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how to get aether blades schematic guide

In this article, I'll be showing you how to get all three of the new schematics for season 2 reloaded. this is the blood burner key the VR 11 schematic, and, the mags of holding schematic so first thing you want to do is come over and activate the act for just like and accept to go into it cuz we will need to go into here to find four items in order basically open the new, or in the red zone, so as soon as you do spawn into the act for Miss counter measures you want to, look at this ship to the left of you tends to be the left depending on what way it actually spawns you in looking but just follow the route I do to the back of the ship and just run around to the other side of it and then there will be a little opening where you'll be able to basically, jump on to the ship itself so once you get onto the ship you want to run all the way to the other end of the.

Once you are there, you'll see this: pests. Just come up to it, activate it, and you'll get an instant kill drop. So the aim of this is to basically just collect souls from zombies, and to collect souls, you need to immediately kill them, so just literally run around millions of zombies. Try to do this as quickly as you can.

When the Instagram kills are active, as soon as you collect enough souls, a rift will spawn. Just collect the souls on the pedestal. So just keep this in your backpack, as it will be needed later. So the second item is just on this area of the map where these four RADS meet. Just come and activate the pedestal again, but with this one you will need to basically get headshot kills on the zombies, and that will basically make it collect the souls into the pedestal, so just keep doing this until the rift spawns.

how to get blood burner key schematic guide

collect the item out of the rift, and then we'll move on to the third item, so the third one is just located in this area of the map, just by your. This one is a little bit more difficult to find because, as you can see, it's quite misty, so just literally run around until you can find the pedestal and activate it.

This one is basically an ammo mod challenge, so see the Outer Circle. The ring you're basically standing inside of, as you can see, is on fire at the moment, so I will need to put bullets in it. Basically, collect them all from the zombies, but you do need to keep an eye on this outer circle, so just keep killing until the element of the circle actually changes.

And then we can move on. Doing the next part of this challenge, so as you can see now, mine's gone to like an icy mist, so this is chyo freeze, so I'll find chyo freeze on you, activate it on my weapon, and start killing again, and you'll see the souls go into it. Once you've done all four of the ammo mods, you will get a rift.

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Just click the item, and we can move on to getting the last one, so the last one is simple. Just literally proceed on to doing the actual mission as soon as you come to the boss fight at the end of the mission. Kill the boss, and you will get a Rift spawn. Just go up to that rewards rift, and you will have another item in there that will be the drug, so just go up to your rift, grab the drum out of the rift, and stick it into your Rook sack.

So now that we have all four items, we will need to upgrade them, from the purple ones to the yellow or Ultra Rarity. So for the first one, you want to come to the graveyard and activate this headstone, and then run up to this tower. You'll see three zombies basically spawn with elements around them, so you want to get the element of one of these zombies onto your gun and kill that zombie with that element activated on your gun.

how to get legendary aether tool schematic guide

Once you kill the first one, you want to run back up and find the next one. As you see, the next one I'm doing is dead wire, so activate that on your weapon. Find the zombie that's got the dead wire element around him, and then go on to your last one, which is Cyro freeze. Kill that one, work with the ammo mod activated on the gun, and once you have it, you will see the ultra-rarity of the mirror drop on the floor from the zombie.

So for the next one, you want to make your way over to the fire range, and that is located roughly where you're on the map. Just make your way over there and come over to this target, interact with it, and you will notice targets around this area of the map basically light up, so you want to just run around and shoot them.

Just follow the path I do. Just keep shooting them until you've done them all, and then we can proceed to the next part of this, the challenge. So as soon as you get to the last one, when you shoot it, a zombie will spawn. You will need to kill this zombie with a head shot. As soon as you kill it with a headshot, you'll get the golden rarity of the target.

how to get mags of holding schematic guide

So for the third and final one, you want to come to this area of the map by yourself, which is the boxing gym. Just come into the boxing gym and jump into the middle of the ring, and it will tell you to offer the MMA gloves, so once you've done that, come over to these punching bags. Get your fist out and punch all three of these punching bags, and then jump back into the boxing ring.

Once you've jumped into the boxing ring, you'll see this zombie. You will need to kill this zombie with your fists while inside the ring, and then as soon as this is done, you'll drop the ultra-rareness of the MMA gloves. Once you've got them, you want to come to the tornado in the red zone and place the items down, so if you look on the pedestal, you'll see, like, a symbol for the item that needs to go on that wood, so just have a look at the symbol on it and then place the item on it.

how to get vr11 schematic guide

Once you've placed all four items down, we can proceed to the next part of actually getting them. Herself so once we do get into the, darker, there are three contracts we need to complete and we need to try and get a Elder sigil, so the first contract is basically where you spawn in this building by you just run up to it just basically follow the route I'm running and you should have no problem at all in finding this contract, so just come up to the bunny accept it and then just proceed on to completing the contract, and then once you've done that hopefully you get an elder sigil out of there if not then we can do the second one and the second one is on the top of this building just on this part of the map just come up to it accept the bunny and then go on to completing the Outlast contract get your rewards RI Hopefully you've got an outsigil in there; if not, no worries, there's still one more.


contract we can basically do so just following the route I do come up onto this car park follow the roof all the way over to this, building, up on top of here and then to the top of the roof and the bunny will be sat on the very top, so this is this building if you don't know where this is, but as I said, just keep doing these contracts until you basically get a reward drift with one of these circle sigils, which is the elder sigil.

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