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1 shot

This is using the ebr14, To kill two enemies with one bullet five times on PayLo without making a sound, fire up the mission for PayLo. I've put it on recruit to make it a little bit easier at the very start of the mission. You have control of a spy drone to spot enemy targets, so way there at the back is the blue diamond, and what we're going to do is go down our left side clockwise.

There's a group of enemies here that will cluster together and line up a little bit further down the path. There's another two, then once you get inside the compound, there's two there, and there's two to the south here that will come together, and then the last group, our fifth group, actually stands outside the bunker.

All five groups are kind of scripted in a way that they'll come together and pass over each other so you can take the shots. Just press right on the d-pad to put the spy drone away. We'll then eventually get control of Captain Price, and then we're going to move around the left flank clockwise into the compound, taking out all five groups of enemies.


So first of all, don't run. If you run at this point, they do kind of spot you over a long distance. I suggest just walking, and when you get to about this point around the path area, you can then crop and move your way into the tall grass. So move slowly, crouched. Head towards the group. As you start to get into the grass, these two guys are going to come together.

The guy on the left calls the other one over, so the guy on the right side starts moving left towards the guy in the truck. That's just a case of lining them both together and putting a shot roughly through the chests of both of them to kill them both in one shot. As I'm playing on recruit difficulty, you can shoot them through probably the shoulders, and the arms do seem to kill them as well, so as they move together in the middle of the path, just put a bullet through the chests of both of them, and then we're going to move on the left-hand side down here, a little bit closer to the next group.

You can press right on the d-pad to get the spy drawn out again, use the left trigger to zoom in, and mark them to make it a little bit easier to line them up. We're going to go far left in this case, just on the cliff edge. Both of them are going to be spraying graffiti on this wall, and again, it's just a case of getting them both to line up.


You can stand up for a second or two without being spotted; eventually, this guy turns around, and the guy on the right starts to come towards him. So we're going to swing around to the left, following the cliff edge, and once you've got a good enough shot to get both of them roughly through the chest, make the shot, and then carry on down this path.

If, for whatever reason, you do get spotted or miss the shot, you can press start and restart the previous checkpoint, which will take you to the last group that you successfully killed, and then you can continue on and have another go. So for this one, I suggest running towards the wall so you break in line of sight with these guys.

They get into the grass and then quickly take a shot before he patrols around the vehicle, which makes it a little bit more difficult because he walks around the vehicle and then heads towards the gate where the other two are. These next two are at the gate. I decided to swing quite far left and go in between the tank and this truck.


Go down the middle of these two, and then I'm going to hug the left-hand side in the grass here, and we're going to kind of lean around the corner of this tanker and eventually give it a little bit of time; they should come together, and you can make them. So here they're both walking close to each other.


Just buy me time, wait until they line up about chest to chest, take the shot, and that's the fourth group dealt with. Take a left, so backtrack a little bit past this tanker. There is a hole in this compound wall. I'm just going to get the Spy drawn out for a last time here just to get them spotted so looking for the two guys just outside the bunker door, so you go down the left side of this truck, a at the two guys and just keep edging over to the left until both of their kind of chests are lined up and then just shoot through the middle of both of them and that should pop you the achievement for TWA, if you found this article guide useful give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more content from myself in the future, please do.

Using the EBR-14, kill 2 enemies with 1 bullet 5 times in 'Payload' without sounding the alarm - AchievementTrophy guide walkthrough.
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