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My whole goal is to help you become a better War Zone 2 player, so today I'm going to be coaching you through a bunch of different clips and scenarios. Now, we've got five clips in total; some are good, and some—well, let's just say we can learn from them. Let's go ahead and jump into it now.

Clip #1

This first clip right here is where I think a lot of you struggle in War Zone 2, which is how to approach fights and how to position yourself, so we're actually going to start this one off by popping a UAV now. Let me just quickly say that I know that UAVs are harder to come by and that they're not always a possibility; that's where you really need to prioritize cash flow and rotate to buy stations so that you can try to keep UAVs up as much as possible.


You know right here that we've got one team on the map, and you can see just how much easier it is to get there. This fight and positioning are because we know exactly what we're pushing into and how. Many enemies, where are they in relation to us—close together or spread out?—so we're going to go ahead and push here now when we talk about approaching.

A fight The number one thing that I want to do when approaching a fight is try to keep my element of surprise. If we can quench our thirst quickly and take an enemy out of the fight, that's obviously going to give us a pretty big advantage. That element of surprise is crucial when we talk about positioning.

I'm looking for two things, and there are two things that you want to think about. One is your cover if you get caught out in the open, which you're going to see me do here, and then I'm going to correct myself, and then you're in a really bad spot because you can get crossfired. There are a lot of things that can happen, and then we do want to think about high ground.

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You know right here we're able to get that initial knock that allows us to take that enemy out of the fight by the way we are playing trios here. We're playing duo trios now, and right here I make the mistake of not reloading, and when I'm in this position in this moment, right here T. Captain X goes down, right here T-cap goes down, and I'm completely caught out in the open.

I don't have cover from anywhere. There's not really anywhere that I can go. could probably play this rock right here, but I am pushing closer to them and I'm in potential range of getting hit by my own airstrike, so I actually end up pulling back and resetting this fight a little bit. I just try to make it up the hill and try to break this line of sight, at which point I can pop the other UAV that we have and we can quickly play it up.

Notice that T-Cap got up right there, and they're kind of pushing away from us a little bit; they're in a bad spot as well. So now they're trying to regain just a little bit of ground in these buildings, but now all of a sudden we talk about the re-engage; I reloaded the RPK; I'm fully plated; and we are right back once again focusing.

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On our cover and our positioning, I'm playing High Ground right here. I know where he is on the UAV, and I oversee him, but let's play out the scenario right here, where he shoots back at me. I get absolutely right here, and I've got plenty of cover, so this is where I don't need to push this just yet.

We go ahead, we get that down, and thirsty, we tag up Enemy Number Two, and now it's a 1v1 scenario, right? You want to win your 1v1s; you should have confidence in your 1v1s, especially when you have information to support that. Now I'm just going to go ahead and push up here. I'm going to go ahead; I see him around the corner.

We hit our shots, and we're able to get that down and quench our thirst, so as we play this back here, let's go and watch it at full speed. This way, you can really see it in action. Let's go ahead and pull it from about here, right now. I'm not going to do this for all the clips today, but I do want to watch this one full speed just because, as I mentioned.

I think it's where a lot of you struggle with approaching, fighting, and positioning. I'm a 3K player, and my whole goal is just to help you improve. I do articles just about every single day for you, so if you are looking to get better, make sure you are subscribed. Wait. I can't see that guy. Closer to you, yeah.

I can try to solve it.

Clip #2

Clip #2

So Clip number two here was actually submitted by a member of the community, and this is how I really want to do this series moving forward. Jumping in here, we're going to be taking a look at this end-game breakdown and this end-game clutch situation, and he does a perfect job of playing one of the newest features in War Zone 2, which is the water now.

Many Royale trios, unfortunately, are sitting on their loadouts, and this guy doesn't have the best guns, so he's got to find a way to get loadouts here if he wants any chance to win now. He notices this guy when we talk about movement, and I always talk about how dolphin diving makes you a harder target to hit.

It doesn't always connect, so underwater allows you to rotate; it allows you to plate up; we're going to see him reload underwater; we're going to swap guns underwater; underwater is a really good way to kind of rotate when you have no other option; and of course, you can peek up and shoot if you really need to.

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Once again, he's going to go underwater here, and he's going to go ahead and rotate, so he's going to go ahead and push, and he's going to take a different angle. He's going to reload this gun real quick and put another six rounds in, and now he's at least in a little bit better shape. Going back to the last clip, in the last clip we talked about approaching fights and positioning specifically.

Now, a lot of you are here, and I want you to think about this: if you're playing trios right and you get shot, what is the first thing that you tell your teammates? I got shot from over here, so he does a good job of not overselling. For The Thirst, he pulls back, and he's thinking about Enemy Number Two, and, sure enough, Enemy Number Two pushes right up to him.

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Now he is able to quench that thirst, but the mistake that he makes right here is that he forgets about Enemy Number Three, so Enemy Number Three ends up just absolutely torching him, and he's right back in the water, right back underneath. He's able to play it up; he's able to regain a little bit, and he even switches guns, if you notice right here.

Swaps is underwater. There's no animation when you swap underwater, but he's going to use this to rotate. He switches to Icarus right here. He kind of creeps up just a little bit, and then he's finally able to get this team wipe, and then he's finally able to get his load out. So right there, he's able to tag that guy, and there, it is pretty easy for team white.

Today I am going to be coaching you through different Warzone 2 scenarios, helping you with positioning, approaching fights, decision making and gameplay strategy.
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