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It's been a while since we've gotten a real update for Modern Warfare 2, and season 2 finally dropped yesterday. I'm pretty mixed on the update to be honest, but looking aside from my other complaints, we DMZ players are actually getting one of the better ends to the update in my opinion. For this article.

Obviously the biggest part of the update is the brand new map called Ashika, Island. This is a resurgent-sized map, so it isn't that big, and thankfully you don't need any sort of access card or requirement to play it, but I absolutely love this map so far from what I've played; from the environment to the enemies to just the gameplay in general, they did a really good job here.

What you're getting with Ashika Island is basically the best DMZ experience in my opinion, and this map brings a really good middle ground from a big map like Al Mazura but is way bigger than Building 21; it's literally a perfect middle ground, and I think that DMZ would really benefit from more of these in the future, so good job developers.

ashika island dmz

There's a new boss and weapons case, which I've actually gotten to secure because I was trying to get my missions done, but the rewards are, as I expected, pretty terrible and average at best. The new boss, who is not known as the bomb maker, locked himself inside the castle POI, which is a new fortress that you'll need a key for.

The castle is defended by a Wilson who just loves to make me hate myself, and there are a bunch of armored enemies and a few traps inside. One of the cool things about this map is that it's controlled by the shadow company, which is run by the dudes in building 21. Island also has a bunch of contracts you can't complete any new ones, sadly, but the offer stands if you'd rather do missions here as opposed to doing them in al-Mazra.

You also have the UAV Towers Sam sites and strongholds just like you normally would in Almazra, and there's a bunch of new keys that are specifically for Ishika. Island, ranging from rooms to crates and even refrigerators. I'm probably going to save the rest of the specifics for Ishigaki Island for an upcoming article because I'd like to go more in depth, but Ishigaki is definitely a great map, and now before I get into the next change.

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I just want to let you know that my Discord server has been updated recently to make finding teammates for DMZ way easier. Another big change to DMZ is the brand new mission reset. At first, I know a lot of people were upset that they completed all the other difficult missions, but I kind of knew it wouldn't actually be that bad.

Instead of making us do all the exact same missions from before, they've added a ton of new ones to include Ishika, Island, and Building 21. They're also far easier than before, at least from the first few tiers that I've gone through, and have been fairly enjoyable so far, but yes, if I didn't make it clear enough, all of the mission progress from the last season has been reset to zero, meaning you have another 20 tiers of missions to do.

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It's the same layout as before; you can select up to three missions and have other team members help you along the way, unfortunately. I have no way to tell what the rewards are or how difficult the missions get, so I guess we'll just see. What I can tell you though is that there are entirely new rewards for the missions, so if you missed out on any of the ones from last season, like the rose skin that everyone liked.

I guess you could no longer get them unless they're later on down the missions, and I just don't know yet because I can't see them, but as far as I'm concerned all of the cosmetic rewards are gone. Along with this mission update comes an entirely new faction, specifically for Modern Warfare 2 owners, so it's quite literally a 70-member faction.

Some of you hate losing contraband, like guns, and to that I just say, "Cry," because what's the point in holding on to them forever if you're never going to use them anyway? The keystash has actually been updated to now hold 30 keys, and you can also now hold Stronghold key cards. You've never actually been able to extract these before, and now that you can, it makes the match a lot easier to spawn in with one and just head straight for a stronghold.


If you pick up one of the new keys in the game, hover over it in the inventory, and it will say either Ashika or Al-Mazra. However, I haven't found any keys for Building 21, and I don't think there are any new ones. So far, I've noticed that any item with a blue background, as seen here, can be sorted into the stash.

There are also a ton of new keys to collect for Almazara and Ashika. I'm not sure of the exact amount, but I've gotten a lot of El Mazur keys that I've never heard of before, so be sure to collect them and explore some of the new places. The stash also receives a new update for a thing called Mission Items. At first.

I was kind of thrown off by this, and sadly, it does not allow you to keep things like backpacks or vests; instead, it's for items that you've extracted that can be used for future missions. I think I picked up the Legion deal with Intel. And although I don't have a mission for it at the moment, I believe there will be one in the future that I won't need it for, so it lets me keep it there.

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It's definitely a nice little change, and I like that I can put things aside for later if I find them, but I do really wish there was a stash for armored vests and backpacks like I said. Besides, season 2 has brought in a lot of new gameplay changes; the biggest ones that you'll notice are the new spawn points in X-File and the new locations in Almazra.

I guess the devs wanted to change these up because they felt as if players would spawn too close together sometimes, which I can definitely agree with, and just to make early games play better. On that note, there are also new X-File locations, and they've been a little bit weird. I gotta say that I've noticed that there have been times where all of the x-fills are on the same side of the map, making it a lot harder for me to get something that might be in, say.

dmz ashika island

Corey. And all the X-Files are in Alma. City I'm sure it's not intended and will probably be fixed and adjusted soon, but just keep that in mind. Amazon also got some new POI updates with the addition of the passenger train. One of the new pois is actually Afghan, from the original MW2, and they added a crash plane near the cave complex, and I found that to be pretty cool.

There's a bunch of armored dudes up here and some new crates if you find a key for them, so be sure to check it out. My personal favorite section is the cave system in between Rohan and Zarqua Hydroelectric. I've seen this cave so many times and wondered why it was always boarded up, but they actually turned it into a massive stronghold underneath, which is pretty cool.

Big changes were recently made to DMZ with the Season 2 update, so in this video I broke down all of the important and noticeable changes to the overall gameplay experience. From a whole new map, to new systems within DMZ, the update actually changed a pretty large amount of things. Modern Warfare 2 owners will also now get access to a brand new faction inside of DMZ known as crown.
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