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So, first up, we're going to make the attack V look like the SCAR H from the Modern Warfare 2 mission Wolverines. But first, we're going to head over to the optics, and this is really up to you. In the original Modern Warfare 2, there were only red dot sights, so you can use this Slimline Pro, but if you want a more accurate shape, the Cronin Mini Pro is probably the way to go, but it does have a blue dot, so it's kind of up to you.

Next, for the barrel, we're going to cut it down a little bit with the Lance 50 12-inch muzzle. You can go with either one of these flash hiders personally. I lean a little more towards the tzl, and then finally, you're going to want to head over to your honor barrels, and we're going to go ahead and run the master key, and then finally, for a finishing touch, we're going to head over to our solid colors, and we're going to head over to our solid colors, and we're going to go ahead and slap on that sand camo.

Now, the tech V does have a little bit of recoil, but the time to kill on this is so fast that it doesn't even really matter. All you have to do is land three shots, and they'll spread the ranges, though it might be a little bit harder to control, and also for closed captioning, which is not available.

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All right, so next up we're turning the Lockman 762 into a sort of lookalike to the HK21 from Black Ops 1, but to get started for the first attachment, we're going to head over to the stocks and we're going to go ahead and slap on this LMS Factory stock. Now for the barrel, this is kind of up to you.

You can either go with this Romeo ft. 16-inch or the Lochman Wrap Barrel; they're pretty similar. The latter's a little bit shorter, but I think I'm going to go with this Romeo. Then, for the underbarrel, you can pick any one of the three bipods. The one I'm going to go with is this level aim, then for the magazine, the HK21 in Black Ops has the 30 round default, but I went with the 50 round drum since it'll look more like a lmg, and then finally for the rear grip, you're just going to want to switch over to the Lockman TCG now.

This boy is chunky, and you do want to switch it over to full auto since the HK21 was full auto on Black Ops 1, but that does make it have a lot of recoil, and it's pretty difficult to control. It's a lot of horizontal bounce, but once you get used to it, this thing is pretty nice, and it kills very fast, even though this gun is super slow.

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I'm still going to play Mad Aggressive. So, we're going to be turning the cast of the 74U into the AK-9 at least as close as possible. There are some attachments that you just don't have in Modern Warfare 2, but regardless, starting off with the stock, we're going to go ahead and run this bet on the Snozz S10, and then for the optics since they don't have regular scopes for the cast of 74U.

We're going to go ahead and run this VX 350 thermal, then for the barrel, I'd say you could go with this SA Ultra 3 or the Br209; it's really just up to you for the muzzle. We're going to cut it down a little bit with the 20-round mag, and then finally, for the magazine, we're going to cut it down a little bit with the 20-round mag, and then, you already know, head over to your solid colors and go ahead and slap on that charcoal camo.

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Since this build is kind of meant for more mid-range, you're not going to really want to be too close, especially since we got this big old thermal scope on here, but the recoil is actually pretty easy to control, and far out as well, it does have that 20-round mag, so you got to make sure you hit shots.

So next up, we're going to be turning the cast-off 762 into the Iraqi tabuk sniper rifle. I hope I said that right. It might be tabuk, but this is actually the first ever weapon I made in this series, and I caught it a dragon off. Look, this was before I started learning about all these guns. Don't judge me, but I wanted to correct myself as well as kind of update it with some of the new attachments we've gotten since launch, but there's a lot of individual choice with this weapon.

Starting off with the rear grip, you can either leave it default or you can go in here and use this Ivanov ST70. If you have the closer variant, or even use the True Tech rear grip, or even use the cursed varying, if you bought the cursed bundle, you can use that as well, so there's a lot of different options for the rear grip, and then for the stock, once again, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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You can use this RPK stock, you can use the Ivanov Woodstock, and you can even use the broadside stock. It looks a little bit Jank to be honest, but if you have the variant for the KV broadside called the 10 and million You can use this stock; it's wood, so it kind of works when you throw on a camo.

I think it gets rid of that little blue part right there, but I'm going to personally go with the Ivanov Woodstock for the optic. This one's pretty simple. I think that the HMW20 is still the best one we have; it looks the most spot on, and the same goes for the barrel. I still think that the Cast 10 is the best one, and then the final attachment is up to you since the Tabuke uses a 30 or 20-round mag.

You can go in here and stop on that 20-round mag. If you want the steel mag look and want to perform a little bit better at range, you can use these high-velocity rounds, so that way the bullet velocity is a little more accurate. You can even head over to the muzzles and run this chrono dark kx30.

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This makes the barrel just look a little more accurate, and then you can also tune it for things like recoil control and stuff. One I like to go with is the 20-round mag. I just feel like it makes the gun look the most clean, and then the final thing I'm going to do is head over to my receivers, and I'm actually going to switch my skin to the one that you get from the cursed bundle with, or because that way it takes off the steel cover, it looks battleborn.

It just looks way better, in my opinion, but as you can see in the firing range, this thing looks absolutely beautiful; it looks a lot better than my first version. I wish we could make it look a little more Battle Born, but it's actually the right gun this time; it's not a dragon off; it's a tabuke, and then you can crank it to semi-auto to get that two-shot head shot pretty far out.

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As long as you can actually hit your shots, and then at that 50-meter range, it's going to become a three-shot, so if you can tap fire pretty quick, this thing is nasty, especially in hardcore, but I'm very excited to use it. So next, we're going to be turning the M16 into a kind of fake version of the M4 carbine.

In this series, I'm diving into the gunsmith and creating more Hidden Weapons in Modern Warfare 2! This is Part 16, so don't forget to check out the previous videos if you missed them.
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