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New top 10 best meta loadouts in warzone season 3

New top 10 best meta loadouts in warzone season 3

Ladies and gentlemen.

New best perks & equipment for warzone season 3

Instantaneous, cover obviously super clutch there as well; like I said, that's all the same on every single class setup here today.

Warzone best bp50 & fjx horus loadout

Now we can focus on just the weapons for the remainder of the article, so this first setup is a combination of the BP50, which I've been loving for some time now, and it's even better here in season 3, basically indirectly because of other rifle Nerfs and the new FJX Horus SMG.

This is not the craziest SMG by any means, but it's one new weapon that I always want to showcase in the first 10 of this season, and two, it does have crazy mobility; it damages mid-tier; it's ttk; it's not anything absolutely nuts or anything. But it flies, and with this setup in particular. Your movement speed is crazy, particularly your sprint and your attack sprint speed, so initially I liked the Z35 compensator on a lot of my SMGs.

modern warfare 3

You'll be seeing this spammed throughout the day because it shortens your radar ping, which only hurts your ads and your velocity by 5%, but it gives you some pretty good control benefits and firing aim stability, so it makes the guns way easier to use, and it's very minimal cons, especially for close-range weapons.

I go for the ruse 90 life Barrel helps out with General Mobility here tack Sprint speed ads Sprint of fire general movement speed dr6 hand stop even more movement with general movement strafe speed ads and Sprint to fire a basic 48 round magazine accin mag here, pretty fast fire rate so you do burn through ammo pretty quickly lastly the Ripper light stock even better attack Sprint speed ads strafe you know general movement Sprint to fire so this thing you fly and fry with this thing you can move so quick and that really does throw players off in some instances.

Then the BP50, as an aggressive rifle, is phenomenal, the Spirit fire suppressor is still great even after the slight Nerf with the range velocity and control benefits, and the CIS break would work well here too. You know, with just the general control here, you're going to have less velocity, but it's going to be really, really easy to use.

It just comes down to preference: lower 9 heavy barrel, better range velocity control and firing aim stability, 45-round extendag. I like the glassless optic; it works well for pretty much all ranges; if there is a different optic you prefer, always go for comfortability; there though; and then lastly.

I go for the MO 40 stock; it's protecting your castle; it's speeding up your weapon; it's giving it better control, so that's W's all around. Yeah, the BP50, feeling great, works well paired with pretty much any SMG or even a sniper.

Warzone 3 best dg-58 lsw & striker 9 loadout

Warzone 3 best dg-58 lsw & striker 9 loadout

Up here, I've got the DG58. LSW, lmg paired with the striker, 9, two really good ttk, options two very easy to use options as well and of course you've got every range covered here so on the DG it's going to be a pretty standard setup again I am going for Spirit fire and brewing and heavy support yes both of these attachments were nerfed there's still really good choices, an ALT for the brew and heavy support would just be the ftac angled under Barrel this ends up helping com out with some horizontal control way less gun kick but no ads cons here like what Bru and heavy support would have so just keep that in mind that's a good alternative there again if you wanted to run Cassis break that'd be a good choice too for mid to long range booty long barrel better aiming idle sway control velocity the usual long barrel option there 2.5, times Eagle ey optic great for Mid to long range visibility, and then the rubber CQC.

Butt plate just to speed things up a little bit it's a pretty aggressive lmg and it's so easy to use that you can get away with using this and still have efficiency with control over long range but it's also a little bit more aggressive so it's kind of The Best of Both Worlds there really loving the feel of this thing as of late and then the striker 9 another great choice as well this thing is fast especially with this build it's versatile for a sub z35, compensator yet again the striker a long barrel so it actually extends that lethal damage range out even more so that's clutch for having that fastest ttk.

Out at a further range, basic 50-round ex cinemag here don't love the iron so I go for a Nar model 2023; a slate would be good here in Elo site like the MK3 reflector; glassless would work well as well; and then no stock because this is so easy to use you can get away with this and the control is still going to be very manageable. I love that this thing does have great mobility stats but then also puts players down very quickly.

Warzone best katt amr & arm9 loadout after update

Warzone best katt amr & arm9 loadout after update

Next up, we have one of my many sniper setups here today. The sniper meta is slowly evolving here in War Zone; it's the cat, and this is going to be the same one-hot sniper setup that we've had for some time here, really just focusing on better velocity, so the Nightfall suppressor and muzzle here end up getting 50% better velocity, and the Zang Barrel does 10% better velocity.

High Velocity does 20% better velocity so just over 1, 000 velocity that's great for any onot range this obviously can onot at 20 M or 200 M if you're hitting that head shot then I go for the tack pad stock just speeds up the ads a little bit and then just behind the face cam I do have the quick bolt just so I can get shots off a little bit faster back to back to back there's not as much of a delay there obviously been the goat sniper since day one and it's still holding its own here in season 3 and I actually compare this with the nerfed amr9, this is a really good sniper support option still just because it is going to bridge the gap between an AR and an SMG.

Have decent mid-range damage; it's pretty controllable. And still has decent Mobility because it's inherently an SMG at its core so I do go for the integrated suppressed Barrel helps out that range in the velocity sum the choke angled under Barrel is actually pretty good here because it gives you better strafe better movement speed and slightly better horizontal control as well basic 50 roundin mag here glassless optic yet again then I also go for the Wolfhound, carbine stock just basic control benefits here with horizontal vertical and gun kick so just all across the board making the gun a little bit easier to use and it's really still good as a sniper support option now Loadout 4 is another sniper option this time it's the Moors our new sniper for season 3 and I pair this with the MCW, conversion kit this is a phenomenal sniper support choice too really fast tck and pretty aggressive.

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