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Getting into my build, guys, for the first attachment, we're going to go to the laser, and we're going to be adding on the Vok7 and W lasers. Since the bass P has a lot of buffs in the damage range. I want to add some attachments that are going to help us be more aggressive and get those high kill games, so the VOK7W laser is going to be our first choice here.

With a lot of handling and a little bit more accuracy, the AmEx ability will come in clutch with the Ironside since we are running them, and with a lot of handling, we're having that run and gun type of play style, which is very helpful, so this is why I'm going to be adding it on for our first attachment.

Now, jumping over to the stock, I decided to go with the Bruin Flash V4 stock; it's going to help with sprint speed and lucky movement speed. We have the AIM walking speed now, so when we aim down sights, we're moving really quick, and with the best P already having some good mobility, it's just going to be really quick with this, and then we have some aim down side speed.

We're still working on some handling with this build; we're aiming down sights really quick now in those gun fights, and you're going to see in today's gameplay that I can be aggressive, my weapons are really easy to control, and I'm just being really aggressive, so make sure to have this on for your second attachment now.

bas p best class

Jumping down to the rear grip, we're going to be adding this on for the D37 grip. Now, I'm not a fan of the recoil control on this weapon. I know that in some of these updates I've actually made, they've buffed the weapon recall control. It's not exactly where I want it to be, but with this rear grip, it does help out a lot, so I'm adding this on for my third attachment.

Now, we are going to skip the magazine in the ammunition type, and we're going to go over here to the under barrel, and we're going to go over here until we get to the pineapple grip, which is easily one of the best things that you can run for SMGs. You get hip fire accuracy, you get hip recall control, and you also get recoil steadiness, so when you aim it down, the weapon is really steady, but if you can't aim down sights, you can hip fire.

bas p buff

The weapon is really easy to control, and it's more accurate, and then going into our final attachment, guys, we're going to the muzzle, and we're going to be adding on the Bruin pendulum for extra vertical and horizontal recoil control. We're just getting full control of the build now, getting into our tunes to make this build a lot better, and we're going to start with the pineapple grip now.

The only thing I'm going to be changing here is the aim down side speed on the bottom bar at point 26, since this attachment already has some good recoil control. I feel like this is the only thing that needs to be changed just because it does take away some aim down size speed, so we're basically able to revert that, so the only problem now is the contact link, which would be the hip walking speed, which we're never walking, we're always running, trying to be as aggressive as we can, so this attachment is going to be very helpful in helping us aim down size a little bit faster with this attachment here.

bas p class

Now for the Bruin pendulum, we have our recoil control at point 26 in our recoil stabilization of 0.72, and we have a three-tick on that recoil control. It's going to make the weapon really calm and very smooth to use, and with this weapon having a fast fryer with these tunes, the weapon won't kick up as much anymore, so you're going to have better control of the weapon, and you're going to see that in today's gameplay.

bas p class mw2

I'm aggressive; I can take my gunfight to any range, but I'm also very accurate in hitting all my shots, making the weapon really easy to control here. Now, for the laser, we have our aimed outside speed at 36.19 and our sprint fire speed at 0.29. Again, we have a three-tick on that handling. so now with this build we have a three tick on that recoil control three tick with this handling we're being more aggressive having that run and Gun type of play style just being really aggressive with this build and it's going to help out a lot here now jumping over to the stock we have our aim walking speed at 1.94 and our aimed outside speed at 2.71, we're still working on some handling here we're aiming down sides a really quick now which is really nice and then we have some more Mobility while aiming down sights which is always good here and therefore our final attachment for the d37 grip we have our Sprint to fire speed at 0.28 and our recoil settings at 0.55, but here's my updated build for the best P here in Modern Warfare 2.

What is your high-skill game? Do you like the class? And what do you think about the gun now? But in today's gameplay, we jumped over 115 kills, we got an easy nuke, and you guys will enjoy it. What are we doing here? All right What I need to happen here is that I need to get a good game with this bass.

I haven't used this weapon in a good minute, so I'm hoping that it helps us get a good game. I don't know what Bro's doing, but I missed too many shots. Yeah, but I did actually get a new mic. I don't know if you guys could hear it, but as you guys see, you don't see the blue yeti anymore. I'm kind of getting some upgrades in, but hopefully I sound a little bit better.

bas p mw2

I don't know if I need to lower it a little bit or anything. I was kind of just guessing a few settings and kind of just hoping I'd get it right. So, we'll get it. I'll get it eventually; just bear with me, all right. Vito is letting Let me get my right build! Look big, fella! I'm fine with sharing kills, but taking my kills is taking it too far, buddy.

All right, let's keep this up. We have dead silence, so we will get our double sprint back pretty quick. I don't want to die. I will say this: I have never in my life picked up an AK-47 with a laser on it. That is insane. Who is making these class setups? I need names right now, and that's a class setup, I'll say.

I'm really like, tomorrow we get, if you're watching this article today, today's Tuesday, tomorrow we get the new Lockman Shroud, which is apparently a burst-fire MP5, so I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I literally only killed you because you jumped up there with the best P. I'm really not.

bas p mw2 class

I'm not too confident in some gunfights I get into, especially up close. I just got my body shot too. This was the worst weapon in the game, and I can now say it's actually one of the best. It's actually really good. I like this a lot. Most people, like most people, say that you need to run the 50-round drum on this weapon, but honestly, you don't really need to.

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