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So you guys can now get the mimic goals. You get the curse, Ammo, and you want to know the fastest way to do it. Well, today I have glitches, tips, and tricks to show you guys how you can get through all of these challenges. With the skulls and bones done quickly, I'm first going to get into the mimic.

Now I did show you guys how to get the mimic. In my last article on these challenges, but I didn't go in depth today, we're going to be going in depth and showing you guys how you can get a mimic kill in about 1 to 2 minutes, like every 1 to 2 minutes, it is incredibly broken. You're going to be able to just get this challenge so quick, so what you need to do is, before you load into the game, you want to get a scorcher.

This will help you guys out tremendously, and to make this a lot faster, we're going to be doing a glitch with a scorcher that will let you fly with the scorcher and zoom across the whole map. This right here will make it so you can get your mimics even faster, and there is a multiplayer playlist called mimic.

mimic skulls fastest method

Mayhem, I just don't really recommend that it's MP. It's annoying to play. Nobody wants to play that way right here; it's a lot more relaxed; you don't have to worry about SP spmm or anything, and it's super easy to do. So when you guys are in the game, you want to start off by getting your weapons pack-a-punched, and now you don't need them super packed up because you're only going to be staying in Tier 1.

You guys can do this in Tier 2. It's up to you to unlock schematics for a cheap price. Check out silent services. We also offer bot lobbies where you can get Interstellar, camo, and hard camo unlock and nuke skin services. Here are the reviews; they absolutely love it at cheap prices. So you are going to be looking for one specific contract, and it is the bounty contract, which you can find located all around the map.

Now, if you don't live near a bounty contract and you guys need to travel far away, or just if you guys need to travel at any point while doing this, do this glitch. I think this is a glitch because, with this glitch, you can get outside the map. It doesn't seem like it's intended to get outside the map, so I consider this a glitch.

mimics best spawns

So what you want to do is use a scorcher and pack-a-punch it. You can't do this with the base scorcher; it won't work. It can be papped. 1 2 3 doesn't matter once it's papped. You want to use a boost ability. Three times, then you will boost up really high. At this point, you are going to be pulling out your parachute, and then you want to cut it.

There are two things you can do at this point. I recommend the second thing, but here's the first thing: you can either hold down the aim button on your scorcher while flying in midair and do a full boost, then after a few seconds pull your parachute, cut it, do the boost again, and then after a few seconds pull your parachute, so on and so forth.

mw3 horde event mimic

That way is a bit slower than the way I'm about to show you this other way. What you want to do is not do a full boost; instead, boost when you see. This right here hit 50 to 60%. This one right here will make it so you don't have to pull out your parachutes, and you will go a lot faster so all you need to do is 50 to 60%, boost then just wait a little bit then do another 50% boost and then keep on doing that until you reach the contract as you can see I'm literally just boosting and I'm getting all the way across the whole map and I'm going to hit this bounty contract first, and somebody in the game was trying to get it before me but I did this glitch to super speed and zoom across the map and this one right here will make it so you guys can get mimics so much faster than if you were to drive around or walk around or if you were to use a scorcher as intended, this glitch way is the best now Once you get to the bounty contract, you want to collect it.

The reason you want to do bounty contracts in Tier 1 is because you can only get mimics and manglers. From tier one and you want mimics only, you do have a better chance of getting a mimic in Tier 1 because there are fewer things for it to pull from. I got a Mangler for this first one, and if you get a Mangler, just cancel the contract.

mw3 zombies best glitch

Don't waste your time getting it; it's not worth it. You want to then pick another Bounty contract, go to it with the zoom glitch, and then you want to pick it up if it's a mimic, which this time was a mimic. You want to go to the mimic and simply take out the mimic. The mimic is going to give you a skull, which is what you want for this event, and you need to collect around it.

200 skulls for the mimic, which is a good amount, but with this glitch, you're going to be able to get that done the fastest, way faster than MP. Like I said, I don't even recommend you guys do the mimic Mayhem because this way is more relaxed and just better, faster, and easier, so that's how you guys do this method.

SLG, glitch like I said, I personally consider the zoom-fly part with the scorcher a glitch. So yeah, this is how you guys do it the fastest way. Zoom around and get each Bounty contract; if it's not a replica, just cancel it now. If you guys do not see a bounty contract in your one, just pick up a different contract, then cancel it until a new bounty contract spawns, or if you want to, you can go into Tier 2.

mw3 zombies glitches

You will have a chance of getting three enemies instead of two, and they're going to be the disciple, mimic, and mangler. So definitely, just you know, less chance of getting the mimic, but you can still get into your two, and there is that now if you guys have not completed the armored zombies, base zombies, hellhounds, skulls, and bones, yet here's how you guys do it: a glitch way.

This glitch way is the best and fastest way to do it, way better than MP. Get this Outlast contract right here; it cannot be any other than this one. If this one is not bonded in, just do another contract, and when you do them, cancel them. Then, just wait about 2 minutes until a new contract is bonded in.

mw3 zombies how to get cursed ammo

At this point, if it's not the Outlast one that I told you guys to do, do another contract and cancel it, and just keep on doing it until the Outlast contract spawns in that area. Now collect the Outlast contract, and it will spawn an Outlast. Over here inside of this building, you need to go to the Outlast and turn it on, and then once it's on, you want to go on top of the roof and stand right here.

This is the perfect place to fix this glitch because. The zombies can only get you from one area, and if you have the scorcher, you can literally just shoot the scorcher in this one straight line, and it will take out all the zombies. If you don't have a disc scorcher, then you guys can just run around; all you need to do is wait until the Outlast contract hits 90%.

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