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everything coming in the haunting event

Ladies and gentlemen Today is a very busy day for Call of Duty because tomorrow we are having a haunting event. I'll say it again. The haunting events The Haunting of Ver Dan has always been the best event for Wars Zone for multiplayer and everything in between, and today was no exception. So starting by looking at the road map, first off, on the left-hand side, we have War Zone, so we've got two new pois, we have Mars, and we have the parted sea.

We're going to go into more depth with these once we dive into the blog post, but there's also these kinds of events that happen on the map as well. We've got the swamp creature, the pharaoh, the UFO, the ghost train, the evil spirit, and on Von Dead, we have the butcher. Speaking of which, this is a whole new thing going on Von Dead.

We have haunted weather, so that's going to change up the way that it works, and it looks very, very foggy based off of the trailer, and we also have a zombie quarantine mode, which we'll dive into a little bit more as well, limited time modes, and an operation nightmare. This is in Battle Royale and DMZ as well, which I think is cool that they're doing that.

everything coming in the haunting event modern warfare 2

Then we have Zombie Royale, which has always been my favorite mode. It's always fantastic. This one is from Von Dead and Elzra. On both maps, we also have the haunted box; that's where we're going to get our jump scares, and the bloodseeker grenade, which is brand new. Moving over into the modern warfare side of things, we have two haunted maps: Lilo.

Both of these are already mapped; they're just changing their themes. This one is the Day of the Dead, and then we have the Embassy. They just kind of made that one a little creepier. They have updated certain game modes, like grind kill confirmed and domination domination, which just has like a scarecrow flag kill confirmed.

They have changed what the dog tags are. Of course, we have zombie infected, which is always cool, and then trick-or-treat drop zone. They've also added haunting variants to the Decoy grenade and suppression mine, and then, of course, we have all of our bundles, some of these that of which are already out, so for the Diablo ones, we have Lilith and Inarius.

everything coming in the haunting event warzone

And then we have the Doom bundle, and then we have the Ash operator bundle, Skeletor, and Helling. I believe that there might be some other ones coming as well, but these are all the big Halloween ones, and that pretty much sums it up. But let's go in with a little bit more depth, so let's start by talking about the operation nightmare.

So this is going to be something that's in Battle Royale and DMZ. And essentially, you are going into the map, and there's a bunch of these crazy things going on the map that are essentially your objectives, so these are the things that we see. The first one that we have is the pharaoh. The description of it is that it is an ancient tomb complex that has been unearthed and redacted.

Hieroglyphs and a redacted entity known as the Pharaoh have been essentially spotted, so that's the Pharaoh one. The next one we have is the UFO witness who reported seeing strange lights and redacted in the sky over redacted, unidentified, anomalous phenomena. UAP has redacted the orbs, so that's the UFO.

modern warfare 2

The next one encounters spectral redacted seemingly excess ible redacted with operator vehicles necessary to redact it moving at a rapid pace. I believe that one is the ghost train, but I'm not 100% sure the next one is unconfirmed redacted; further into the swamp, it was redacted. Abomination is known as the swamp creature through redacted, non-standard arrangements, so that's obviously the swamp creature.

The next one is that observers in the redacted region describe a glowing wisp like ethereal redacted multiple hostiles and then brackets evil spirits, so that's obviously the evil spirits one, and then outside the stone walls redacted platforms of particular concern redacted, the altars of Lilith redacted nightmare portal redacted code Name the butcher.

This influence may extend to the vondal AO, and as we know, it appears as though the butcher is only in vondal, so these are various missions that you will have to complete in BR and everything like that. They seem pretty interesting, unlike anything that we have seen before. So the other thing that we have is Zombie Royale.

modern warfare 2 the haunting

This one is from Vondal. This one is awesome. Basically, it's the mode where you play a normal game, like Battle Royale or Resurgence, and when you die, you then become a zombie, and if you get some kills as a zombie or collect tags, essentially skulls, you are able to spawn back in as a player. Your goal is to survive till the very end and be the last team alive to defeat the zombies.

It's always been an amazing mode, and we know what that one is, so we get a completely updated aesthetic to Vondal, and then on top of that, we have the marshlands and the parted sea that are being added to Elzra. They also say that there are more locations as well, and I think most of those are going to have to do with those events that we are seeing on the map, and of course they take place at night.

We're also going to have our jump SC scares from our haunted crates and the bloodseeker grenades as well, so then in multiplayer, the two big things are the reskins of the map, so the first one we have is LS. This one is designed after the Day of the Dead, as we mentioned before. You're just getting a better look at it here, and the second one is the embassy.


The description is that diplomacy has broken down. This one takes place in the evening. You want to send help. There's going to be things like Save Us written all over the place, just a spookier theme to the map. The other thing that we're having, and it doesn't seemingly say this on the road map, is the Soul Capture event, so this is going to work very similar to the trophy hunt event where you go in game and for each game you are able to retrieve a certain amount of souls, and then when you collect those, you can then trade them in for various pieces of gear and equipment, things like emblems, weapon charms, and blueprints.

Character skins Just like we saw with that trophy event that we had in season 3, this one is essentially going to be a Halloween version or the haunting version of that event that we saw then, so from what we are seeing here, this seems to me to be the best event that we have ever had or will ever have within Modern Warfare 2.

mw2 the haunting

It's not just changing a couple of things; it's changing the entire aesthetic of the war zone maps, adding in missions to complete things to do souls to capture, and a lot of very different things whether you're playing DMZ Battle Royale or even multiplayer. There is something for you to do at this event.

Today we look at everything coming in the haunting event for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. This includes new maps, modes, weapons and events. I hope you enjoy.
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