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War Zone Mobile has a different version that is more optimized, especially for lower devices, which has better graphics and a lot of new features and advanced graphic settings, but we don't have access to that version because that version will only be available on global launch. So this statement is kind of true, but a lot of you guys have misunderstood it.

First of all, let me tell you why I am so sure that War Mobile has a separate version that they're going to release on global launch. The first thing is that on Discord, it said, Get ready for a worldwide launch. First, we have a specific call out for any of you on iOS that are using a guest account on your primary login.

Your guest account data is stored locally on your phone and does not automatically transfer to the new worldwide build. Keep that in mind as you build worldwide. So the thing here is that they are going to introduce a separate build, which is different from what we have right now on global launch.


There is one more thing which also proves my point that they have a separate version which they are not showing us after that I'm going to explain what we can expect from that version and what we can expect on global launch overall, so here is the menu UI which we currently have looks cool now but there's one thing, even before this was added we had a article where they showed this new UI if it was not added in our version, then where it was added so that we were able to see it, it was added somewhere there is a separate build where they added that first and then they gave us in the live server so this proves our point that V mobile does have a separate build which is only accessible to, developers and maybe some content creators but those content creators are not allowed to share any news, the next thing is what we can expect from this version or in other words what we can expect from Global launch.

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So first of all, if we talk about what this version actually is so it is more like a test server than a completely different game so it is not a completely different game it is just a test server which they are using for testing new things testing new graphics new optimizations and all that and they are not giving it because they want to surprise us on global launch because they need something unique something different for Global launch, which will create the hype again because the game has been delayed for so long so they need something which will keep the hype of the game and which will force players to try V Mobile at least once.

And if it's just the same build that we have right now, there is no reason; a lot of players won't even try War Zone Mobile, so they are hiding all this stuff for the global launch, and they have confirmed it as well. So it is more like a test server, just like everything has a test server. First, they add all the new stuff to the test server, and then they add it to the live server.

However, in this case, no one has access to that test server except that ver, themselves, or some chosen people, who are not allowed to share any news whatsoever. So this does not mean that on the global launch, the game will be totally different from what we have right now; it will be 100 times better, but it will definitely be at least five times better than what we have right now.

The reason I'm saying this is because, if you notice the updates that we have been receiving for the past few months, they are dull. There was nothing new in those updates; there were surely some improvements, but it doesn't justify one month of work or two months of work. Like, after 2 months, they are giving us the update, and the update has like one or two things.

This does not make any sense, so the only thing that makes sense is that they are working hard and they are adding a lot of new stuff. AKA, they just kept it on the test server; they kept testing and improving it, and they were going to give us that version on the global launch. So now you know the answer to that different version everybody is talking about: it is going to be Waron Mobile, which we have right now, but it will be a better version of Waron Mobile, and we will have better graphics.

We will have better graphics settings. Every device has a specific graphic setting depending on its performance; it's the CPU. GPU. RAM, and everything, and every device will be able to get decent FPS on War Zone Mobile because the minimum requirement to play War Mobile is a lot higher as compared to Cod Mobile Free Fire Pubg Mobile, so if the minimum requirement is high, then at least the minimum requirement device should be able to get like 30 FPS, so this means that if your device sports War Zone Mobile, you should be able to get like 30 FPS bare minimum on global launch.

Other than that, there will be a lot of graphical improvements. After 2 days, we are going to get our last major update, and I am going to live stream it, so make sure to join it as well. Bye-bye.

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