News - Activision Is Trying To Intentionally Sabotage Warzone 2

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I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Now, ladies and gentlemen, today I want to go ahead and show you guys something, and honestly, it kind of showcases to me personally one of the biggest problems when it comes to Call of Duty, and it really does hyperfocus activate themselves, and their greed.

But before we go ahead and do that, I do want to mention if you guys are having some trouble with the rundown because I know this map is highly hated. Watch this game play, see my route, see how I go ahead and engage with combat, and you know I'm rocking at SMG. Everybody always calls me crazy for using SMGs on this map, but seriously, it could be done.

There's just ways there's routes that you have to push smokes that have to be thrown, positions that have to be flanked. Subscribe and hit that bell. We're trying to post daily here at 8 in the morning Eastern time, and of course we post tons of Modern Warfare 3 content. Last but not least, I would like to mention this as well.

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Check out my stream. I stream over on Kick pretty much daily as well. So over on Twitter, I saw a post from Charlie Intel. That said over. 23, 000 accounts have been banned in Call of Duty for cheating since mid-November. Obviously, this is fantastic news. You know, anytime any information comes out that you know a massive bandwave has occurred and a lot of cheaters are out of the game.

Obviously, it's two thumbs up from me and it should be two thumbs up from everybody as well. You know cheaters are leaving the game; they're getting banned out of the experience phenomenal, but honestly, it sucks because I hate seeing the Call of Duty page, not Charlie Intel specifically, because Charlie Intel is basically tweeting the Call of Duty page, which posts this information out for us, but I hate when the Call of Duty page goes ahead and tells players to player accounts, you know, how many people have been banned, how many cheaters are getting removed, so on and so forth.

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Knowing that over half of those people are probably going to get right back into this experience. Honestly, it's such a scam, in my personal opinion, especially coming from Activision. And honestly, in my opinion, they are sabotaging their own game because what they're doing is that they are showcasing something that we want to see to encourage players to hop back into the experience, but in reality.

Call of Duty is one of the easiest games to hop back into once you're banned out of the experience. You know it's no hassle, so while these numbers can be true again, how many of them are actually getting back into the game? How many of these people are able to play Call of Duty again? I mean, just for a simple fact, a lot of these cheating providers give you insurance policies, so if you purchase cheats and your account gets spotted, they will give you another set of cheats for a new account, and when you have a game that's free to play, like War Zone, you can make multiple different accounts very easily.


This isn't too much of a hassle, and again, yeah, you're going to need to, you know, jump through some hoops and do some things that are going to require some work. But it's not like having to buy a brand new PC—you know what I'm saying—or moving. He might have to just bet and get, like, you know, a very cheap phone number or something of that sort that might cost you a couple of bucks, and then bam, you're right back into the war zone experience, and also, what about the individuals who aren't cheating?

You know, 23, 000. Accounts have been banned in Call of Duty, but a lot of people have been falsely accused multiple times. People have been thrown into shadow ban lobbies multiple times, and I've seen tons of individuals actually get banned from the experience, of whom 10% do not cheat. And I mean, honestly, how many of those people contribute to the 23, 000?

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overall hackers who are playing throughout Cod Yeah, you know, let's be realistic here because I can go on, you know, any platform and see tons of people blatantly cheating. I'm not talking about hiding their cheats or trying to showcase being an amazing gamer while cheating in the background. No, I'm talking about people who are basically advertising cheats publicly, going in, blatantly aimbotting, and blatantly doing insane stuff all over the board, and they never get banned.

They can go weeks on end doing this day after day after day, publicly streaming it for anybody to see, probably having hundreds of individuals reporting this person you know giving actual proof from the article stream, and they go weeks without getting banned, yet there's some people who are out here who play legitimately, who get banned and shadowbanned.

In a blink of an eye. Either it's two ways again: they allow the cheaters back in and they make a bunch of money, or they perab band. The cheaters and they lose out on that extra cash, you know, you get what I'm saying here, so they have a light system here that will indeed, you know, track these people, and it will kick them out of the experience.

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But again, the barrier to getting back into the experience is extraordinarily high. Easy compared to a game like Fortnite, for example, where if you get banned in Fortnite, it's chalked again. Yeah, there are ways around it, but, man, you are going to have to work. You are really going to have to hustle to go ahead and get back into that experience, and again, it's a free-to-play game that game is freeo play whereas in Call of Duty, yeah, we have free-to-play War Zone, but we also have the full $70 product.

People are paying a full price tag for this game, and it doesn't have a ban system or an anti-che system that can outbeat a free-to-play title. That's unacceptable; it's completely unacceptable, and Fortnite still makes an absolute fortune. They're banning these people, getting them out of the game, and yeah, they're still cheaters in Fortnite, obviously, but again, the way they handle the bands, it's.

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Honestly, I was going to say it's the most crucial thing. It might not be the most crucial thing, but it's definitely a crucial part of the process, as is how you handle the ban afterwards. I would say that's even more important than how you handle the ban before anything happens, because yes, it's fantastic to have an amazing anti-che that can detect stuff extraordinarily easy but what's the purpose of having that anti-cheat what's the purpose of detecting these players who are cheating if you're not going to be able to handle it afterwards if you're not going to actually keep them out of the game, right that is such a crucial process and honestly that's probably the most important process, because if they could just get right back into the experience.

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