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Please stop alienating the people who have been playing your game for over a decade. Every single game feels like you're playing for a million dollars. There is no reason for SBM to be casual. It gets really exhausting, honestly. This is not an enjoyable experience. We've seen you doing well for the past hour.

We are going to make you not have fun for the next hour at least. The game you're watching right now was played without skill-based matchmaking, enabling the same skill-based matchmaking that all these streamers disable to make themselves look better and get way more kills. I want you to watch this game play, and please tell me if you've ever had a lobby like this before.

I guarantee you have not. This one is called SBMM, off VPN, and I guarantee you if you've ever researched BPN for War Zone before, you've heard of this because this has been around since War Zone 1, and the best part is that it's like, look at this, look at this guy. He missed every shot. I'm going to be commenting over this group too, and just look, you're telling me I lit Stood.


Still, for a second, I did nothing, and I still killed that loser. Now listen, the only reason that people use VPN is because everybody uses it. This guy also lands on me and dies, and I miss shots, and he still doesn't kill me. We get 70 kills. Look, he stood still. What was that? He didn't even crack me.

It's ridiculous, but anyway, what sbmm? Off, does it disable your skill-based matchmaking so you get easier lobbies? Here it is, but the thing about this VPN is that it has way more features than any other one, and you get a lifetime membership for less. There, I killed that guy, NPC. I guarantee you, if you're watching this article and you're considering buying a VPN, you've never had a lobster this easy before, and you guys are to see why.

But anyway, with this VPN, you can join any country. Look at this list of countries. There's even more, but these are the ones I have installed, and it tells you the time that the country is at right now. So do you ever wonder why these streamers who get all these high-kill games always stream either very late at night or very early in the morning around that time?

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It's because skill-based matchmaking is the lowest at those times, so for example, if I were to VPN right, I would find one for like around 3:00 to 5:00 a.m. because I feel like that's the best. Time, look at that guy. He has no movement; he just runs in a straight line, which allows me to snipe him.

If everybody's getting VPN, I'm going to BPN, and that's why you're watching this article because you want easy lobbies like, Look at that guy. Look at this. It's ridiculous, but anyway, I would find a, for example, right here. Yeah, I killed that guy too right now in Hong Kong. It's 3:45 a.m., so I'll go here.

I'll find Hong Kong. I kill this guy too literal NPCs, but I would find Hong Kong here it is, but pretty much you click connect, I'll show you. Nope, there you go. It's connecting it's legit too. I've never seen a VPN more legendary than this one. I've tried other ones, and all they do is change your DNS.

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This one's actually like, as you can see, Hong Kong is connected, and then if I go into the war zone, it will show that I'm connected to Hong Kong. What I love is that this VPN has a geofence. I have not found a single VPN that has a geofence other than sbmm, off, and what a geofence does, I'll show you.

Click here to find the game you want to play. Obviously, it's Moder Warfare 3 for me again, but it still shows you the GE offense times. This has so many features. it's kind of crazy what you get for the price cuz I've had this for since war zone one all these other vpns you got to pay monthly $20, a month $15, a month even $10 a month but like I've had this VPN since world one I made a onetime payment like four years ago I've had this for the past four years and it's still unlimited updates, unlimited support for 50 bucks, and you get a discount anyways if you use code rebirth at checkout, so if you type in rebirth at checkout, you get like $4 off anyways on top of the $50, for a lifetime.

how to get bot lobbies

I have already killed 16 people, with 22 left. Keep that in mind for when the end game comes. Actually, you know what? I want you guys to see this gameplay right here. I'm going to show you guys the Geo Fense in a second, but this is about to be crazy. What I'm about to show you is the definition.

Of all these streamers that you watch, you get a lot of high-kill games. I want you guys to watch. Here we go. I have 16 kills. Look what's about to happen. Tell me if you've ever had a lobster like this. Here we go. I killed this guy. He was weak, nothing crazy. You know, this guy doesn't shoot me.

I kill him. This guy I turn around and shoot him. This guy, yeah, and then I run out of ammo, but like you're telling me, if this was your lobby, the second guy and the third guy would not kill you like this is a bot lobby, but it's ridiculous because I honestly thought that all these streamers had like a special device they plugged into their PC that got them this, but in reality it's not.

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Look, I spawned in. I spawn in. This guy has a full shield, and I kill him. He has a full shield. I spawned in and killed him. So what a Geo Fence does is connect you to the closest server, so sometimes you wonder why your ping maybe goes up or that it takes longer to load in, and other times it's because Call of Duty is trying to find you a server with your skill-based matchmaking.

And they can't; they'll connect you to another server that's farther away to find you skill-based matchmaking. But what does that do? It makes you lag, it makes your lag higher, and it just takes longer to load in, so that's why sometimes with these streamers, you see them with very short loading times, but sometimes you see them with higher loading times.

I've seen streamers purposely make their geofense farther away so that it's less suspenseful, but people don't know how it works, so they just assume they're right, so here it is. I'm from the East Coast. I live in Michigan, so I will click East Coast, right here, and apply settings. And as you can see, you got to select the game too.

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I'm not going to select the game right now because I'm obviously just recording a article. I don't have the game on, but pretty much it would be applying settings. As you can see here, it's connected. You clicked okay. I can close this, and there I'm connected to a Hong Kong VPN and the East Coast geofence.

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