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It's Monday, and that means I'm going to be showing you all the working glitches right now. Modern Warfare 3: Zombie Multiplay and War Zone are worth your time, so they're all on screen right now. Let's begin right now. I load up my gun, and I'm ready to go. I have a glitch in my pocket. It's a camo show.

Why stick to the map when no one knows I'm there? Because I take on my enemies without any. This is a two-step way to get anything you want in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie. If you don't believe me, then watch the article, and if I'm wrong, drop a dislike. If I'm right, leave a like and subscribe. This is the best way to get anything you want right now.

Schematics, cases, and money Whatever you want, we can drop it for you right now, and you can get anything in less than 2 minutes of play time. Since there's no more solo duplication or glitches at the moment for the time being, this is the best thing you can do right now, and it's actually easier anyway, so you might as well do this all the time.

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And what's even better is getting services from Mitch Cactus, because he can literally give you anything that you want if you're looking to unlock the new Modern Warfare 3 camos, such as Interstellar and Borealis. Hard unlocked or playing bot lobbies, we can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly or even instant delivery.

Premade accounts Be sure to check out {598}. They are the biggest and most reliable sellers, with heaps of brand new offerings for Modern Warfare 3 and completely safe and legit services for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. These guys have almost 10,000 reviews on their Trustpilot page and are by far the most legitimate sellers.

Be sure to use a code. Join my Discord and go to the general chat. When you go to the general chat, you're going to message a helper, so make sure you tag the helpers and say. I need this, and this, whatever you want. Money schematic cases Whatever you want, someone's going to reply to you, saying.

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No problem, let me join your game. They're going to join a game just like this, and once they join a game, they're going to take you to this tombstone. And the reason for that is because they can do the duplication, glitch at the moment so they can give you anything that they have they do the glitch and they leave the game and when they come back in the game later on they're still going to have it so they don't really care how much they give you whatever you want they're going to give it to you and it's very good and I'm thankful for all my helpers in my chat so that's literally all you have to do they're going to give it to you in the game you're going to get Tombstone, and either xill with them so you keep them or you're going to play the game out and then die at the end and you're going to keep it in your Tombstone, anyway if you want to keep all the money that you're given make sure you die and don't xfill.

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New glitches coming out will be posted every single day. At the moment, there are almost 4, 000 members, so this is going to be very, very good for everyone. So yeah, why stick to the map when no one knows I'm there because I take on my enemies without any? So what you want to do is you going to go all the way to war zone private match so let me just back out to show exactly where I am so you're going to go to war Zone menu, and then go to the right and go to private match once you're at private match the same method as before once you're in you're going to go to the weapon section and make the class that you want to go ahead and take over with you to multiplayer, or war zone so I've got my class right here so now I've done my class I'm going to go back all the entire way all the way back until we get to the what top menu so back one more time and from here this is where it changes so usually you go and you press X and then Circle straight away but from now you're going to go into it and spam, all the buttons on your controller so if you're on Playstation it's going to be triangle Circle X and square, so you're going to press X and spam them all.

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All right there you go, so as you can see, it says script bundle not defined because I did that, so make sure you're pressing all four buttons down at the same time: triangle, circle, X, and square. Now when I go to weapons, guys, you're going to see that I have the classes that I made in a private match, and I can actually save them as a custom mod right now even though I don't have them unlocked because, as you can see, everything's actually locked except this one that I put on my XP flowing.

My weapon is glowing, and I'm hiding under the map without your knowledge, just so that I can level up fast. If it doesn't like how I play, then kiss my ass. It is double XP, Weekend, and we got two unlimited XP Glitches for you right now that are working in Modern Warfare 3. I'll be showcasing them both right now without wasting anyone's time.

Let's begin what you're going to do is load up a game of plunder with your friends or by yourself. It doesn't matter. You can do this solo, as I said in the beginning, and you're going to get a class that has decoys and the resupply perk as well. This exploit does not have any weapon XP you have to do with it.

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You can get kills on your own, but the actual glitch itself does not give you any XP towards your weapon, so bring whatever gun you want now. Join a game of plunder and do as follows: Go ahead and buy as many ammunition boxes as you can by getting money. Go to the buy station, get ammo boxes, drop them on the floor, and refill all your inventory with decoys.

So get your ammo box, drop it on the floor, and get decoys. And then throw them another ammo box and get decoys. Stow them and so on until you have the entire inventory, full of decoys. Once that's done, you're ready to go get a ton of XP. You're probably going to get 5 to 10, 000 XP every single time you do this, so go ahead and locate an enemy.

Once you've got an enemy down pat, you're going to throw all your decoys at his face, spam them, and throw all of them. Throw all 22 of them every single time you throw a decoy, and you're going to get 400. If you can do the math, that's around 10, 000 XP every single time because double XP is on.

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Once that's done, go ahead and do the exact same thing again, get some more decoys, go to the enemies, and repeat. Now this one's my favorite of the articles. It's going to be a pileup glitch in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, which means you're going to be able to get camos XP, battle pass tokens, whatever you want without getting touched at all.

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