News - Warzone Mobile Update 3. 4 Ruined The Game. Performance & Android Optimization Issue

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Massive war zone The mobile update is here: a Version 3.4 update with new seasons, new game modes, and new maps. Let's dive into the patch note. Because that's where the juicy part of this update starts first, Graphics and performance-related fixes Let's see what we get with this update. They fixed the game crash issue for Adreno 650 devices, such as the Samsung S20 Ultra Mad 6.

While changing the graphics settings from high to low, the game used to crash on some devices. It is fixed now with this patch. The iPhone 8 Plus was unable to access Event T. Well, now they can. After this patch, the next fix is about PO F3. The game was locking itself when the user screen locked the phone while staying at the help menu in the game.

Strange issue, but it's fixed now. Next is good news for mly GPU users: now high-end mly GPUs will get the high or medium graphics option. Before this, it was kept at low settings, which caused the game to look blurry. Another issue with the Adreno 650 is fixed now. Well, the GPU was trying to load high-quality graphics, which is beyond its capability, and it was causing the game to lag hard.

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It's fixed now. Next in the patch note some powerful Adreno GPU, now can play the game at higher settings. Before this patch, they were kept at low graphics; now most of the high-quality assets will be preloaded before starting a match. Before this, the game used to stream high-quality assets in real time over the Internet, which was causing the game to lag.

To make the game stable, they also reduced the number of BU stations and vehicle inverts. That's it these are all the graphics-related fixes we're getting with this update. I talked about most of these fixes in my previous articles, so if you want an elaborate discussion on these fixes, then do check out my other articles.

Now, come to the general bug fixes. Let's see what we get here. There is absolutely nothing new to discuss here. I discussed thoroughly all of these issues in my past articles; just watch them if you want to know about these fixes. These are all old news, just from a new rapper. I don't want to waste your time on this one.

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In the gameplay section of the patch, we're getting a new feature, Jump Mass. I mean, jump, leader. Now a random player will be assigned as jump leader, and the jump leader can control where to drop, and other squadmates will automatically follow the leader, just like Apex. I haven't tested this feature yet because of the server timeout issue.

Let's see what we get in the quality of life section. Now that we can log in with our PSN, Xbox Steam, and Battlenet accounts, the main user interface also got a facelift. As you can see, the event tab, store tab, and gear up tab are all now moved from the bottom to the left side of the screen. Wait a minute, where's the Lucky Draw section?

I saw that right after the update, when my game sheds were optimizing. Why did they remove it? I'm getting the smell of Lootboox microtransactions. And also, now we will get an indication for high-graphical asset downloads like this in the feature section, where they actually discuss the Lucky Draw option, and they also talk about the new event where you can win free items, including a blueprint for the Latchman sub-gun.

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We're also getting a new game mode with this update: plunder. It's a great game mode to enjoy with friends; if you ask me, it's the best way to level up your guns and the best game mode for beginners to learn the game. Also, we're getting a new multiplayer map. Rust is a legendary Call of Duty map and one of my all-time favorites, if you want a separate article on Blunder.

Rebirth Island is also getting war zone PCs like UAV towers, and we are also getting three new weapons by completing the battle pass. All these new weapons are free to obtain. Fjx Horus is a SMG that unlocks at level 50 of the battle pass; a new knife named Gladiator is probably coming midseason; and a new sniper that unlocks at level 20 of the battle pass, but sadly, it's not coming to War Zone Mobile; it's only for the bigger version.

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That's it these are all the important bits we are getting with this update. The other part of the patch note is about the new battle pass and black cell. I ain't going to discuss those and waste your time. What's your thoughts about this update, 3.4? If you ask me, it's a mixed bag. Now the time will tell how much they really fix this game with this update.

That's all for today.

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