News - Mwz Best Class Setup For Tier 3 Season 1. This Weapon Deletes Everything. Callofduty #mwz #warzone 2

bas-b loadout

Maybe you were using the MW2 crossbow with bright Blaze bolts prior to season 1, but Treyarch nerfed its damage by 84% in the high threat zone, so you're looking for a new tier 3 weapon to use. If so, you came to the right place. This weapon deletes everything in the Tier 3 Zone. Still a great way to complete the Bounty contracts and kill Mega Abominations.

The beauty of this bad spe load out is that you can complete any contract quickly, get the gun triple packed, use a rare blue or Epic tool fists out for your secondary weapon, and you must have stamina up in Juggernog. Speed Cola and Dead Shock Daquiri are going to be very useful as well. Equip the Napom burst ammo mod for more fire damage, decoy grenades, and a throwing knife as usual.

And self-revives, of course. The entire squad should have the healing aura field upgrade for everyone, so what's the load-out build and how can you get the bass B? We'll start with the load out for the barrel, the Brewin Venom long barrel; it's going to provide range and bullet velocity, plus recoil control and accuracy.

best weapon for mwz

Next is the FTAc Grim Line laser for accuracy, recoil control, and sprint-to-fire speed, which is great when being chased because it allows you to turn around and melt zombies. Equip the Breu L4 light precision stock. The no-stock attachment provides more mobility, but the recoil is insane, and L for stock provides mobility and recoil control.

Moving on to the 45-round mag, it's going to give you max ammo 540, rounds when triple packed, and 90 in the mag reserve. The smaller mags increase mobility, but not enough to replace the 45-round mag for the underbarrel we are using. Backdraft grip with increased hip fire accuracy and recoil kick control: we take a hit to mobility but pull our fists out to run faster anyway, so how do you get the Bass B Battle Rifle?

Armory unlocks his oneway, but the season 1 battle pass has the cool-looking blueprint called Carbonize; it's an A12. The first reward if you haven't unlocked any of the attachments for this build is to level the weapon up to Max and/or add the attachments to your armor unlocks. Completing contracts and daily challenges unlocks more armory items.

This bass B build has so much utility. Decoy grenades got nerfed in season 1; we can only have two equipped, and the duration was decreased from 8 seconds to 6.

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