dam Mods, where he can provide you with zombie schematic unlocks, such as everything you could possibly want.

Plus, weapon level unlocks for any weapon in the game and camos, so you can get all your zombie camos and multiplayer camos unlocked instantly, as well as bot lobbies and the nuke rewards that recently came out. Here's your one-stop shop for all your Call of Duty needs. He has tons of really good reviews on Trustpilot as well.

Throughout the whole game, you want to get everyone to drop one person the essence points so one person has it all on them at once. That is me in this example. Now you want to go over and buy yourself the tombstone perk or drink a tombstone soda can. You now need to get a friend to revive you so you can come back to life.

modern warfare 3 glitches

Once you come back to life, you're ready to drop the essence on another player, so now you need to drop the essence on one of your friends, and they're going to do the exact same thing. Drink a can if they brought one in, or go over to the tombstone machine itself and drink the tombstone. And you all want to pick up your individual tombstones and get the essence out of them.

Now everyone needs to drop their essence on one of the players once again, which is going to be me. I now have over 300,000. Essence, and I'm going to drink a tombstone can because I had one and brought it in with me; it was in my tombstone. I'm going to use that, or you can go straight to the machine and buy it.

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It's up to you if you want to kill yourself, give up, and get revived again. Drop the essence on player two once again, and they're going to rinse and repeat this method over and over again by drinking Tombstone. Down in themselves dying out getting revived and then they're going to give that over to player three so as you can see here I'm going to revive them and once revived they're going to start dropping the essence to player three and he's going to collect all that Essence and then he's going to down himself and completely die out as well but make sure he gets Tombstone, first, always make sure you get the essence then drink the tombstone then down yourself, once every single one of you has got the essence again and you've drunk the tombstone and downed yourself and done all of these steps you can now die out completely, once again and you'll go back in next game you all can collect your tombstones that'll be next to each other and do it one last time so as you can see here everyone's going to drop me all of the essence points I now have Max Essence for up to $9999.

I'm going to drink Tombstone down myself, get revived, and drop all of my Max Essence on someone else. They're going to now drink Tombstone down themselves, get revived, and they're going to drop the stuff over to player three now, so they're going to now drop the essence again one last time down themselves, and now we all will have.

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9999999999 essence Okay, we will all have all of the essence, and we can now use that in every single game as long as you drink a tombstone. Before you actually use your essence points, you can go into a game and drink a tombstone yourself. Get your friend to revive you, and you'll be able to go in and have essence points for the whole game.

So, as you can see we all down ourselves we're all going back in and collecting our tombstone. We've got our 99999.

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