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fastest mw3 weapon xp

I'm trying to hit 25k subs, and if you can help that, that'd be absolutely amazing, but let's jump straight into it right now. Okay guys, so I thought I'd make this article simply because the matter has changed once again in Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone 3, so I thought I'd make a article on the fast way to level your guns up, because I'm sure some of you guys probably only just got War Zone and haven't had multiplayer.

So you want to level some of the best meta guns up to actually be a to compete in the game, get loaded out, and actually have good guns from the new game rather than using Modern Warfare 2 guns, and what you're going to want to do, guys, is simply put on a gun that you are trying to level up quickly on your class app, so let's say, for example.

I'm trying to level the Brewin. I've got all the guns Max ranked, so I can't show you me doing them, but let's say, for example, you need a gun leveled up quickly. Let's say I'm doing the brewing. For example, go ahead and tell Chuck that what you're going to want to do is come back to the menu, and obviously the first thing you want to actually do is come down to the game mode that we're planning, and the game mode we're going to be jumping into is plunderer, which is great for leveling guns up quickly.

fastest weapon xp in mw3

Simply because we're going to actually have to run around and complete a lot of contracts. If we die, we respawn, we can get more kills, and it makes it much quicker. The second thing you're going to want to do is actually look and see if you have any double-weapon XP tokens, because obviously, if you have them, it's going to make the leveling gun situation a lot faster and allow you to just get your guns up way quicker than you would before.

level guns fast on mw3

Then you're simply going to want to load into a game of plunder, and we're going to do that right now, and I'll show you what to do once you're in the game. Okay guys, so now that you're in a game, what you're going to want to do is actually just run around. You might want to land somewhere out of the busy areas if you're not too good at the game; if you're good at the game, go wherever you fancy, but once you're in, but once you're in ingame, what you're going to want to do is run around and do as many contracts as you possibly can, and the reason for this is that contracts are going to give you a lot of weapon XP every time you complete one, so let me try and just start this scav real quick and see if I can get this done nice and quickly.

And you haven't got to be a good player to go around and do contracts, especially if you've got a full squad of you trying to level guns up. It's going to make this process even easier because you can all land together, you can all try and complete the contracts together, and if one of you dies and the other three stay alive, it's great because you can carry on with the contract, and then whenever you come back.

I've run into a shotgun. Starting off great start to the game, but yeah, if one of you dies like I just did, and let's say, for example. I was playing with three people who actually know they can carry that contract on, and even when you come back, you can continue the contract, like if my team just stays alive now.

level guns in mw3

I can just come back and carry on with a contract, and once the contract is finished. I'm going to get a bunch of weapon XP, a bunch of XP as well towards my player, the battle pass, and all that sort of stuff as well, so what you really want to do, the main objective is come into plunder and just get as many contracts completed as you can; these are just great for weapon XP and XP in general.

But not only that, you do also want to try and get some kills and assists and things like that with your gun, like you want to try and play the game as if you were normally playing a game of War Zone or a game of plunder. Run around and get as many kills and assists as you possibly can, but completing contracts is going to be massive.

For actually finishing this, you are going to get a bunch of XP. You're going to get stuff you can buy and set up. You can go to the buy stations and sell if you want to loot up a little bit because you're going to get XP for that sort of stuff, but the main thing is completing these objectives or contracts.

level weapons fast on mw3

Let me just try and get around here and see if I can complete this. I just want to try and get this done without being killed, but yeah, if you're loading with a full squad, it is going to be much easier to get done simply because one of you can do the first scavenger, then one of you can do the next one, and all that sort of stuff.

It's going to make it much easier if you're on a full team because you can run around together, you can all hold hands, and those guys completing that contract will just give me nearly 2, 000 XP. Simply running around and opening free scavenger crates really wasn't too difficult to do. You are going to have other players in here like this that are going to be trying to play; you know, actually try and get kills because they're probably also leveling guns and stuff like that, so you sort of need to be a little bit aware of what's going on, but it's a much easier way than trying to get into a normal game of war zone and level your guns up because you've got to loot up, you've got to try and find your enough money for loadouts.

You've got to get your guns, then you've got to complete contracts and get kills. Just load into a plunder.

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