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One of the hardest things about DMZ is having a trio that you know you can always rely on, and with this game only offering a trio mode, it can be really hard for us to play solo. I've been there before, and I still am there sometimes, so in this article I have 10 tips and tricks for solo DMZ players, but I'm going to consider this my updated solo guide.

I uploaded my original solo guide a few months ago, but I think that I've learned some more useful things along the way to make the experience better, and sadly, I need to state the obvious. I cannot guarantee that this article will help you become a better player, but it's just a few things that I found helped me during my games.

Okay, I think I've said all I need, so let's hop into the DMZ, solo, with my new favorite tip, which is now possible with season 2, and bring a stronghold key card with you, honestly. I don't know why this wasn't a feature until now, but it's so nice to be able to take them from one game to another.

I like to take one of these into the game with me if I feel like I can use a little bit of extra gear before the game, and sure, strongholds. It might be a little bit difficult as a solo, but throughout the rest of the article. I'll have more tips that might help make AI engagements. A little bit easier for you if you are confident that you want to go straight for a stronghold.

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I'd also recommend bringing either some Texas or drill charges as well. The drill charge is going to get some of the enemies out of the way before you even enter the building, and the semtechs will take care of the riot shield enemies if there are any. However, for some reason, drill charges can't actually kill riot shield enemies, even if you throw one directly at them.

I don't understand how they can penetrate buildings but not riot shields, so that's cool. I guess yeah, and I almost forgot, you should probably keep a few extra key cards in your stash. Season two increases the key stash, which now holds up to 30 keys across all maps, and while that's still not enough in my opinion, it's far better than 20.

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I'd say keep up to three at a time because you don't want to fill up the entire stash with them, and for some odd reason, if you don't already know how to get stronghold key cards by now, you can get them easily by killing AI looters. Or some buy stations may carry them for five thousand, moving on to the next tip.

I think that's something that's really overlooked when it comes to solo DMZ: actually, before you even enter the match, having a plan before the game starts is probably one of the best pieces of advice that I can give you because there's been countless times where I just go in with a bunch of missions selected and no idea which ones I'm going to do or how I'll do them.

If you're looking to get a certain mission done, pick out that mission and make it your goal for the game. You have unlimited chances to redo it unless it's Building 21 you're kind of screwed, unfortunately, and Building 21 solo is very difficult and almost impossible. Let's say the good news is that if you ever need DMZ, teammates, I have a Discord server that's pretty much entirely surrounded by DMZ.


Sorry for sidetracking. But what I was saying about having a plan is really important and often overlooked. There are a lot of times when I have somewhat of an idea of what I'm doing in game and then I get distracted, either by the train or other players, or I just get busy looting, and it really throws me off.

Time is a major factor in solo runs, especially if you need to camp something out. You'll lose more time, so it's best to make sure that you're moving efficiently. As soon as you enter a match, check the map for x-fills, find nearby vehicles or Vantage points, and get your objective done before going back to the world.

General gameplay, tips One of the things that hasn't changed and will never change is the lifesaver known as the hostage contract. I've included this in at least three different articles, yet I still see a lot of people dying in x-fills. And some of you don't even know about the contract. For those unaware, the hostage rescue contract will actually provide a free X-file that nobody else can use.

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Of course they can still see it and get onto it, but they won't actually be able to extract unless you do. If you find yourself in a tight scenario where there are either too many players that Axel or the radiation is moving in, or for literally any other reason, this contract will save your life as long as you don't mess it up.

That is, the building the hostage is located at will change depending on the location of the contract, of course, and you'll either face an unusual amount of enemies or none at all, and no, of course they couldn't make it. Easy by giving us regular enemies instead you get the most armored and difficult ones because that's just really fun according to the developers, and I also need to mention that you won't be able to use any weapons while you carry the hostage, except for pistols.

So if you happen to have one on you or you find one on the ground, it might help you out, but you probably won't even need it anyway. Now, one last thing about this contract is that if carrying the hostage and traveling on foot is too difficult, what I like to do is grab a vehicle from somewhere; it doesn't really matter which one.

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Park it somewhere that's either lower than the hostage or just somewhere that you can jump on top of it, drop the hostage on the roof of the vehicle, and just drive to the axle point from there. My next tip is kind of just a universal thing that is yet again overlooked, and that's to take the AI really slow and tactical.

Yeah, it's really boring to do that sometimes, but I'll be honest. So if you end up experiencing something like this, chances are that you aren't even the problem. It's just a silly game mechanic. Instead of skipping around corners and doing your favorite Fortnite dance in front of me, maybe in the morning.

A corner or just slow Peak from some angles, even though there's no real tactic to taking down the AI and you need to use your own judgment of how to eliminate them in the safest way possible, and sometimes there's just nothing you can do about it. If you get corned in Rome, you'll probably end up going down.

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It sucks, but it happens. If you want to avoid getting held up by a lot of AI at once, then you should probably bring a sniper or Marksman rifle with you into the match. And sentenced to death by firing squad, we're moving on with the article, and I have a couple more basic gameplay tips, and then I'll have some for PVP, as well, so it's not all just basic stuff.

Playing solo in Modern Warfare 2's DMZ mode is one of the hardest challenges by far, and it can be difficult to get the hang of it. In this video, I shared 10 of my personal favorite tips and tricks to help with making solo games just a little bit easier. Some of these tips range from handling AI better, places to loot, and how to PvP easier in DMZ as well. Obviously these tips aren't the best, and I would never claim them to be.
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