News - Cod Warzone Mobile New Update Gameplay. Infinix Gt 10 Pro. Dimensity 8050. Max Graphics

cod modern warfare mobile gameplay

War Zone Mobile just received a season 2 update, and this update came with a lot of exciting changes. So this was my very first match after the update, and in my opinion, the graphics have really improved. Yeah, the resolution is still a bit low, but there's definitely something better. I can't really tell what they have changed exactly in the graphics, but I guess they have made some color and contrast corrections.

In short, the graphics look cleaner and smoother now. So this map used to be a pretty dark map, but now it feels much brighter and smoother. However, they've also added the Modern Warfare 3 movement, and now you can slide cancel, and your tax Sprint recharges when you sprint, but as I said, this was my very first match after the update, so I was struggling with the movement because I had no idea that they had also changed the movement.

By the way, I'm also facing a server lag issue now. I don't know if it's because of my internet issue or if there's something wrong with the game server, but somehow I managed to get a win, so yeah, enjoy the game play. So yes, let's focus on the game.

WZM SEASON 2 REBIRTH GAMEPLAY is here, Rebirth looks soo good now, check out.
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