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Minute got a vehicle pulling up we do have a lot of money we could buy some more [ __ ] but I understand getting active with it because the footsteps under us great kill great execute the therm knife as well teammates coming back down good job pinging the enemies I think he's trying to land back on his on his former dead, body, all right so right here it's kind of questionable that I don't know how to pronounce that [ __ ] just green ends up leaving the cover to go out in the open remember it's trios, this vehicle could be a third party but regardless but that's the worst case scenario the best case scenario is it's a three man so you have to look for the guy driving the vehicle the guy that's down where's the third there he is, there's not always going to be three but still you want to play it like that or you're going to end up like green, all right we got a Precision on the.

Enemy, got one, knock Squad, wipe. He went back again. If your teammate is going to continue to send loads out, just buy him back and go there and help him out. I don't know why spectating other players just like that enrages me as much as it does, but I mean he's got to be AFK right he's got to be AF AFK no way is this actually still doing the same [ __ ] thing was that four deaths now fifth that we know, of all let's see if he breaks his ankles again then yeah he's AFK prob he's AFK if you guys want to have better teammates make sure you join our Discord it's going to get popping again when the new game comes out it currently has 16 , 000 people in there everyone's just kind of waiting for the new game so make sure you guys join that we have a looking for groups page for you guys to go out there and find some [ __ ] teammates that aren't like qu up TV all right no movement no one's doing anything we could go back to the buy our teammate, back, but I'd just rather die to be.

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Fair i was going to say it's surprising nobody's on any of these rooftops, especially with the Zone doing what it's doing, but what's even more shocking is that the guy that's shooting at us isn't hitting a single fing bullet. I corrected him; he hit once. Spin a whole mag to hit one shot. So at this point here, look, if you come into a situation where an enemy is spraying at you and he's not connecting, that's going to give me confidence to take that fight for granted.

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When I say take the fight on, I'm not talking just like pushing up to him because an assist can save the worst of players; just start pushing the enemies where he shots you from no fing. About, this is now a seventh, life number, seven all right let's talk about this real quick cuz clearly people don't know what I'm talking, about, boom all right react instantly why you're shooting this guy and this thing pops up do we all know what this is called It's called The Hit indicator what does it mean well it means you're getting shot from this direction right so you can challenge it by either turning towards it and when this lines up right here it means it's directly in front of you or you can just [ __ ] off which is what I would do you got Snipes you're one tap you do not keep shooting at this, unfortunately he keeps shooting at this and by the time he decides to break away your boy with the snipers got one rechambered and ready to shoot down range and that's exactly what he does putting a hole right in the side of sela's, face crazy and look reaction time is a huge part of things like that but just quick decision making if you're not being, decisive then your reaction time will never have a chance to.

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Improve all right death number, eight, all right, what do we do here? Well, this is a very unique situation; it's a hard one to survive, so we have it's a 2v2, so you should anticipate the push. I didn't know there'd be two, but I anticipated one guy would at least push up. You hear his footsteps a little bit, and then instantly he gets into a fight.

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In this situation, we don't have plates, but it's still better to kill one enemy than to Separate, cuz remember what I always say when enemy teams are pushing you want to try to stay spread out that way when enemies break away you're there to collapse on them that's exactly what happened with this guy so the enemy team played this really well I don't know if it was an accident if it was calculated but hopefully it was calculated they approached the fight from two different angles and essentially just pinched them now when he does go PR right here, there's not much he can do, but it's better than this so what you could do is run around the wall and try to play this as cover and then Bank a left and play the other side as cover you still are very vulnerable from people here we don't know if this was a team that's sniping or not so you're still vulnerable but at least you're playing your life when you go prone right here you're committing into one thing death why well it's the last place enemy saw you so it's going to be the first place he checks, if you change your position you stand a much better you have a much better raid of.

Survival, Savage, how do you know where I was, cheater? He saw you jump over that wall right there, man. What do you mean? He didn't call him a cheater. I made that completely up, but you understand where I'm coming from. All right, moving on to Kratos, us, but this is quads surprise. I'm moving on to Kakashi Hataka and Hatak Hot Take.

Here's a hot take. Modern Warfare 2 was Dog, [__], anybody else agree Savage, just adapt. Yeah, y'all adapt now, bit all right. They have the looting boots on, so I'll be doing a little bit of looting. We're going to go ahead and skip to the next scene. So, like I said, they did a lot of looting here.

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I love the fact that we shoot our teammates. That's just no mini-map awareness; no map this at. All in all, you should look at one of the many reasons a lot of us always look at the mini map, especially when I'm spectating too. I look at it just as much. It's to find out where the teammates are; find out where your squad's at.

That way, let's just stop the article real quick. That way, let's say yellow's alive and we're green. Of course, the enemy is over here. We can kind of see what Yellow's playing and make a play off of that because, in reality, if Yellow is getting all the attention, which he clearly is, we could collapse on the enemies if we play this a little bit.

For instance, go back; there was just a stair and a ladder we could have taken. We could have taken this ladder, gotten up here, and had a different angle; I'm not sure why we didn't even with the cluster coming in. I really wouldn't let that stop my momentum; we could have climbed that ladder and gotten into that building.

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