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Today I introduce you to every single operator skin and free reward you can currently get in War Zone Mobile.

Warzone mobile pre registration rewards & free green ghost

Warzone mobile pre registration rewards & free green ghost

Jump into the article and start with the first operator that you can currently get for free. First up, we have this new epic ghost-condemned operator skin. This M4 Arch FN blueprint, this X12 print of Hell blueprint, and two other items that you can get in game if you pre-registered before the War Zone Mobile Global launch, according to the developers, will also be able to equip these rewards in Modern Warfare 3, but not until the new season 3 update in 2 weeks.

Free decomposition combat pack bundle

In addition to the operator, you can expect the wp9, Red Ey blueprint, this Renetti Klep tomatic skin, and other items completely free of charge. However, it is currently not possible to equip the operator skin and War Zone Mobile, so we will have to be patient until this is fixed in a future update.

Free color blocked bundle

Free color blocked bundle

The next free rewards you can currently get for War Zone Mobile can be found in the new color block bundle for the month of March in the Amazon Prime gaming store. It can be purchased by any player among you who has an Amazon Prime membership, regardless of whether you are using the 30-day trial period or already have a long-standing Amazon Prime subscription.

Connect your Amazon Prime account to your Call of Duty account and search for the new color-blocked bundle. Click on Get in Game Content, and you will receive this beautiful Striker blueprint. This interesting blueprint for the core 45, pistol, and other items like the color blast calling card.

Free konig vapor operator, blueprint & more!

The The next free rewards for War Zone Mobile await us in the current Call of Duty War Zone Mobile 36-hour launch celebration live stream.

Since yesterday, you have had the opportunity to watch the Call of Duty live stream on Twitch or YouTube for a total of 4 hours to get the following rewards for free: After 15 minutes, you get an hour-long rank XP token. After 30 minutes, you get a 1-hour weapon XP token. After 45 minutes, you get a 1 hour battle pass token, and after a total of 1 hour, you get the Zero player calling card.

After 2 hours, the Zero event charm; after 3 hours, this interesting day Zero Longbow blueprint; and last but not least, after 4 hours, this conic Vapor operator's skin.

Day zero individual rewards & ghost bloody reaper

Day zero individual rewards & ghost bloody reaper

Now we take a look at the individual reward for the brand new operation, Day Zero. This event has been live for a few hours, and the airport in Verdens is the first zone. So there will be a total of six different zones in War Zone Mobile that you'll need to compete in, and the goal is to earn yourself event points within these zones.

The first zone is the entire airport zone, so you simply load up, Verdin. Once you are in there, you have to get eliminations either by using a buy station or open supply drops, complete contracts, or hit head shots. These are all the ways that will earn you event points, and as you collect these event points, you will unlock the following rewards, which you can see here: Like this nightmare lift calling card.

The Crimson Blaze emblem, the tearing me apart weapon sticker The forsaken past emblem The demon claw combat knife is the last-word charm. this hell scrap for LTV skin the nightmare Inferno large decal, the X12 Crimson Prince blueprint, the vengeful death devil King large decal, this M4 raging Blaze blueprint, and this rare ghost operator in the bloody Reaper.

Uniform. Be aware that the individual rewards can only be equipped in Watson Mobile.

Day zero community rewards & golden ghost skin

Day zero community rewards & golden ghost skin

While you collect event points in the current day Zero event in War Zone Mobile, the total Community EP will increase so that the zones can be cleared and the rewards, such as this golden devil vinyl and this scorched beginning calling card, the golden Blaze emblem, this X12 Golden Flame blueprint, this M4, heavy thunder blueprint, and this ghostly golden Phantom operator, can be claimed.

You can also equip these rewards in Modern Warfare 3 due to cross-progression.

Free stryker fender redeem code

Otherwise, you have the possibility of getting this 511 Striker Fender operator skin for free due to a collaboration between 511 and War Zone Mobile. According to the information, all you have to do is create an account and then message Striker at this number to receive a redemption code that you can redeem.

cod event

However, this offer is only available in the US. So these are all the current rewards you can unlock for free in War Zone Mobile. I hope you liked it and enjoyed it. Bell, don't forget to check out my other articles on my channel. Thank you so much.

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