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We're going to be going over one of my number one most-used methods for a solo player to get some rare acquisitions here in Modern Warfare 3. This is one of the things that I do all the time when I'm starting to run low on these things. Man, we're on the road to 10,000 subscribers, and your support means the world to me now.

In order to do this, it is not necessarily necessary, but I would advise you guys to at least have a scorcher and two pack-a-punch crystals and bring in another decent primary weapon. The reason for the first crystal is so you can get that primary weapon to at least a pack-a-punch one or two, so that way it's at least taken care of zombies and bosses decently, and the other pack-a-punch crystal is so you can pack-a-punch your scorcher, and you no longer just have that 10 ammunition; you're going to have 20, which is going to make boosting around the map way easier when you're just trying to collect things and build up your stats.


Dash is getting ready to go into the dark ether now. When I started this match, I did have a Sigil already, but if you guys don't have one, you can just go into Tier 3 and start farming up a bunch of contracts and get yourself a Sigil. That way, what I'm going to do right off the bat here is I'm actually just going to take my scorcher, and I'm going to be one of the very first ones to get into Tier 3, so that way I can just immediately.

Start checking all of these crates and stuff that are on the roof and try to build up my self-revivals and things like that. Now, doing all this is honestly pretty crucial because you don't want to be going down in the dark ether without a dogat and stuff like that because, yeah, then you're just kind of screwed.

Be sure to make really good use of this time and make sure that you're getting all of your perks and all of your guns. Packa punched at least up to level two. I mean. I would prefer it to be level three, but usually Pack-a-Punch, level two can work for what you need to do here, and I actually ended up running into a guy that ended up dropping me a bunch of essence and man.


Tombstone is just going absolutely crazy right now, so shout out to those guys that ended up dropping me a bunch of essence. I don't know, man. I kind of think Tombstone is one of those things that it's like riding on the edge of, and I want it to be fixed because I think it's kind of ruining, like what this experience of this game should be, but at the same time.

I know a lot of people really have fun with it and enjoy what it does. It's also just a way for people to experience a lot of things in this game that they probably wouldn't have otherwise, and those cooldowns are absolutely atrocious. I mean, three days waiting for something is just man. That's just insane, but with this match coming to an end and the storm starting to come in, I think it was about time to go into the dark ether.

Now in this run, I'm going to not make any cuts in the article or anything, so that way you guys can see exactly where I go and what routes I'm going to be taking. I'm not saying these are the 100% best ways to go, but this is honestly what has been working for me so far, and I'm telling you right now that having this scorcher makes coming here into the dark ether easier.


So easy, if you notice, right when I spawn in, I'm just going to immediately boost up, and I'm going to go to the left where this bunny is on top of the building over here. Now. I didn't quite make it all the way to the building, and when I tried to boost up again. I was stuck on something, and it held me on the ground, so it looks like we're still taking the ladder even though we had the scorcher, which is all right.

If you guys need to know where any of these things are, like the Mr. Peaks bunnies that activate the missions or maybe the doghouse, or if you want to know where all the portals are or the Easter eggs and things like that. I'm going to be throwing up an interactive map on the screen right now so that way you guys know where everything is, so a big shout out to MWZ Hub.


They're the ones that put together all of these interactive maps, so if you guys are into Modern Warfare zombies, or if you're into War Zone or anything like that, these guys have dedicated interaction Ive Maps that'll show you where all the caches are, all the Easter eggs, all the steps that you guys need to do—everything is in there for you.

Almost anything that you want to know about these game modes you can find there on their website, and I'm going to leave it down in the description if you guys want to just go check it out now. I don't know why, but there were so many zombies that were just around. These ether extractors were kind of crazy.

Usually I get pretty lucky with the first one, and there aren't so many. I don't even have to waste my first decoy, but there were so many on that first one, but if you have the scorcher, I honestly find this to be one of the absolutes. So right after I finish going down here on this contract a few times, we're going to end up going over to the holdout mission.


I don't think I'm going to do the escort mission without VR11. Trying to do that contract solo is just an absolute pain in the ass, but after we end up doing this holdout mission. I'm going to show you guys how we can get ourselves a free Wonder Weapons case and possibly a VR11. So if you did want to do the ES Cour Mission when you came in, that would be a lot easier with this thing.


All right, finally, with this ether extractor, man, it was giving me some troubles this time, but we're going to head straight on down here and grab the bunny. This is going to be the quickest path to grabbing the holdout mission. bunny if you guys completed act four and fought the worm in here there's a bus that's right on top of the hill right here and the bunny spawns right in the window so we're going to just go ahead and grab that now this is why I said you should have a really good primary, weapon on you is because this is where you're probably going to end up using that thing the most now the scorcher could do okay in here it takes a long time to shoot those projectiles, and you're only going to be dealing with a nice handful of them so it's just a good thing to have like a shotgun on you or maybe the tier pistols, just something that you can deal with these zombies that are going to be running at you kind of quickly, you don't necessarily.

You need to have your weapon all the way up to Pap 3 just because the zombies that are in here are kind of equivalent to the zombies that are in Zone 2, so if you find yourself confident enough. I think that most average players should be able to come in here with a Pap-2 weapon and be able to handle themselves.

Today we look at how to farm some of the rarest acquisitions in MW3 Zombies as a solo player. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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