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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about how to get two different Wonder Weapons while playing Fortune's Keep in War Zone season 2. War Zone, even zombies. I'm actually losing my voice right now, as you guys can probably hear. I made separate articles going over the brand new patch notes for every sector of the battle pass and even the new horde hunt event and breaking it down exactly, including how the rewards work and what the best farming strategy is for skulls and bones , but the weapon case playlist for War Zone did end up getting removed today for those out there that were wondering.

Today's warzone update!

Today's warzone update!

I'm sure it'll be brought back at some point throughout season 2 for those that want to get their hands on that operator skin or the other free rewards that I covered in that previous article, but here tonight let's talk about the two new Wonder Weapons, the ray gun and the Wonder Waf. I get it; these are classics from well over 10 years ago, but they are new to the War Zone experience, so it does seem like these are just going to be rewards you can earn.

By playing Fortune Keep in season 2, they probably won't receive permanent rewards. For future seasons of War Zone, I could be mistaken on that one, but either way, they are a ton of fun to use. Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about MCH {510}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3.

fortunes keep 3

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Wonder weapon reward contract

The first method by which you can go ahead and unlock Wonder Weapons while playing Fortune's Keep is by doing the new eradication, Contract.

For whatever reason, the patels were a bit confusing today, suggesting that this contract wasn't going to be released until in season or just not during launch, but the contract actually is live and is a ton of fun, so about three to four of these contracts do spawn per match, and they do require you to go ahead and first pick up the contract.

Then you have to follow some footprints to a nearby dead zombie. Once you go and investigate that zombie, it'll then spawn in an infested stronghold nearby. You'll see gas coming out of windows or out of a building where that stronghold will be. You walk in there, and you have to destroy five different cysts that are on the wall.

fortunes keep easter egg

As you destroy each cyst, more and more zombies will spawn, and you can actually burn through this contract rather quickly. So as you destroy all five cysts, all the zombies, including the HPT zombie, will also spawn in that room. It's going to be an armored one for now. Over the next few weeks, you end up seeing different hvts added in, like hellhounds, even a mimic, and who knows what else, but upon going ahead and killing the hvt, zombie There is a chance that a wonder weapon does drop from his body; it could be either the ray gun or the Wonder W.

It's totally up to RNG. I know that in one or two attempts that I made for the eradication, contract, I did see a spawn near the hvt. Upon killing them, there's the first method, and like I also mentioned in my hord hunt event article earlier today, this is also a pretty easy way to farm a bunch of skulls and bones.

For the event itself, you can actually go ahead and find skulls and bones from random loot chests around Fortune's Keep, but you can also get a ton from killing those zombies and the HBT. In the eradication contract, apart from that, we also have the Rogue Signal public event, something that did get marketed.

Wonder weapon public event

Wonder weapon public event

In the initial season 2 blog , this is a random public event that usually spawns midway through your game of Fortunes Keep, and what it does is give everybody an objective to do the same one; that is, it'll tell everybody in the lobby to either open the most cases, deal the most damage, get the most kills, or even spend the most money, and the top three teams that complete that contract will receive a cash prize and the location of a special reward, cash.

The other teams that don't make it to the top three won't get that location marked on their map for the hidden cash, but any team in the lobby can go up to that hidden cach, and after 30 seconds of being in front of it or after 30 seconds that the chest is there, they can then interact with that chest, in which you'll nearly always find a wonder weapon that spawns from that hidden cach.

Most of the time, I see a Wonder Waf there, but I do believe a ray gun can also spawn. I just didn't see that one in my particular game when I did the Rogue Signal public event, but as a big reminder, even if you're in first place with the Rogue Signal event, the other two teams that play in the top three. You can also see Mark on the map where that hidden cash is, where they can go and then steal the reward from you, so if you want to get a wonder weapon from the Rogue Signal public event, you'll have to be quick.

Wonder weapon quest

Wonder weapon quest

But then the third and final way in which you can obtain a wonder weapon is here in Fortune Keep going through a secret room underneath the graveyard, so you want to make your way over to the graveyard and just make your way down into the tunnels, where you just want to keep following this path until you see a sign that says loading.

Bay production and lab Go in that direction until you find a door that says Section B. Once you walk into the section B room, it's a bit of a raid puzzle. You don't want to jump into the water as there's electricity flowing through it; instead, you want to jump onto the boxes and platforms until you reach a few different panels that must be interacted with, which will disable the electricity in the water.

fortunes keep eradication

Now that you can safely swim in the water, keep in mind if you guys fail to disable the electricity. You'll die pretty quickly, and it'll be hard to even relieve yourself, but once you're in the water that's completely clean of any sparks, you want to go ahead and make sure you're by the door that you entered, and if you just swim all the way down, you'll come across a ladder eventually, and you can then mantle up and enter what is called the hazard room, which does have a pretty good chance of containing a ray gun.

I haven't seen Wonder off in this room, particularly, but I did see a ray gun a couple of times now. There were a few attempts that I made in the hazard room where I walked in, and there just wasn't any wonder weapon at all. There was some high-value loot chest, maybe some money or some gear, obviously a note that doesn't really say much, but there wasn't a wonder weapon, so of course this is up to RNG to get yourselves a wonder weapon here at a match of Fortune's Keep.

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