News - Warzone Mobile Turns Into Roblox Potato. Worst Wzm Update

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It's been 4 days since Cood War Zone Mobile was released worldwide, a game that already triggered huge hype in 2022 after it was announced that War Zone would be coming to smartphones, but after two long years of waiting and anticipation, the game was released, which is currently the biggest disappointment I've ever seen blurry roblo potato Graphics A terrible sensitivity, slow matchmaking, incompatibility loading processes that are stuck, and instant battery draining are just some of the problems that War Zone Mobile currently has, which seem to be getting worse, not better, with new updates after the developers have been working hard according to the information and announced that they are about to release an update that fixes a number of issues and improves performance.

A new update with a size of about 80 MB appeared in the game yesterday, which is said to have fixed problems for Android devices. According to the fixes, graphic corruption and crashes in the streaming time of assets graphics with full Fidelity on certain devices and downloading of the game by unsupported devices have been fixed with this new in-game update.

Some players claim to have smoother gameplay after this update, but after I started War Zone Mobile on my Oppo Find X3 Pro with Snapdragon. 888, the game crashed shortly after I reached the lobby. After I finally got into the game, I was sobered to discover that the unavailable graphics options no longer appear in the selection list for visual graphics.

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I wanted to check whether the new update really has anything positive to offer after a few seconds, however. I had a feeling that War Zone Mobile was running much worse on my device than it was before. Then, instead of Activision admitting they made mistakes, they backpedal and make excuses to use this as an opportunity to bring a new game to market to make even more revenue than they already do.

Activision, for example, has generated more than $1.4 billion with the Call of Duty mobile title, but instead of putting this money into a development on which a total of 11 studios are working, they blame the community, as we are now seeing here with War Zone Mobile. Of course, the game could be super optimized in 2 years and run smoothly on any device, no question, but the fact that Activision releases a game worldwide, starts a worldwide promotion, and in the end it turns out that the game is not optimized at all just shows how greedy this $74 billion company is.

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It's no secret that Activision has made by far the most sales with Call of Duty Mobile, mainly through in-game purchases such as lucky draws, crates, and bundles. They really want to tell us that they don't have the financial means to produce something that works, and the worst thing you can do is pay content creators to tell you how good War Zone Mobile is when it's obvious that it's not.

Of course, they would never say anything bad about the game because they are paid; they hype it to grow their viewer base. A very good example of how to launch a new game can be seen in Blood Strike, which was also released worldwide on March 21st. Even if many claim Blood Strike is just a comp of War Zone Mobile, it is remarkable how much effort the developers put into bringing out a game that is fun, smooth, and runs optimally on the device even after the global release.

Even if the game play feels a little strange here and there and the aim assist is currently exaggerated, there are no blurry graphics, instant battery drain, no lags, or any problems at all on the device. Blood Strike is the perfect example of how to do it, and I really hope that Activision takes a leaf out of its book and releases updates in the future that really take the game further and don't make it worse.

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According to new rumors, Activision is now working on a War Zone Mobile Light version, which will be available for devices that don't currently run War Zone Mobile or can't even install the game. But even if the light version works smoothly. I really wonder why the developers didn't think of it sooner when they've been getting regular feedback from the community during the alpha for about 2 years.

A huge m for Activision that could have been avoided. Personally, I will continue to play War Zone Mobile on my Asus Rog 6 because I simply enjoy it. I hope you liked it and enjoyed it. Bell, don't forget to check out my other articles on my channel. Thank you so

Warzone Mobile turn into Roblox Potato. Worst WZM Update. What the big content creators don't want to talk about. Warzone Mobile is terrible after release, especially for low end devices.
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