News - Dmz Is Now Pay-2-win (this Is Really Bad)



Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 is officially out, and with this, they've added new stuff for multiplayer battle royale and a lot of new stuff for the DMZ, and most of this new stuff is really fun and great additions. We'll be talking about that in a future article, however. There's one change they made that is really bad and could potentially ruin the DMZ in the future.

They have added pay-to-win features to this game, and some of them are pretty freaking pay-to-win. I'm not talking about the stuff Cod normally does. Yes, there have been protune bundles in the game since it launched, and if you buy these bundles, you get weapons that come with different attachments, and they're all tuned, but with these, you've always been able to put those same exact attachments on the weapon once you've unlocked them, and you've been able to do the tuning on those weapons yourself.

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It really wasn't that big of a deal. The stuff that you can buy in these bundles is stuff that you couldn't normally grind for or do. The only way to get these perks is to pay for them with real money. So currently, there's only one of these pay-to-win bundles in the game, but there's a lot more coming in the future, and these ones are a lot worse.

Bomb squad bundle

If you load into the game, there's going to be a new bundle you have the option to buy. This is the Bomb Squad Bundle, and at first, it looks like a normal bundle with just cosmetics. However, when you start to look at these, they give you special perks in the DMZ, so this emblem doesn't do anything like this.

A weapon sticker doesn't do anything like this. Right here is an additional active duty slot, and we'll explain what that is in just a second. Right now, the only way to get more of these is through this bundle. Then we look at the next thing, which is a weapon blueprint. However, if we read right here, this weapon blueprint comes with a bonus effect.


Weapon cooldown: 15 minutes. If you use this weapon in the DMZ and lose it, no matter what slot you have it in, it's only going to take 15 minutes for it to come back, where normally you have to wait an hour, two hours, or three hours for your insured weapons to come back. Not if you buy this bundle and use this weapon; you've only got to wait 15 minutes regardless, but it gets even worse if we look at the operator skin, and if you look here, this gets a special effect in the DMZ as well.

This operator skin comes equipped with a free gear item that will only equip if the slot is empty, so yes, if you're using this operator skin in the DMZ, you're going to spawn in with a medium backpack. When you spawn using this operator skin, you're going to get a free medium backpack. You'll never have to worry about not having a backpack again for the rest of the time you play DMZ, and trust me, the perks coming in the future get a lot worse than this, so let's quickly explain what an active duty slot is because this is one of the items that come in that bundle.

If you load up DMZ today, you're going to see that you've got three active duty slots: one, two, and three. Are essentially different save points. If I load in with this active duty slot, we're going to have this inventory, and we're going to have this Expo streak because I left off at this point in time with this character.

If I die with this character, he's going to go back to a zero axle streak, and he's going to lose all of these items. Same thing if I load in with active duty slot number two; he's going to have all of these items here and so on, and you get three of these for free, however. Right now, the only way to get this fourth one is by buying that bundle. This isn't too crazy to pay to win, but it's still not.

The bad

The bad

A good thing The worst part about having these active duty operator slots and bundles is that there's no way to earn them for free, and right now, the DMZ desperately needs them. Needs: new rewards for finishing factions; stuff to grind for because once you've got all three insured slots, there's really not a ton of reason to continue grinding the factions; they could have easily made an active duty reward slot.

That's just disappointing, but when we look at the other stuff, that's where things start to get extremely expensive. With only 15 minutes on this weapon, this is a pretty decent build. I can put whatever attachments I want on it, and let's say I die. I've only got to wait 15 more minutes, and I'll be able to hop back in the game and use this weapon again once.

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If they release more bundles like this. There's no way I'm going to lose three insured slots in under 15 minutes, so I will always have an insurance lot ready to go, but the perks you get for using these operators are by far the best. The single worst part of being able to spawn in with a medium backpack is, pretty much never, having to worry about looting for a backpack off rip.

Being able to carry these extra items is super powerful, however. There are more perks coming in the future, unless something changes. As soon as a new update happens, people are able to go through and see all of the items and all of the bundles, including the ones coming in the near future. A lot worse There's a bundle that makes it so you spawn in with a Tier 2 armor plate every single time you play DMZ.

You know how many times you've died because you only have one plate. If you spend the money on that bundle, you will always be able to spawn in with a two-plate vest and never have to worry about it again. But it gets even worse. There's another bundle that allows you to spawn in with a self-revive.

Yes, in every game you play, you will spawn with a self-revive. You know how game-changing that is. That would be for solo players, like being able to play solo right now. I don't have a self-revive, and yeah, I've got teammates, but they're across the map; if I die, they're not coming for me. But if I had bought that bundle and used that operator, I would have self-revived every single game.

Let's say right now I walk out and die. If I had spent the money on that bundle, no big deal. no I just died with my insured weapon, but luckily I've only got to wait 12 more minutes before I can use that weapon again, and when you look at that, just like that, we've got our insured weapon back. We only have to wait 15 minutes before we're back in the game and using it again.

So far, we've talked about a few different perks. We've talked about the perk that allows you to spawn with a medium backpack every game, the perks that allow you to spawn with a two-armor plate vest every game, and the perk that allows you to spawn with a self-revive every game.

The future

The future

There is one more that is stronger than all of that has been planned to come in the future. There is a bundle in the code that allows you to spawn with a UAV kill streak. Every time you play DMZ, you'll be able to load and use your UAV, Axville. And then spawn back in, you'd have another UAV.

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