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Parks give you certain abilities, like Quick Fix, which recovers your health immediately after you knock down an enemy, or when equipping armor blades, which is really helpful when dealing with multiple enemies at once. There are a lot of pugs, like scavengers. Ghost High Alert and much more. Unlike cord mobile, you can't cherry pick and select whatever PKS you want in a loadout; instead, in war zone, you can only select a park package that contains four parks each.

There are currently five park packages, like Scout Sentinel with Deey and Support, so you can pick one that suits your play style. If you are an aggressive player, you can select Deey or Scout Park package support for the team players out there, and for flankers, you can pick the warden park coming to tip number two, which is a landing trick.

In order to have an early advantage over your enemies, you need to land first, which allows you to pick up a weapon faster and take down others. Here's how you can do that: if you want to land somewhere close to the plane path, jump when you are close to that location, and after you jump, you need to pull your joystick up and move your camera downwards.

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Which allows you to go straight down as fast as you can, but if you want to play it safe and land somewhere far, let's say 1, 000 plus M or more, you need to jump at like 800 to 900 M, and after you jump, you need to move your screen in the direction you want to go. When you get to 50 to 60 mph, you need to open the parachute for a couple of seconds, then close it again.

Repeat this, and you can easily cover 1, 000 plus M. Here, let me show. You, , It's time for tip number three, which is looting. Just like Apex Legends War Zone Mobile, it also needs you to pay attention to the loot. Here's what I mean. Auto-looting does most of the work for you, like looting ammo and gas, but it won't pick up the field upgrades.

Kill streaks and grenades if you already have them. For example, if you have the air strike kill streak but you want the UF kill streak, which also costs more, it won't automatically pick it up for you even if you run over it. You need to manually swap it. The same goes for field upgrades. Let's say you want to stop power rounds, but if you have picked up dead silence earlier, it won't switch automatically.

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If you don't know what stopping power does, it increases the damage of a weapon until the current magazine runs out while also increasing the recoil. This gives you an insane advantage in a 1v1 fight. Tip number four is about GH, and at stations in this game, you get gas, which you can use to buy yourself items like gas masks and armor plates.

kill streaks Loadout drop and self-revive kit Kill streaks like Precision Strike and UF are really useful, and having a self-revive kit allows you to revive yourself when your teammates are not nearby and you are knocked down, which, especially in the end game, makes a huge difference. You can also buy back your dead teammates, which is great as one can't always win.

Gulag fights Tip number five is about bounties and contracts. There are five contracts in total right now, so let's start with Bounty. Bounty is like a mission assigned to you to kill another player. The direction and the time will be given to you, and as time goes on, the location of that enemy gets more refined.

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If you manage to kill that player, then you will get a big cash payment. If the player gets killed by someone else, then you also get cash, but the amount is reduced. Keep in mind that the enemy is also aware that he's on a bounty, and he and his team will be on the lookout for anyone trying to kill him.

Moving on to the scavenger contract, this is the easiest and most risk-free contract, which asks you to open three supply boxes, and when you open the last box, it gives you bonus gas and good loot as well. Then there is another contract called the recon contract, which marks a location for you that you have to hold for a certain amount of time.

If you manage to hold it successfully, you get GH and some loot as well. Next up is the supply run contract, which asks you to go to a location for some cash. The last contract is the most wanted contract, which is the hardest of them all as it marks you allowing others to see your live location on their mini map.

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An easy way to complete this in the early game is to fly around with the helicopter until the time runs out; otherwise, it's a sort of way to die. Contracts are really good to build up that gas, which you can then use to buy out kill streaks, armor plates, and things like self-revive load-out drops and buy your teammates back.

Contracts are really helpful in early games where most of the players are busy looting, so you can get some bonus GH safely. I will be making a lot of guides on V Mobile, so I highly recommend subscribing.

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