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Welcome to Faar's Modern Warfare 3 equipment guide. In today's episode, the hijacked IFF strobe Call of Duty's classic cold-blooded perk has returned in Modern Warfare 3, and then a micro step towards realism is now a piece of gear that has been renamed after a real-world device, typically mounted on an infantry helmet.

An if strobe transmits a signal that can be decoded by friendly forces and assists in the identification of a friend or foe. Knowledge of enemy codes or, better yet, access to a hijacked strobe will theoretically allow impersonation of the enemy, providing safer passage. Behind Enemy Lines, in today's article, I'll break down all the details, revealing exactly how the hijacked strobe works and helping you decide if it's worth using on your favorite class loadout.

The in-game description states that hijacked strobe users won't be detectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optics and won't be highlighted by enemy tactical cameras or recon drones. The easiest way to demonstrate this perk's benefits is by observing two enemies. The operator on the right side of the screen will always have the hijacked strobe equipped.

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Begin by analyzing kill streak resistance. The hijacked iff strobe provides absolute immunity from AI targeting systems. As a result, the remote turret will completely ignore if the strobe equipped enemies, even if they engage the turret directly. The bomb drone will highlight enemies even through the hijacked IFFF strobe.

Users will be completely immune to this. In effect, the OverWatch Hilo provides a dual benefit: first, marking working enemies for your entire team, and then attacking. Both of these benefits are completely negated by the hijacked strobe. The swarm kill streak as well as the mosquito drone will actively scan for enemies before attacking, and although proximity damage is possible when maneuvering near unprotected teammates, both of these streaks will completely ignore enemies that have the hijacked strobe equipped.

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Against manually piloted streaks such as a chopper Gunner, the hijacked iff strobe offers only partial resistance. Enemies will remain visible, but they won't be highlighted by the onboard targeting. System, in addition to kill streak resistance, several field upgrades and pieces of gear provide marking benefits that are resisted by the hijacked if strobe The tactical camera will mark enemies that enter the central marking region of the camera's display, revealing their position to all opposing players enemies.

The hijacked strobe will provide complete immunity to the recon drone, which functions in a similar manner and is able to mark enemies with a direct line of sight within its central marking abilities. Once again, the hijacked strobe will provide complete immunity to the Recon drone's marking abilities.

The threat identification system is a piece of gear that provides marking benefits simply by aiming down in the direction of an enemy. Interestingly, the hijacked strobe doesn't provide any resistance whatsoever to this. Perk, the resistance to thermal optics provided by the hijacked iff strobe varies significantly, depending on the type of thermal scope being used, against monochrome thermal scopes.

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The hijacked strobe is only partially effective, reducing the level of contrast and allowing enemies to more easily blend into the environment. Against CPIA blue tint and Arctic thermal pallet optics, the hijacked strobe is extremely effective, providing reduced contrast and complete invisibility when used through smoke.

Interestingly, the hijacked strobe provides almost no benefit against the remaining thermal pallets. CPA Amber-tinted Scopes allow full visibility of strobe users even through smoke, and even at extremely low ranges, the Drexon Prime 90, which is the only ironbow thermal pallet scope available in the game, displays strobe users in a purple tint that is easily visible even through smoke.


It's also worth analyzing several game mechanics that have historically been protected by the coldblooded perk. We'll begin with the reddish-orange enemy reveal tag and name plate. Unfortunately in Modern Warfare 3 the if strobe gear has no impact on the tag revealed distance or intensity and the tag will appear out to a range of 50 m regardless of whether or not the hijacked ifff strobe is, equipped the LR detector which functions similar to the high alert perk was fully countered by Cold Blooded in Modern Warfare 2 however as you can see here the LR detector's warning signal will be trick Ed by all enemies even if they have the hijacked iff strobe, equipped, the snapshot grenade which highlights enemies through walls will continue to function normally against strobe equipped enemies in addition the EMD grenade which reveals enemies on the mini map won't be negatively impacted by the hijacked if.

Strobe modern Warfare 3's adaptation of Coldblooded is an interesting take on a classic perk; although the hijacked if strobe is a perfect choice for an anti-stretched loadout, its viability in a typical runand gun class is questionable. Reducing the distance from which the enemy reveal tag and name plate are visible would provide some additional sniper resistance, making the IFF strobe much more viable, at least on the larger maps.

In todays video I'll do a full breakdown of the Hijacked IFF Strobe Perk in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. A new piece of gear designed to replace the Cold Blooded Perk from past call of duty titles. Today I'll break down all of the details, explaining exactly how the Hijacked IFF Strobe protects against enemy Killstreaks and provides an improved level of stealth, helping you decide if it belongs in your favorite class loadout. Hope you enjoy.
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