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Here's a brand new glitch in Modern Warfare 3 zombies to unlock your camos and your weapon levels real fast, so buckle up, get ready, and drop a like for us. You can help me out to grow the channel because we are nearly at 30k, and that's absolutely awesome. I'm curious to see, so drop that comment now and let's get started with this glitch.

Step one: equip a gun that you still need work on and to max out or unlock camos on, which is very important, of course. Step two: make sure to pack-and-punch your weapons and possibly equip legendary tools on them to make the grinding much easier. Step three: make this glitch work super efficiently.

Go to Tier 3 and grab yourself a couple juggernut suits. Step four: activate a Tier 2 Outlaw contract, go into the room, activate the P&M machine, and play out the contract until the percentage gets to 98%. Then open up the map and press the triangle or Y to cancel the contract. What this glitch will do is trick the game into thinking that the contract is still going, and it will do so infinitely till the very end of the game; thereby, this glitch will keep on spawning zombies continuously.


And thereby, you can grind your camos weapon level and your rank level super fast. However, if you want to make this much easier, you can simply order camo unlocks on my Discord. Then DM me if you want to order camos, but also schematics or lobbies. They are very cheap because we have a sale going on for the last 3 days of this year, so join, DM me, and I'll help you out with anything you like.

The last step, step number five, will improve this glitch tremendously, which is the God Mode glitch, and it will explain to you how to do this in a few simple steps to do the G Mode glitch. First, make sure you have AO Sprint enabled and also have the dive option enabled in your settings. Then throw down the Jugger Out that you obtained earlier from the buy station in Tier 3, and once the packet has been delivered, lay down next to it and start opening the Juggernaut score streak.

As soon as you start opening the streak, start sprinting. Now you should be glitched in the ground, like you see me as I am. This also confirms that you handled the glitch correctly. Now just let the Juggernaut run out, and once it has run out, all you need to do from here is dive to come out of the glitch out of the visual glitch.

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But you will still be in the glitch, so each time you dive now, you will lay prone in the air, and you'll be in god mode. Run again, and you will be out of it. Dive again, and you will be in god mode again. Now you can go back into the building and start your camo and your XP grind. There are a few don'ts with this God Mode glitch because you can undo the glitch, so be aware of that in any case: don't use a scorcher weapon, don't use a car, don't fly, don't start swimming, or it will pull you out of the God Mode glitch.

Also, keep in mind to move around because the zombies could still throw meat at you if you stay in one spot for too long, so change your location now and then so you can keep on grinding the camos and the zombies won't kill you. Especially if you use an XP token on this glitch, it will definitely help you out even faster.

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I will show you a full game of me doing this glitch just to show you how overpowered this glitch is in combination with this SC Mode glitch. You also see me purposely redoing the God Mode glitch to show you can still do this God Mode glitch in the midst of grinding, and in any case, you get pulled out of the God Mode glitch.

If you want to see how to keep your Tombstone every time in Act 4 of Modern Warfare 3 zombies, make sure to click the one article you see on the screen right now. If you want to talk about glitches or buggy services, join my Discord and DM me.

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