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I was in the match yesterday, and we were playing with a certain gun that was absolutely destroying us, and I didn't think anybody would ever use this weapon and rank, but I have to say I put it on the next game, and it was absolutely disgusting. Now, in the game that I played against this, we ended up losing, and he had the most kills on the enemy team, and when I used this gun myself.

I ended up having the most kills on my team, and it's actually really, really good. Now normally you would look at the M16 and be like. Yo, this is not a ranked play gun; I would never use this and write, but look at this guy; I want to show you something all right, we're just going to shoot not even at the upper chest not even at the head we're just gonna shoot down here at the lower private area and, watch that one.

Burst, the guy is dead. That's three bullets, and the guy's dead. You go to mid-range, and we'll aim a little bit higher, towards the stomach. We won't even go up to the chest or anything. We'll go to the stomach, and we'll shoot this and watch that boom. I set like goals and we're going to go for a thousand, and the reason we want to go for a thousand is because we want to push these articles out.

best class setup

The more you guys like these articles, the more you help me out, and I truly appreciate that. I'm currently, I think, ranked 27 and possibly 9-1-1. Let's go check. Yeah, 27 diamond One is not looking too good, not looking too good at all. We've been losing a lot lately. I kind of went on a losing streak last night, and then we won and then lost, and then my rank just keeps going up, and I'm staying in diamond.

It's getting annoying, but it is what it is. Let's get into the actual class setup for the M16, because this thing is really, really good. We've got the base weapon right here. The first thing we're going to do is go into the muzzles, and we're going to throw on the muzzle. The muzzle for this one is going to be the FJX.


Falcon, Pro This one gives you vertical and horizontal recoil and control. I tested out a bunch of them, and this seems to be the best one so far for this. Now we're not going to put a barrel on it, because when you throw in a barrel, it looks bad. but it also gives you recoil stabilization so your recoil is not all over the place and stays within the same area, so that's really nice for that right there after we're going to the ammunition, and through the ammunition we're going to 5.56.

High velocity because we cannot put the damage range higher on this gun, and this does take away some damage range, but at least we get that bullet velocity, so those bullets feel more like hit scans and they're hitting at higher targets. If you aim at the upper chest, you're hitting that upper chest; it's going fast; it's getting to that upper chest; you're not going to have to kind of leave your shots or anything at those longer distances; it's actually really, really good, so I do like that now.


There's another option. Here, you could put it in a magazine. We're going to go on with the regular class, so don't put that on just yet, but I will show you guys in a moment. Next up, we're going to go into the rear grip, and we're going to put on the X10 grip. I always say rear grip if you want fast Sprint to Fire and fast ads, rear grip is the place where you want to get those from, and again, it does take away some recoil control, but it's not too bad, so you get the Sprint to Fire, you get that ad, and it's probably the best to have it on the rear ground.

By all means, you could go ahead and throw on a stock in this class. I just don't feel like there's a need to do that for this one right here. Instead, we're going to go into the optics, and we're going to put on the Cronin Mini Red Dot. For some reason, when you're shooting at enemy targets, it feels like some shots aren't hitting, so we're going to go into the firing range.

The ad isn't bad for an AR, and it does pretty well. The site is very clear; you can see enemies at long distances even when firing; you can still see him right there, and it's actually really nice. And then when you get to the mid-range again, obviously, you're going to see him clearly, so it's pretty clear, it's pretty nice, and that's what I like about this right here.

cod modern warfare 2

But if you go and you want to have fewer bullets in your magazine, which I don't recommend on a burst weapon, but you could definitely do that if you want a faster ad, you could put on the 15-round magazine, which is nice because look how fast your ads are going to be compared. On the other hand, it's a lot quicker, and your sprint to fire is probably pretty fast in terms of an AR.

I don't know what it is; it just doesn't feel like a nice one now. If you're only fighting at close range, this is what I would suggest, but you only get 15 bullets now when you get into a gunfight online. You're not going to be bursting with energy every single time you shoot. You might shoot, miss a couple, and shoot again; there you go, that's already three bullets; you go for the guy in the middle; now you have three bullets; if there's a third guy, you better hit all your shots because if you don't and you miss a few, you're stuck reloading like that.

cod mw2

It's not worth it's just it's not worth it in my opinion. If not, not the suck go for the Cronin Mini Pro. It's just that I don't like it that much, and then when you aim here, the recoil looks to be a lot higher, even though it's not. At all, it just looks and feels like it's a lot higher, so instead we're going to go with the Cronin Mini Pro.

This is the best one, in my opinion, because you get it; look, it's not right, Up, My bad, Cronin, it's the mini Red Dot, not the pro. Yeah. I just realized that you can actually zoom in; it does zoom in on the target a little bit, and it doesn't feel like it's going all over the place; it feels pretty set, so that's what I recommend right there.

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