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50+ free mw3 season 1 reloaded rewards!

50+ free mw3 season 1 reloaded rewards!

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over all these season 1 reloaded rewards that we know of so far. I'll have the article sectioned off, so that way you can skip to whichever part you want to know about first. Also, don't forget to drop a like. But let's go ahead and let's get into it.

Pickem prediction rewards how to get them!

The first set of rewards we have is called the pick them rewards. These are predictions. Based on the CDL, in the games that are currently going on right now, you can predict which team and what the score will be, and you can actually get rewards for that. If you take a look at this photo, it says make one match prediction, and you'll get the double points boost, and then you have to correctly predict the winners of one match; you get a 30-minute Double XP token; you correctly predict the winner and score of one match; you get the chef's kiss weapon sticker; and there's actually a long list of different rewards that you can get from this.

50 free rewards cod

This is the full-on list that we have. The good news is that you don't have to accurately guess the winner every single time. As long as you make these predictions, you can end up getting them. So at one, you get a double point boost; at five match predictions, you get a 30-minute double XP token; at 10, you get a double weapon XP; and then it continues on with different types of rewards.

If you do guess them accurately and guess the actual scores, you can also get rewards for that, which, as you see, you got the chef's kiss sticker, you have a 30-minute double XP double weapon XP, you get 1 hour, you get the Flawless emblem, and there's just a bunch of different rewards that you're going to be able to get from this.

This is on the official Call of Duty League website. You go in there and sign in with your Activision. Account, they ask you for some information. Most of it is optional all you have to do is just put a fake name and fake last name and then put the email that's associated with your account and then once you're in there you just have to predict which team before the match actually begins, sort of like we saw in Modern Warfare 2 with the World Cup where you were able to accurately predict the team that would win you can get rewards it's the same way here not many people know about this but this is actually a way that you can get some free rewards and you can start all of this right now you don't have to wait till the season 1 reloaded update the next thing that we have is going to be the viewership rewards that are going to be going live starting on January 25th, which will be like around a week after the update goes live this is going to give you rewards starting on Thursday.

Season 1 reloaded viewership rewards & dates

Season 1 reloaded viewership rewards & dates

All you have to do is view them on YouTube. All of Duty League is exclusive only to YouTube. Make sure you have your Activision account connected in the YouTube settings, and what you want to do is just watch on these days that they go live, so they start on January 25th, which is going to be at 10:30 a.m.

M pacific Standard time for watching an hour you get a 60 Minute Double XP token at 1 hour 30 minutes you get the easy dub emblem 2 hours you get a double weapon XP token at 2 hours 30 minutes you get a brand new calling card and then come back the next day on Friday, same exact time you get a 1 hour Double XP token a calling card at 1 hour 30 minutes at 2 hours you get a 60-minute double XP token and then you get an emblem at 2 hours 30 minutes come back the next day after that on Saturday.

Same exact time once again, 1 hour token, the right-back animated emblem, a double XP token, and then a calling card, and then the next day we have is going to be on Sunday; that's the last day you can get these viewership rewards. You get a 60-minute double XP token, you get the Abominable Snowman charm at 1 hour 30 minutes, you get a weapon blueprint called the frostbite, which I believe is for the core, and the final reward at 2 hours and 30 minutes is going to be a 1 hour double weapon XP.

The good news is that you can keep getting rewards as you watch these tournaments.

Weekly camo reward & max prestige blueprint

Weekly camo reward & max prestige blueprint

And to complete a weekly challenge, you have to do. I believe five out of the seven that they have are available. You probably already know how it works. I won't talk too much about it. This is the reward that you get. You also can't forget the prestige rewards that we have for this season.

Unfortunately, the level cap is not going to be raised, so it's going to stay at 250. But you can still get all the rewards during this update, which means that at Prestige One, you'll be able to get an emblem reward called card rewards, and then finally, once you hit that level 250, you're going to be able to get the venomous blueprint for the MTZ 556.

Mw3 ranked play rewards & operators

all free season 1 reloaded rewards

Anyways the next set of rewards is going to be ranked play with the update going live on the 17th ranked play will also go live and as we saw with Modern Warfare 2 there's like over 50 rewards that you can get just by simply playing rank play There's different sets there's three categories the first one are going to be the seasonal rewards these are going to give you some challenges that you'll need to do over the season whether it's get eliminations or get wins it's basically going to tell you get five wins and you'll unlock this get another 10 wins you'll unlock this usually the rewards are camos different weapon blueprints.

Loading screens, charms, and weapon stickers. I don't know the exact rewards as of right now we'll have to wait until this update goes live in order to actually see what the rewards are but you have the seasonal rewards the second category it's going to be the rank rewards this depends solely on you playing the game the more you play the game the more wins that you get the more stars you unlock, and by going up these ranks you actually can get free operator rewards and that will include the first four operators that we have they're going to be two male two female two home and two away we have talked about this in the past but these are just some of the photos this is called the competitor operator skin and as you level up your ranks you'll be able to get things like calling cards emblems, some of them have already been revealed if you look over to the calling card tab in MW3.

You can see that some of them are already in the game files and available. They're usually different types of animals depending on their rank, as you can see from the logo and the icon. Once you max it out at rank 60, you get another set of four operators, called the veterans. These are just minor differences, with the design being changed a little bit, but this is the official photo that we got from Call of Duty for this and then the final set of rewards.

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