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So we had an update for War Zone, which on paper changed a lot of the important weapons, but while it shook things up a bit in the meta for a little bit of time, the game was genuinely broken until just a few hours ago, when another major change was made to temporarily remove the snake-shot ammo from the Ti Kimbo builds.

So I've had to redo this article a couple of times already today, and that's a late-night upload as a result, but in this one we're taking a look at the new best loadout that you should be using in War Zone after the two most recent balancing updates. Subscribe for more Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone coverage, and make sure to check out my friends over at Gamer.

Advantage: 35% off your entire order with code espresso for the best blue light glasses on the market and great stocking stuff for gifts, but more on that a little later. For now, let's jump into the loadouts. So again, as mentioned with the update to the tier and the snake-shot ammo being removed temporarily, the snake-shot meta is now officially around; it was around in very, very broken condition for about 24 hours as of the last title update, but surprisingly, it was quickly acted upon given how long we've seen some of these broken metas last in the past.

It was pretty refreshing to see that something genuinely broken like this was instead of just Pitter pattering around it; it was just entirely taken out of the equation. It's definitely nice to see now beyond that; though, what other weapons can we look forward to? First and foremost, to me, this is one of the best weapons after the most recent adjustments. Is the pulat 76 too?.

The best pulemyot 762 loadout in warzone season 1

The best pulemyot 762 loadout in warzone season 1

This is insanely easy to manage, insanely easy to control in terms of recoil, and it fires darts like it is insanely powerful and very easy to use again. Personally. I'd recommend the base of the aftermarket part of the annihilator Bullpup kit that gives you more mobility and handling rate of fire and aim down sight speed; it makes it something that does sort of contend with that rifle play, but then you realize this is an LMG; it's got a ton of power behind it.

After that. I'd recommend running the Jack Annihilator with a long barrel, then I'd run the spit fire suppressor along with the bruan heavy support grip, and finally the eagle eyee 2.5x. Optic for me. This thing is just insanely easy to use, as we talked about in our first top 10 loadout article last week, right after the launch of season 1.

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Well, it's insanely easy to control. It has the mobility with this conversion kit of a rifle conversion kit but packs the punch of an LMG in terms of damage, so you can't go wrong here, and I definitely would recommend that.

The best taq eradicator loadout in warzone season 1

Next, the other weapon that I've been playing around with a lot as of the last day and a half or so since the update dropped, and by the time this article goes live, is that of the TAC Eradicator.

This The lmg Meta is absolutely back, and we're going to hit on all four of the main lmgs. The only one that I don't really think is really noteworthy is the Hoger 26, but the Eradicator, the Bruan, and the DG 56 LSW are all great contenders again. I still think the PKM is just slightly above this, but the eradicator is a great one for close to medium range as well.

For this, I'd end up recommending the conquered long barrel, the Spitfire suppressor, the FSS combat grip, and the TAC ver core stock, along with the brew and heavy support grip, or the FTAc SP10. If you really want to end up using this for control, you can end up tossing on an optic if you want to sacrifice one of either the stock or the rear grip.

I'd recommend the rear grip first and foremost to get rid of something, but when it comes to the underbarrel, it's really all about what you want more of. If you want more vertical recoil, you can just pull down on your right thumb stick while aiming, and it makes it a little easier to manage. You want that FTAC SP10-angle grip because it mitigates more of the horizontal recoil.

But if you don't mind the horizontal kick and you want a tighter vertical spread, the Brewing heavy support grip is what you should run here with this, so it really comes down to what you feel comfortable controlling and what you think you can manage the best, but honestly. I don't mind the old scar iron sights here for the optic; those are totally fine with me, so I can kit this fully for control if I want to, but you can't end up tossing on an optic. I think some of the gameplay you'll see I actually did, because it's going back and forth and experimenting with it, but I had a lot of fun with the tack eradicator.

The best bas-b loadout in warzone season 1

The best bas-b loadout in warzone season 1

Next, the bass B is still incredibly good. Yes, it did get a little bit of a Nerf here with this, but honestly, it just makes it something that's a bit more of a skilled weapon than it was before.

Again, it's still very easy to use. I think here and something get secure kills with honestly, I'd probably play with this more so at medium range, making that your primary target as opposed to something like a longer range engagement. It feels like there's a bit more bounce than there was pre-patch that might be Placebo, but it is something that just feels a little bit tougher to control at range.

Now for this, I'd still recommend the same build, basically, of the Eagle Eye 2.5x. The Breu Venom long barrel, the Spitfire suppressor, the Bruin heavy support grip, and the 45-round magazine Not much has changed here other than what you should be using it for in terms of the target and how you'd want to use it in the game, not necessarily the build itself.

The best bruen mk9 loadout in warzone season 1

Beyond that, the Bruin, of course, is still a very solid weapon. As we talked about, the LMG meta is very much alive right now, so for this, I'd recommend the Eagle Eye 2. The 23-inch XRK Horizon V2 Barrel, the Spitfire suppressor, the Brewing heavy support grip, and the 60-round magazine‚ÄĒpersonally, this is one that I'd take more so at medium range.

At longer range, you're going to notice a lot more bounce in regards to the weapon itself. That's where I think the pulam yach, even the tack eradicator, is a little bit better at longer range, but the Brewin is still very solid here. I think you can get the job done in most of those engagements if you can control The recoil at a very far distance has a lot more power for you; it has a great rate of fire and can get the job done very quickly, but again, the average player just might be a little tougher to control at that distance, but I still would really recommend that build.

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