News - Call Of Duty Are Teasing Us With God Tier Camos. Warzone 2

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Thank you!

I've been really enjoying creating Call of Duty content, especially in long form. This is a little preview of the last article; if you missed it, be sure to go check it out. Yes, on the whole, guys, thank you so much. Let's get into today's.


Video so if you have played Call of Duty up until now, you know that there are weekly challenges, and at the end of each week, if you complete a certain amount of challenges, you unlock a certain something.

Now, in the past, a lot of those things have been aftermarket parts; there's been an aftermarket part every week, but then sometimes there is an additional reward, and if you completed all eight weeks of season 1, you unlocked a certain camo. This is coherence. This is what we got for 8 weeks of work.


It's terrible; it's the biggest piece of dog. And do you know what kicks us in the teeth a little bit more for the fact that this camo is so bad? If I take you over to the event challenges and I take you over to week one, you can see we get the Jack Tyrant 762 kit for the Longbow, but if you complete week one all the way to week eight, at the end of week eight, you get the rotten Inferno.

Now this camo looks insane; that is just incredibly clean. I wish we could unlock it today. In today's article, ladies and gentlemen, we're simply going to be completing week one and making sure that we've got that locked down. So the three challenges I'm going to do, because I think they'll be the easiest, are: on-target kills with recommended shotguns; seven operator double kills with recommended battle rifles; and 15 operator quick scope kills with recommended snipers.

So I've got the sidewinder here. This bad boy is leveled up, and it is recommended. I also have my normal longbow class, which I will use for the SNES, but I do need to set up a bit of a shotgun. So they got the hay maker or the Lockwood. I'll use the Lockwood Interstellar. It looks really cool on this variant; it's got the little cutout or the Dig indentation, Look awesome There's a bit of a tag, Dan.

aftermarket parts

okay, that's two. How many do we need to get? Was it seven? Nice man i need to use a shotgun, and these guys just don't fancy moving today. Get out of that corner that is in your corner. Okay, I'm getting like one kill and dying here. This is a rough day at the office. I guess you can't be sweaty if you're in the shower.

Double, kill i just knew he was going to be there. I didn't even need to didn't even need to, Bother, okay, I don't think we're going to be too far off it, but the Basbe is definitely better, man. I feel like the sheer reaction on The Sidewinder is still a bit slow, but then I think it's been buffer damage, so it kind of makes sense.

I've seen people say that rebirth could be coming very soon. Apparently, data miners have found some stuff that you know points towards rebirth, which would be fantastic. Like, I've played a bit of Fortune. Keep so far; I'm really enjoying it so far; you know it's, I don't know, it's a bit different.

aok 4.0 mw3

I'm still getting used to it because I haven't played War Zone, probably in ages. This, side boom, there's a double kill. Why was that so difficult? If we're going to try and snipe in this game mode, I have absolutely zero. Faith There's no way there is absolutely no way there are so many people camping this season, man.

I don't know what the hell happened. I don't know who hurt who; why is he under a staircase boom? I had never used the XRK before. Tell me I'm going to be petty. Thank you i've just seen a challenge that might actually be easier. You can use a suppressed Marksman rifle. Do we think that would be easier?

So I just need 30 kills. I can do that in a hard game, and if I can't, I'm not doing this challenge simply because I've been stunned as I've started to push. That is just so typical. This is how you have to play this map. There, you just made it too predictable, because all you do is sit in the same corner, boys.

That's all you do in the same corner. It's a meta thing, right? It's a meta thing, so you can get your streaks, but you're playing hardcore, so you just get killed by sitting in the corner. It's a meta thing; just don't move. You can't get stick drift if you don't use the sticks. Right, watch as soon as I move.

I was killed by my own teammate as well. I don't i don't want to play like this, but you have to. This is the meta that should be it. I don't think I've killed with anything else. I stopped with the stuns, man. I have 43 kills.



It was the long bow.

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