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Welcome to Faar's Modern Warfare 3 equipment guide. Its ability to interfere with enemy communications could be a significant benefit as an anti-awareness tool, but many of us are unaware of exactly how it works. In today's article, I'll break down all the details, revealing exactly what the C Scrambler protects you from and helping you decide if it deserves a spot in your favorite class load.

In-game description

In-game description

out, the in-game description describes the C Scrambler as a field upgrade that disables communication with Intel within its radius. Enemies will not be able to activate kill streaks, and enemy UAV and Intel systems will not detect you and your teammates. However, the location of friendly com scramblers will be displayed on the enemy mini map.

Comm scrambler basics

The charge time is 2 minutes and 35 seconds, which can be reduced by getting kills or earning Score , we'll begin by analyzing the basic functionality of the Com Scrambler and how it affects kill streak activation. Once deployed on the map, the communications scrambler will immediately begin interfering with enemy communications.

Its radio of effect is 25 M, which is clearly indicated on both friendly and enemy minimaps. Unless destroyed by the enemy, the calm scrambler will remain active for 35 seconds before self-destructing. If you're within the radius of an active enemy, Cal Scrambler, you'll be unable to call in any kill streaks.

Even ground-based streaks such as the automated turret will be affected, even though they don't necessarily require any further communications. You'll need to move beyond the C Scrambler's effective range in order to activate any streaks. In addition to preventing enemy kill streak activation, the Comm Scrambler also offers mini map reveal benefits for your entire team requesting a recon flyover.

As long as this enemy remains within the boundary of his C Scrambler, he'll be undetectable by my UAV. The C Scrambler also offers mini-map benefits.

Hacking basics

Hacking basics

Beyond UAV protection, the heartbeat sensor won't display enemy intelligence, and neither will the portable radar or even the data. Jacker Intel packs won't display enemies on radar within the effective range of a hostile Comm Scrambler. Against the advanced UAV, the Comm Scrambler behaves similar to the ghost perk and will display enemies with a simple red dot without any directional information.

Displaying an enemy on the mini map doesn't always require communications equipment; as a result, unsuppressed gunfire will always appear on the mini map, even with Cal Scrambler. Protection, and surprisingly, several pieces of gear that require clear, unscrambled communications in order to function properly are unaffected by the Cal Scrambler.

The recon drone, which requires direct communication between the operator and the drone, will continue to function normally within the radius of an enemy command scrambler. The tactical camera will also operate normally, allowing the operator to freely switch back and forth between automatic and manual control.

Hackable equipment

Hackable equipment

Even the smoke airdrop, which clearly requires direct communication with base command, won't be affected by an enemy command scrambler. It's also worth mentioning that enemy marking isn't negatively impacted by the com-screen scrambler.

Mark the target. The threat identification gear that marks enemies while aiming down sight will continue to operate normally, marking enemies for your team both on screen and on the mini map, even within the effective radius of an enemy com. Scrambler, although it's not possible to call in. Kill streaks within the affected area.

Kill streaks that are activated outside of the area will continue to function normally. Air support streaks like the OverWatch Hilo will ping enemy locations and attack even when operating within the calm scramblers area. Effect: To be completely thorough, a test of the voice communication notification system is required, and surprisingly, notifications from base command arrive unaffected by the calm Scrambler hostile UAV in the area.

Countering the C Scrambler is straightforward since it always appears on the mini map, so simply locating and destroying it is a viable option. If you're unable to get a direct line of sight, the Dos will disable it for a period of 6 seconds.

Un-hackable equipment

Un-hackable equipment

However, the best option by far is hacking , which involves placing an ACS within 8 m of an enemy scrambler, resulting in the device being hacked and converted to friendly status. This not only deprives the enemy of its benefits but also grants those advantages to you. Team, although the Comm Scrambler's ability to provide radar stealth for your entire team is a unique concept in the field upgrade category, the results fall short in many areas.

Adding the ability to scramble all remote-controlled gear like the Recon drone and tactical camera, as well as interfering with voice notifications, would provide a much-needed boost to this device. Of course, this is only one man's opinion.

In todays video I'll do a full breakdown of the Comm Scrambler Field Upgrade in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. A piece of gear which is designed to reduce enemy awareness and protect your entire team. The Automated Computer Spike functions similar to the Engineer Perk from past titles with the ability to capture objectives from a safe position. Today I'll break down all of the details, I'll explain exactly how the ACS works and reveal all items which can be hacked.
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