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So season 2 has been out for a little while yet we still have no new zombie content so I'm going to be going over when we're going to be getting zombies content and what content we can be expected when the update does drop so if you looked at the road map for the start of season 2 you would have seen that there was actually some zombies content in there however it just hasn't come out yet and as we can see on the road map it says in season so we're going to get all of this stuff within season, usually meaning the season 2 reloaded, update so when season 2 reloaded drops is most likely where we going get in this content, so the first piece of content we can expect to see is actually the ACT missions carrying on we're going to be getting a new act Mission, and it is going to be the dark ather story act that's going to be continuing.

As you can see here, it says Operation Deadbolt strike teams are tasked with confronting a new anomaly. In the exclusion zone, new missions will be added for players to complete, and alongside this, we will be able to enter a second Rift, a brand new dark ather zone that is meant to be on Al Mazra as far as we are aware so far, and just like the dark ather zone that we have now, it is just going to take a selected little part of the big map, and that's exactly where we're going to go.

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As you can see, when it says enter the second Rift, it's going to face down the largest infested stronghold you've encountered. As you enter something new and terrifying, Rift, so again, a nice new dark AA zone for us to explore. I'm sure we'll get some good loot from that and some nice little rewards, and hopefully it's just going to be a fun little thing to play through, but of course one of the biggest things everyone is waiting for is new schematics, to grind and have to go and actually unlock within the game, and we are getting three brand new schematics coming.

First of all, being the mags of holding this one is going to be amazing; it's going to be a perk, and what this is going to do if you guys haven't played zombies before is essentially just use your reserve ammunation instead of having to reload your ammo, so let's say, for example, you're using an SMG.

And you have 400 zombies around you, for example. If you just spray out those zombies normally, of course you'll go for your 60 bullets or 120 round bullets, and then you have to reload. Whereas if you have the mags of holding equipped, you aren't going to have to do that; it's literally going to take the ammo from your reserve and just allow you to carry on spraying that gun, so there's going to be no need to reload, so it's going to be a very useful and exciting perk to get added back into the game.

how to get mags of holding

So for the next comic, as you guys know, we have now had the vr11. I'm assuming this is going to have quite a long cooldown because it's a ridiculous way to get around the map, and if it doesn't have a long cooldown, then I'm sure you're going to see blood burner bikes literally all over the map, which will be kind of overpowered, so I'm assuming this is going to have quite a long cooldown, but this would be pretty cool to get added to the game.

Let's say you're going into a game and you want to get certain things completed, but you know you've got to travel long distances on the map. Having that blood bike is going to make it so easy because you can go across water and go up and down the map really easily. It's not going to take any damage if you hit zombies; it's just a great way to get around the map overall.

And finally, for the new zombie content guys, we are going to be getting a new Ward Lord, and I believe the name is KES if I said that correctly. So Caris is going to spawn at the military base, and there's going to be a lot of traps involved with this. You're going to have trip mines that are going to trigger gas grenades.

how to get mags of holding schematic

Thermals, sensors, all of this sort of stuff makes it very difficult to actually get to where she is and be able to take her down, and obviously, just not go down yourself because you are going to start taking a lot of damage if you do trigger a lot of these traps, so it could be quite a cool little thing to have; it could be like a nice little puzzle where we have to try and get around the map.

I'm just hoping that the rewards we get for it are slightly better than the last warlord because, as we know, those rewards really weren't that great and it wasn't worth grinding. I personally haven't even killed the recent warlord because rewards just aren't worth my time, so I've not done it, so hopefully with this new warlord we are going to see some good rewards come out of that as well, and that is it in terms of zombie content.

how to get vr11 schematic

Of course we're going to have new weapons coming into the game, but that's going to be for all the different game modes, so it's nothing zombies exclusive, but that is all the zombies exclusive content that we can expect for season 2 reloaded in Modern Warfare 3. If you have, be sure to smash a thumbs up, as it helps me out way more than you can imagine.

What are you excited for? Turn it on if you do enjoy it, but I appreciate you guys watching all the way to the end. Have a great rest today, and I will catch you in the next one in a

In this video we take a look at the new mw3 zombies map as well as the walking dead crossover in mw3 and all season 2 content for mw3 and zombies.
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