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The rarest camos in mw3 warzone explained!

The rarest camos in mw3 warzone explained!

ladies and gentlemen. Within the war zone right now, obviously, we've got a lot of specific customization options because of all the carry-forward content from MW2. We have the most camos we've ever had available in a war zone game to date—just over 800, which is pretty ridiculous between all modes and all potential unlocks.

With that, today I wanted to focus on a handful of the absolute rarest camos you can currently get in the war zone and exactly how to get them now. There is a distinct difference between the camos you're able to unlock and certain rare blueprints. We're obviously just focused on the camos here today.

There are things, though, like the various nuke blueprints and reward blueprints from previous seasons of War Zone that are also up there for sure, but in terms of camos, there's actually quite a few that you can currently unlock right now that are pretty rare. There's also some that you might see in the game that are no longer accessible, and you know that player's got something special.

The new mastery camos in warzone

And if you're new here, you want to guarantee that every single day you are up to date with all things going on between MW3 and War Zone. But our first ones here, our first couple of rare camos, are a bit more obvious, and curiously enough, they're at their rarest point right now, and over time, they're actually going to become less rare, which is like the inverse of the majority of the other options here on the list today, but these are the new Mastery camos for MW2 and MW3.

The interstellar camo in warzone

The interstellar camo in warzone

So the first one is interstellar. This is obviously the multiplayer. Mastery Camo for Modern Warfare 3, so if you go through, you unlock gold or gilded, you unlock forged, you unlock Priceless on I think it's what 36, base weapons now you don't have to do every weapon in the game it's just 36 so you can mix and match with some of the new DLC guns and end up replacing some of the base weapons if you want you get all those done on every single of those base weapons all 36, there you'll be able to go through and get inter stellar and honestly I love the look of this it looks especially good in some of the dimly lit areas like when you're inside the elevator shafts or stuff like that it's a really cool looking camo and definitely one of the more rare ones right now On the flip side, for zombies, there's actually two alternatives here that are equally rare.

The borealis camo in warzone mw3

Borealis is going to be for the Modern Warfare 3 guns as well, so it's basically the same deal as multiplayer. Those 36 base weapons you go through, you get all the camos unlocked—every single one of those mastery ones. For all 36 of those, you'll end up getting Borealis. This personally is what I think the best-looking Mastery Camo is for this year.

I really like the look of the whole galaxy theme going on there with the blue and the green. I think it's super clean.

The bioluminescent camo in mw3 warzone

The bioluminescent camo in mw3 warzone

And then MW2, Weapons, actually got a specific mastery camo just for zombies this year. Obviously. Orion is available for multiplayer, so if you want to go through and unlock that, but multiplayer. I didn't see a new MW3 camo grind for MW2 guns; it was just zombies, and the max reward here is going to be bioluminescent.

Now obviously, there's a lot more MW 2 Guns than MW 3 Guns, so getting bioluminescent certainly takes a few extra games, and by a few, I mean quite a bit of extra play time. There definitely is a longer grind, which in turn probably makes bioluminescent the most rare of these three, but all of them being mastery camos do require quite the commitment to go through and actually unlock, so if you do see players running around at those in game, you know they've put in plenty of playtime so far, but like I said, the remainder of the rare camos in this article are actually getting more rare as time goes on, unlike those first three, so this next one here is probably the strangest.

modern warfare 3

The royalty tiger camo in modern warfare 3 warzone

You know the unlocked camo that we may have ever seen; it's a royal tiger. It's this bright pink and gold tiger stripe camo, and we've actually posted a article on the channel back when it first became available. The way that you unlocked this was by buying a fanny pack or a sling bag at the official Call of Duty store, not in-game at the store but at the actual real-life Call of Duty store.

I now have a fanny pack that I don't know if I'll ever wear, but I have this camo, and it cost $60 plus shipping and handling. To get this camo now. I won't lie; it's absolutely not worth the money, but it is one of the rarest camos out there because those sling bags sold out in like 12 hours they were live, and then they weren't as soon as people found out that this camo was available through that.

I think I've seen eBay posts of people trying to sell codes for this camo for, like, hundreds of dollars. Absolute scam, so not worth it, but it is one of the rarest C's now because it's basically no longer accessible unless you're paying an absurd amount of money to get the code for it, and even then, you're hoping that person's not just straight up scamming, you for it.

The ghoulie camo in warzone 3

The ghoulie camo in warzone 3

Next up, this is one that is no longer available, and it is the goly camo, one of my favorite camos in the game as well, and this was obviously unlocked last year during the Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 haunting events.

You had to get 1, 000 souls during these events around Halloween to actually redeem this, which took a decent amount of grinding in the game whether you were playing multiplayer or War Zone. Getting 1,000,000 souls certainly took some time, and it was only live for like 2 weeks, so if you didn't get this camo during the event, it's no longer accessible ever again, hence why it's one of the rarest in the game.

The golden river camo in warzone

This next camo was actually just available a few weeks ago, but now it is no longer available, and that is the Golden River camo. This was actually the pre-season, weekly challenge reward. We had four weeks of the MW3 preseason from launch leading up to season 1, and if you went through and got the weekly rewards and L Challenge Rewards, for all four of those weeks you got the golden river camo.

This is a slightly animated camo, sort of blue, yellow, and orange. I think it's pretty clean, honestly, and again, really stands out in some of those dimly lit areas, which is a cool feature of the various camos this year, but being that it was a preseason reward, obviously we're no longer in the preseason, so it ends up being one of the more rare options there.

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