News - Warzone Mobile - Huge Update (new Graphic Options, 120 Fps And More) Android. Ios

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FPS, otherwise you can select battery or frame rate and the performance optimization, the battery mode should consume less battery and with the mode the smartphone should not get as hot when playing, the frame rate mode offers you the best war zone mobile experience if your device supports it, apart from that we can still see the fov setting which can be set up to 90 but this will be updated when the global version of War Zone mobile is out and then we will have the possibility to set the fov up to, 120, as already mentioned I think that the new update is the best update that war zone mobile has ever received for Android, as you can see here the game runs much smoother since the new in game update there are hardly any lags or bugs and above all it simply feels much better than before, the game is a lot more fun now and I personally can't wait until everyone can play War Zone Mobile on their smartphones.

Interestingly, I even had an FPS of 163 after the new War Zone Mobile update. Now we come to the other things that have been added, updated, or optimized in the game after the update. Let's start with the lobby, which has been optimized after the update, and the background has been slightly improved.

If we compare the lobby before the update with the lobby after the update, we can clearly see it. Improvements: In addition, the word limited release has been removed from the game because War Zone Mobile will soon be released worldwide. With the new War Zone Mobile update, the language option has also been optimized so that a total of 18 languages are now available, such as Portuguese, Turkish, and Japanese.

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In addition, new login options have been added, so since the new update, you can now log into War Zone Mobile with your PlayStation account, Xbox account, or Steam account. Last but not least, the War Zone Mobile Store has also been updated, and a new feature called blueprints has been added where various bundles with blueprints are.

As suggested, now I want to show you two game plays I played after the new update to show you how far War Zone Mobile is now, and as I mentioned before, the game feels much better and smoother than before. We'll jump straight into the Battle Royale Alcatra gameplay, and then I'll show you a multiplayer game on the shipment map.

I'm not a War Zone mobile pro player, but if you like the game play anyway, I'd love to get positive feedback and any support from you. That's it for the article. Bell, don't forget to check out my other articles on my channel. Thank you so

WARZONE MOBILE - HUGE UPDATE NEW GRAPHIC OPTIONS, 120 FPS AND MORE Android IOS. In this video we take a look at the new Warzone Mobile Update 3. 0 for Android that was released yesterday in the Play Store. We cover new features, optimizations, changes and more.
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