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The haunting update explained for warzone & mw2

The haunting update explained for warzone & mw2

We are going to see arguably the single largest event-based update in the entirety of MW2, known, of course, as The Haunting. A very classic and nostalgia-filled event if you date back to, you know, MW2019, and War Zone one with the original haunting that, at least to me, is considered to be the peak of Warzone in general.

I absolutely loved the Vibes back in the day, and this year the haunting is back in full force, and it's got a ton that it's bringing to the game, some of which is a bit more obvious, but a lot of it has gone under the radar in terms of the full extent of all the things this update is actually bringing.

So today we're going through all the haunting update event details. Drop a like; it would be really appreciated. Let's try a name for a thousand likes on this one, and if you're new to the channel, you want to guarantee you are always up to date with the latest news updates and everything else going on in COD.

New monsters, boss fights, & map changes for the haunting in warzone

New monsters, boss fights, & map changes for the haunting in warzone

On almazra, we are going to see all masra under Nightfall for the very first time, which I think is going to be a pretty cool nightfall. For Dance was obviously a very interesting twist on normal gameplay, and I have a feeling it'll have the same effect here on all Mazdas. It's definitely going to change up your class setups; maybe what operator skins you want to run; it's definitely going to make things feel a bit out of the ordinary, but in addition to just the map being under darkness and at night, we have a lot more actually happening on all Mazdas than you might initially realize.

Here is what the Call of Duty blog is detailing. So far, a lot of this is redacted. We're going to need a redacted word counter because I'm just looking at what I'm about to read here off the description, and there's a million of these already highlighted, but it's pretty obvious what some of these are going to be.


They say the mission parameter entities have been detected throughout the AO; these are the zombies, and the redacted of each encounter will be referred to as referenced on your attack map. You must investigate each location and eliminate the Most Wanted Target as well as any other hostiles. Essentially, these most wanted targets are going to be like mini-bosses within the map itself.

A bounty has been offered on a number of redacted targets. The bosses and rewards for exceptional bravery may result in new stuff. New Gear as well as a Mastery weapon blueprint if you end up doing all of these, I believe, and here's some of the various monsters, secrets, and bosses that are going to be revealed in this event.

modern warfare 2

So an ancient tomb complex has earth-redacted hieroglyphs, and a redacted entity known as the Pharaoh has been redacted, so the tomb area up towards the top of the map seems like it's going to have some kind of mummy-like boss. almost sounds like Witnesses. Report saying strange lights and redacted in the night sky over a certain area on the map, though unidentified anomalous phenomenon a UAP has, been redacted, or there's orbs that are floating around basically, so there's some kind of UFO or alien type event that's going to be going on here.

I would imagine up near the observatory, since that'd make the most sense encounters. With a spectral redacted, seemingly accessible redacted with operator Vehicles are necessary to keep moving at a rapid pace, so some kind of very fast-moving boss or monster that you're going to need to use a vehicle to keep up with is unconfirmed.

Redacted further into the swamp, where a redacted Abomination known as the Swamp Creature lies through redacted, non-standard armor, so this is going to be some kind of swamp monster. I imagine this is going to be for marshland area observers. In the redacted region, describe a glowing wisp-like, ethereal redacted multiple hostiles redacted quote-unquote evil spirits, so we're getting bits and pieces of all these breakdowns right there's going to be some kind of spirit boss, like.

modern warfare 2 haunting

I don't know what the look of this is going to be, but it is what it is, and then lastly, outside the stone walls, redacted platforms of particular concern, redacted the altars of Lilith, nightmare portal, codenamed the butcher; this influence may extend to the Vondel AO, and that is in reference to the crossover with obviously Diablo.

With the operators that we're going to have there, they'll also be appearing as bosses in the game. Now that's just Masra who's getting all of those secrets. It's a big update. Like I said, we then shift focus to vondel, which is also getting its own haunting event; it's going to take place at night as well, if a blood moon hangs in the sky as they describe it, and on vondel there's going to be the graveyard of the witch, and then the altars of the butcher, as mentioned there, that are going to be transferring between both almazura.

modern warfare 2 haunting event

And vondel basically, with the graveyard, you're going to be able to spawn various things there, and there will be different Easter eggs that are available just in that part of the map, and then also with the butcher, you're going to be able to spawn him with the altars that are on vondel and take him out and get rewards from that as well, and then still focus on the game.

Play Elements here with Warzone in general, obviously dating back to MW2019. We saw the first ever zombie, Royale LTM, where it's the living versus the zombies. If you take out zombies, you're getting kills, you're getting loot, and if a zombie knocks you out, you then turn into a zombie. You've got to come back, get the vials, and you'll be able to respawn again, and that cycle rinses and repeats until the end of the game, where you either win or you lose as a part of the living or a part of the undead, right? Royale is going to be returning both for all Masra and for Vondo, which is going to be pretty exciting, so it'll be an experience shared between each map, and then specifically for Vondel, we're going to have Vondo dead lockdown, which is basically just the lockdown mode that we already have in the game, but it's going to have zombies in it as well at nightfall with that on just Vondle specifically, which will be.

New haunting gameplay updates for warzone

New haunting gameplay updates for warzone

It was pretty fun to see. It's been a long time coming, but my team Carnage officially has our very own G fuel flavor known as POG juice. This is a delicious combination of passion fruit, orange, and guava. Let me tell you, I have tried it. I have tasted it before, and this is a top-two flavor, and it's not number two if you know what I'm saying absolutely.

Phenomenal, and it's super cool to finally see this come to fruition, so if you want to try it for yourself, maybe even pick up the collector's box, and be sure to throw in code Immortal. The haunting update is also going to introduce various new pieces of equipment to the game, including the haunted box.

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