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Warzone 2 best mx9 loadout in season 5

It's got phenomenal mobility; it's got great ttk stats, like all throughout close range and mid-range; but it's just so limited by its ammo count, and that's why it's stuck here at the number five spot. Even so, if you're a predominantly solo player or you're someone who maybe plays at a slower pace and is not actively engaging two or three enemies all at once, you could get away with using this pretty easily.

It is a very straightforward weapon and a ton of fun to use, so as mentioned, you have to be running a 32-round mag, which is a 100-year necessity here, but it's all you've got. We also got the Q900 rear grip on here; this will help out because it adds speed and sprint to Fire and is just behind the face cam.

I've got the C11 Riser, which also helps out with those ads, and Sprint to fire, so you're nice and snappy right off the bat with this thing. I'm not a big fan of the iron sights on the MX9 or any of the other OG platform weapons; they're a little bit too bulky for me, so I do use a basic Blue Dot here.

If there's a different optic you like more, feel free to use that. If you like the irons, you could upgrade to a stock or even a laser here if you wanted to. lastly, I go for the S901 barrel, which is decent for an SMG but not that necessary. It also helps out with movement, so you can get some bonuses like attachment.

Stats here for nothing really; it's like a three-in-one combo that works really well, especially for an SMG build, and just really makes it a bit more versatile, which you love to see, so this is a super underrated weapon; it's so good, just really held.

Warzone best vaznev 9k loadout after update

Warzone best vaznev 9k loadout after update

Back by that ammo count now , at number four, I've got the Vasnev. Really, this thing is a solid close-range SMG. The problem with it, and that's why I have it at four, maybe not three, two, or one, is just because its damage drop off is super severe, it's really good right up there with the best the best in the first nine or ten meters but then you hit 10 meters and that first damage drop off kicks in then the next damage drop off kicks in and then the next and the next and it really falls off very quickly so if you find yourself at 20 or 25 meters fighting with this thing it might feel like a peashooter, in those instances but if you played with strengths you get up close the thing is going to absolutely fry.

The Ultrasad stock is my favorite pick here, and there are some good mobility-based stocks. The R7, which is a pretty good broadside, is a little bit overhyped in my opinion because the actual stats aren't doing too much stockless. You could even go for it, but you're going to have a decent amount of more recoil there, so to me, Audrey's, that is that perfect balance.

It's not really hurting the control too much, but you're getting some good mobility out of that Olay, laser for those snappier ads, and Sprint to fire then the cast one barrel because this is going to extend that damage range so that first damage drop off is going to happen a few meters later which is still, only a few meters but it's something and that could really change the gunfight there if you're fighting it 11 meters and that damage drop-off still hasn't happened yet because of this barrel and it wins you the fight. You'll see how important that is if you're fighting at 11 meters and you don't use this barrel; you're in that second damage range and you're shooting marshmallows.

Best mp7 (vel 46) loadout in warzone 2

Best mp7 (vel 46) loadout in warzone 2

We've got it up close, and like its first 10 to 12 meters or so, it's a decent TTK; it's not the absolute fastest, but it can hold its own.

But then you get into the sort of mid-range, you know, 15 to 20 to 25 to 30 meters, and that's where this thing really starts to thrive and overtake the majority of the other SMGs. In the game, not to mention its mobility is phenomenal, and it's super low recoil as well, so here we're going for the 50-round mag.

I don't feel like you need this 60, but if you wanted to jump up to that, you could. I just find it a little bit unnecessary for my play style: Soldier, Rear Grip for the better ads, and Sprint to Fire. the rxt stock for the better Sprint speed and ads, speed again, if you wanted to upgrade all the way to collapsed you could, but keep in mind it's going to add a little bit more recoil to the setup, so I like being a bit more accurate and still, you know, very agile with the rxt, so seven milliwatt laser for those faster ads and Sprint to Fire, and just to keep this setup pretty easy and straightforward I do throw on the lock shot.

KT 85 This helps out primarily with vertical control but also offers some horizontal control, so this is a really solid option. I also see a lot of players using the spiral flash hider, which is decent as well; it's not going to do as much for your control, but it'll be a slightly faster ad speed, so it just comes down to what you prefer there, but overall.

I mean, the MP7 is a ton of fun, and really, it's a sub that hasn't had that much attention this year. I recommend jumping in and trying this out because you might fall in love with it and want to keep using.

Best lachmann sub (mp5) loadout in warzone season 5

Best lachmann sub (mp5) loadout in warzone season 5

It's now at number two; no surprises. Here I've got the Lochman sub, aka, the MP5. This is just a phenomenal close-range option right now. Yes, it caught a slight Nerf with the season 5 update, but it's still one of the better options out there.

It's got that slightly steep damage dropoff similar to the Vasniv, but it's not going to be nearly as noticeable, in my opinion. It's also a tad bit more aggressive in that first damage range. Still, this thing is going to be a top TTK choice in the category, so if you play aggressive, if you want that true SMG feel with an agile feel, this is a gun that I would absolutely recommend all the time, and obviously that's been the case for several seasons, so here we're going for the 50-round drum, which is perfect for all squad sizes, basically TCG.

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