News - New Warzone 2 Update 1. 41 Patch Notes. Nuke Skin Glitch Patched, Bug Fixes & More

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In the morning, we did get a new update; we were on 1.41. We're on 1.42. It was a 6 GB update in Sled Jman Games.

Mw3 update 1.42 multiplayer patch notes!

Mw3 update 1.42 multiplayer patch notes!

They made a tweet saying today's Modern Warfare 3 update includes buff fixes and minor gameplay improvements. Go ahead and check out the patch notes below, so let's go ahead and read them. So For global stability, they addressed a crash that could occur while viewing weapon attachments for customization.

They resolved various issues with quick-equipped weapon charms in the store and corrected the display names of season 3 prestige emblems. For settings, they addressed an issue causing the latency. Telly Matrie widget to constantly display na a, and then down here for multiplayer UI for bug fixes.

Armory unlocks challenges. Now display a splash upon completion. Operators will no longer appear to have two riot shields equipped in the lobby; removing certain conversion kits is now properly reflected in the Gunsmith weekly challenges. The countdown timer will no longer display at a valid time as the mid-season update approaches.

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The corrected positioning of the FJX horse and the gunsmith calling card and emblem rewards from weapon mastery completion are now displayed properly in the after-action report. Removing a weapon sticker from the gunsmith will no longer cause the placement indicators to disappear. Revise the pros and cons labels for multiple attachments to better reflect their true properties.

So those are all of our multiplayer bug fixes. Okay, this is for modern warfare. Like shipment, they added additional spawn points to improve the probability of quality, spawn selection, and Team Deathmatch domination hardpoint modes for tanked enemy name plates that are no longer visible through the walls of the tunnel and weapons and attachments.

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It seems to me that for Modern Warfare 3, the SVA 545 caught a huge buff, okay? I really hope they did now for submachine guns like the FJX horse optic attachments with an integrated laser, which are no longer compatible with the ECS. Requir suppressor muzzle for light machine guns like the tackle valy, they removed a duplicate of this attachment right here.

The compensated flash hider muzzle attachment for more snipers, like the Hurricane 9 variable optic, removes the ability to equip this incompatible attachment with the photo tonic charge. Barrel improves the consistency of penetration damage through enemy operators for perks like ninja vests while equipped with reinforced boots.

Players can now gain the effects of running sneakers, compression carrier vests, and kills with a launcher, which will now immediately trigger health regeneration. That's going to be crazy as shit on the shipment. That is insane. Now moving on to gameplay like the emo, grenade tactical, they change the tracker removal, keybind to interact on keyboard input devices, they improve priority.

When multiple actions are available for the tracker removal keybind. The tracker removal time is now aligned with the HUD progress bar on the scatter mine. Enemy stun effects are now correctly applied in the hardcore mode for the C4; lethal detonation can no longer occur until stuck to the surface for 500 Ms for kill streaks like the guardian SC ledge hanging after equipping; the guardian SC will no longer cause the player to become able to fire for the remote turret.

Attempting to deploy while swimming will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire their weapon, so they fix both of these kill streaks. When it comes to swimming and equipping the guardian, as seen, it will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire a weapon, so thank God.

Warzone update 1.42 patch notes!

Warzone update 1.42 patch notes!

They fixed this, so let's go ahead and talk about the war zone. There are a few things that they did. Here in this new update for 142, for all of my War Zone players out there, let's go ahead and talk about it. Raven Software made a tweet saying they're working on adjustments to the Renetti, which will be released in a near future update.

For gameplay in Rebirth Island Resurgence, ground vehicles have been enabled on Rebirth Island. For our buck fixes They fix an issue preventing tactical and lethal equipment from being picked up automatically. They fix an issue preventing players from shooting their weapon while ledge hanging after picking up the guardian as a C kill streak.

They fix an issue preventing the red outline on the border of the mini map from being displayed when under the effects of an enemy's advanced UAV. They fix an issue preventing the one-shot protection from functioning in rank play. Resurgence fixed an issue causing too many UAV towers to spawn in rank play, and they fixed an issue that prevented players from equipping unlocked items in the rank overview within the rank rewards menu.

So that is what they did for the buck fixes here for the war zone.

Closing statements

Closing statements

In this new update, including the nuke skin contract glitch, shit also got patched, and it's quite funny that they don't even talk about it in the patch notes like Raven software, walk right past it, they don't even acknowledge the fact that they had a nuke skin contract glitch in the fucking game, and they don't even mention it.

That's crazy to me, but y'all enjoy this one.

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