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Warzone with no sbmm explained (lobbygod vpn)

Warzone with no sbmm explained (lobbygod vpn)

This is what a war zone looks like without skill-based matchmaking. You know, these top-level players who have four, five, or even six KDs should surely be playing in much harder lobbies than this. Well, the reason why they don't is simple: a VPN.

A VPN stands for virtual private network, which, to sum up, basically just hides your IP address and makes it look like you're in a different location. However, there's a certain kind of VPN that these war zone streamers are using to get bot lobbies in Call of Duty, and that is where the sponsor of this article comes in.

God VPN Lobby Good is a VPN service designed specifically for Call of Duty and War Zone and works on all platforms, whether that be PC or console. The way this works is that it tricks the game into thinking that you're in a different location than you actually are, as you see here. When I go into the settings menu and go to the network info, it'll say that I'm in a totally different location.

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Now, when you queue for a game, Activision has said that they'll take your skill level into consideration. Among many other factors when you search for a game, when you use a VPN like this, what it does is confuse the matchmaking, and it'll actually just put you in the first available lobby. It doesn't matter what the skill level of this lobby is; it'll just put you in the nearest available lobby.

So that's not to say it's always going to be a bot lobby, but it's hell of a lot more likely. You know you're still going to play on your own local servers with low ping. You're just going to dodge spmm. So let's say, for example, you select India as your location; that doesn't mean you're actually going to play in India.

Once signed up, you simply enter the DNS settings that they give you into either your console or PC, and they have guides on how to do this. You then restart your game, and just like that, there's no more skill-based matchmaking. This is probably how your favorite streamer is playing in these easy lobbies, and this is how you can too.

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Don't worry, you won't and can't get banned for using this. These things have been around for a very, very long time, and Activision will not ban you for them. With that being said, if you are hesitant to try Lobby Guard and you're a bit unsure of whether it works, take a look at this game play. I'm about to show you this game.

I get 53 kills in a game of Vondal, and to be honest, I should have had way more. I was kind of just messing around, and I was looking to get some funny clips and stuff like that. I wasn't really trying to drop a PR or anything like that, but I ended up coming very close despite playing at a bit of a slower Pace, I ended up getting a hell of a lot of kills in this game.

That's just because of how bad this lobster really was. Honestly, guys, stick around for this game play; it is not one you want to miss. I think I could have gotten a lot more kills in this game play, to be honest, but I'm sure you'll see that for yourself, and yeah, without further ado. I hope you enjoy this game play, and I'll catch you in the next one. Don't forget to check out Lobby God VPN.

53 kills w lobbygod warzone vpn

53 kills w lobbygod warzone vpn

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